Update v3.9 New Configuration Menu & addition of the Deck Builder!

If you haven’t noticed yet, the launcher is now gone when you start up Tabletop Simulator. That’s because there is a new configuration menu in-game. So you no longer need to exit to make any changes. Additionally, we have now included Andrew’s Deck Builder into Tabletop Simulator to make creating your decks that much easier.

And just in time, we have the latest Tutorial Video featuring Custom Content. If you want to learn how to use the Deck Builder, then please watch this video as it will take you through the steps.


It will be a few weeks before we get our next update out as it will be our big 4.0 update and like all of these “special” updates, we want to make it a good one. Thanks for your patience and enjoy!

Configuration Menu:

  • Launcher has been removed from the game.
  • You can now change your keybinds and graphics settings in game.
  • Settings menu has been renamed to configuration and has been given an overhaul.
  • You can now modify individual graphics settings instead of just using the preset values.
  • You can now reset controls, graphics, and game settings to default separately.
  • New graphics settings (VSync, Texture Size, Post AA, MSAA, Shadow Quality, Anisotropic, Cap FPS).
  • New anti-aliasing support called Post AA (SMAA post processing version).
  • You can now see the SteamID of blocked players.
  • Chat is now rebindable in the controls menu.

Deck Builder by Anwinity:

  • We reached out to Andrew Mazar the creator of the very popular Deck Builder.
  • His Deck Builder is now bundled in the games root and modding folder.
  • Deck Builder allows you to easily create & modify custom decks.

Saved Chest Improvements:

  • You can now save multiple selected objects as one chest item.
  • Spawning saved objects will produce the same sound as spawning other objects from the chest.
  • Saved object will now snap to the grid when spawned.

Save Improvements:

  • Custom backgrounds can now be loaded from a save with the expand arrow without resetting the board.
  • Improved object naming when expanding a save to see custom objects inside.
  • Delete and expand save buttons now only appear when mousing over a save/workshop file.
  • Reduced scrolling stutter on Saves and Workshop files.

Draw Tool Improvements:

  • Doubled the resolution of the paintingtool (still blocky, but better).
  • Optimized the network traffic when rewinding through time with something drawn on the table.

General Improvements:

  • Added back in randomized backgrounds when the game is started.
  • Rewind/fastforward messages are now sent to everyone on the server.
  • Improved the texture quality on custom assets using a slight negative mipmap bias.
  • Optimized card search to work with more cards (will optimize more in the future).
  • Added new Workshop Tags (Backgrounds and templates).


  • Fixed loading one custom background to another not updating the background.
  • Fixed issues loading large file sized saved objects when promoted.
  • Fixed weird turn bugs that would break entire game for the host.
  • Fixed problems with long rules sections not being properly transferred.
  • Fixed certain custom decks not showing up when expanding a save.
  • Fixed being unable to create a save if there were no saves created already.
  • Fixed custom backgrounds being horizontally inverted.
  • Fixed custom physics materials reverting to default incorrectly.
  • Fixed being able to delete the create save button.
  • Fixed the pointer selection menu not displaying the pointers properly.
  • Fixed the RPG figurines missing their stands.
  • Fixed the RPG figurines not properly displaying in the chest.

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Update v3.8 New Backgrounds, Semi-lock, & Improvements

We have some exciting additions for you this week! New backgrounds have been added, BUT you can also now add your own custom backgrounds too! Additionally, we added Semi-Lock, which will enable you to play without worrying about accidentally knocking pieces over. Hope you enjoy these new features in addition to the overall fixes and improvements as well.

New and Custom Backgrounds:

  • 4 new backgrounds been added: Cathedral, Downtown, Regal, and Sunset.
  • You can now import your own custom backgrounds (Lighting is not affected by custom backgrounds, only the skybox).
  • Custom background images should be hdri panorama images >4000×2000.
  • Choose the backgrounds’ lighting you would like first then choose Custom.

New Physics Mode Semi-Lock:

  • Semi-Lock causes objects that have come to rest to be semi-locked in place (can still be picked up but ignores physics).
  • This means you can’t accidentally knock over objects without direct manipulation with Semi-Lock enabled.
  • Semi-Lock can be found in the Host Options menu.

Save Improvements:

  • Loading save files will be much faster after the first load (Workshop and Normal Save).
  • More error checking to avoid one bad save breaking the ability to load other saves.
  • Optimized GUI scrolling for Workshop and Save Files.

General Improvements:

  • Custom objects and decks will no longer fly all over the place when loaded up fresh.
  • Added a spinning loading icon for the server browser so you know when it is fetching servers.
  • Added red private text header when in the private notepad.


  • Fixed an issue where custom objects were loading up the wrong texture.
  • Fixed the back of the quarter being rotated incorrectly.
  • Fixed flip/rotate on certain objects that would cause them to fall through the table.
  • Fixed issues uploading or updating to the Steam Workshop when nothing would happen when submitted.
  • Fixed typing + or – in a text box would also scale selected objects.
  • Fixed custom model importer type selection not working properly.
  • Fixed multiple command lines breaking the Workshop downloading.
  • Fixed some missing radio button not being converted from checkboxes.
  • Fixed hover highlighting working over GUI when holding down your mouse button.

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Update v3.7 Flick tool added & additional improvements and fixes

**Note** This update was released on January 5th, but due to issues with our web host, we weren’t able to get this posted right away.

We don’t normally do Monday updates (in fact, this is our first!), but due to the DDoS issues we had earlier, we worked really hard to get a new server up so we can get the server browser back online. Thank you very much for your patience during the downtime as that was completely out of our control.

Since we had to do a hotfix so you can access the new master server, this is an update of what we’ve been working on so far since after the holidays. The flick tool was a much requested feature, so hope you enjoy that new addition.

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and let’s all enjoy the new year – 2015!

Flick Added:

  • New hand mode Flick has been added to the pointer selection menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Flick can used to launch objects using a ‘pull back and release’ motion.
  • Flick works on all selected objects or on an individual object that you click and drag on.
  • Can use ‘CTRL + LMB’ to select multiple objects or in Hand mode use box selection then swap to Flick.
  • Flick is great for pool, block stacking, and other games that require dexterity to play.

Card Hands Improvements:

  • Cards will not begin to overlap until there are more than 5 cards in your hand.
  • This will make it easier to read the text on card if you do not want to use ALT to zoom.

General Improvements:

  • Greatly optimized networking traffic when modifying/manipulating multiple objects.
  • Custom objects use 30% less cpu resources (model, figurine, deck, and board).
  • Lift height and rotation snap has been moved up next to the top bar to avoid clipping issues with lower resolutions.
  • Box selection will no longer select objects that are hidden in fog of war.
  • Recreated the hand icon for the hand mode selection menu.


  • Fixed adding or removing a password from your game not updating for people joining through Steam friends.
  • Fixed tables being able to be placed insides of bags by throwing it at the legs (lol).
  • Fixed voice chat microphone icons not appearing for all players.
  • Fixed the sharing violation error when overwriting certain saves (Hopefully).
  • Fixed sharing is caring achievement not working retroactively (must be subscribed to your mod).
  • Fixed default video quality settings back to medium.
  • Fixed grab + lower while not in hand mode picking up objects.
  • Fixed some line tool bugs when hovering over GUI elements while measuring.

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Last chance to get Tabletop Simulator at 40% off!

Today has been an awesome day! We found out we were chosen as a daily deal on Steam and Tabletop Simulator was offered to you all for 40% off! This discount price will end on December 23rd at 10am PST, so get it while you can!

Because of all your support, we made it to the #1 spot in Early Access games and the #4 spot out of all the top sellers! We never thought we’d see that, so thank you very much!

And finally to top this day off, our all time peak users at one time shot up to 1, 644! Two days ago, we were so happy to reach our peak of 614, but you guys more than doubled it!

Thank you again everyone! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. See you next year!

Update v3.6 Steam Holiday Sale, New Pencil & Eraser Pointers, & much more!

Happy holidays everyone! This will be our final update to Tabletop Simulator for 2014, so we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your family and loved ones, and we’ll see you all in 2015!

Until then, Tabletop Simulator is on sale for 33% off during the Steam Holiday Sale through January 2nd at 10am PST and we’ve got a brand spanking new “serious” trailer up on the store page and on YouTube.

Pointer Pencil and Eraser:

  • New pencil and eraser models when being in those pointer modes.
  • Pencil model helps with drawing due to its static and accurate point.
  • Helps to remind you that you aren’t in hand mode and cannot grab objects.
  • Fixed some alignments/accuracy issues when drawing in the air not on the table.

Rewinding and Fast-forward Hotkeys:

  • You can now rewind time by using ‘CTRL’ + ‘Z’.
  • Fast-forward can be done by using ‘CTRL’ + ‘SHIFT’ + ‘Z’.
  • As always you can still control this by using the arrows on the top right.
  • Added a chat message to let you know when you are rewinding/fast-forwarding.

General Improvements:

  • Improved voice chat to reduce the annoying voice stuttering that occurred.
  • Custom Model now supports multiple separate objects/meshes; you no longer must merge your meshes.
  • Option to hide player pointers in the hidden areas has been added to the right click menu.
  • Improved and fixed graphics quality settings to be more in line with their names.
  • Steam Cloud now also syncs saved Chest objects.
  • Other people’s pointers will no longer clip through your ALT zoom on cards.
  • Load complete messages will only appear for custom content taking at least a half a second to load to avoid chat spam.
  • Animated RPG figurines will now save what state they were in when saving and loading (dead or mode).

Custom Card Fixes:

  • Fixed many issues with conflicting deck ids on merged decks loading from the chest.
  • Fixed loading the same deck multiple times from the chest causing strange stuff to happen.
  • Fixed some issues loading multiple old saves in row with custom cards.


  • Fixed stack loading bug where the chips would end up being blocks instead of chips.
  • Fixed some RPG figurine errors on affecting clients.
  • Fixed some card bugs in the Cardbots decks.
  • Fixed black go bowls giving white pieces.
  • Fixed some settings not properly resetting on the settings menu.
  • Fixed pointer bug where it would improperly display the player’s pointer as white when first spawned.

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Update v3.5 Custom stacking objects, Workshop Improvements, & much more!

Stacking custom objects was a much requested feature and now we have it! Stack your custom objects just like the poker chips do! Promoted players can now spawn saved objects, and you can also now subscribe to the workshop and have it download without restarting the game! And of course there are a lot of other great improvements as well.

We were also chosen as one of the top 100 games for Indie of the Year at IndieDB, so please vote for us to make the top 10!

If you missed it, our latest tutorial series video is now live. This one is all about the RPG Kit. Check it out!

Custom Stack Objects:

  • Choosing type ‘Chip’ from the custom model importer will allow your custom objects to stack just like the poker chips do.
  • Create your own stacking currency or something new altogether.
  • Custom colliders will not work with the new stacking type.
  • Checkers can now also be stacked to make your Kings even more noticeable.
  • Improved the spawn position when removing an object from a stack.

Saved Object Improvements:

  • Promoted players can now spawn objects from their saved chest.
  • Anyone on a server can now save objects to their chest for future use.

NAT Punchthrough Improvements:

  • NAT punchthrough is how the game establishes connection behind peoples’ routers without having to port forward.
  • You can now toggle between automatic, enable, or disable NAT punchthrough when hosting a server.
  • Most people should be fine with automatic, but if you are having trouble hosting try /testconnection in game, port forwarding 11155, and change NAT settings.
  • Automatic works by checking and seeing if you have a public address, if you do not then NAT is enabled.

Block Players Improvements:

  • Blocked players are now saved to the BlockList.json in ‘Documents/My Games/Tabletop Simulator’.
  • Blocked players will no longer reset when you reset your settings.
  • Human readable list thanks to the json format.

Workshop Improvements:

  • You no longer must restart the game after subscribing to a mod on the Workshop, it will download while it’s running.
  • Workshop Game list will automatically repopulate with new subscribed mods if open when subscribing.
  • Added an Open Workshop button in the Workshop Game List that opens the Workshop in the overlay.

General Improvements:

  • Overall object physics improvements when adding and removing objects (stacks, bags, decks, etc).
  • Grid snapping will work at low lift height, but not when lowering an object with ‘T’.
  • Number key actions like rotate dice or RPG kit animations now work with the numpad as well as the normal number keys.
  • Optimized bag saving to reduce autosave stutter with many bags.
  • Boards from the chest can be drag and dropped spawning at that location like other objects.
  • Added error check to custom model mesh generation.
  • Slightly improved the stop card search animation.


  • Fixed issue shaking an object would cause it to rotate incorrectly for clients.
  • Fixed the achievement “Speed Machine”.
  • Fixed gravity getting stuck on zero gravity.
  • Fixed Steam Cloud to work with the new Json save format.
  • Fixed the smooshed description field when right clicking on a deck.
  • Fixed boards being spawned from the chest menu not showing up for other players.
  • Fixed sideways property being lost when resetting a deck.
  • Fixed search stack being visible on transparent tables.
  • Fixed collision issues with camera.
  • Fixed some stack objects properties that weren’t being transferred properly.
  • Fixed mesh download bar cleanup.
  • Fixed removing chips from a scaled stack causing it to fall over.

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Vote for Tabletop Simulator as Indie of the Year!

We didn’t think it was possible in such short notice, but we did it! We made the top 100 in the Indie of the Year at IndieDB! But it’s not over yet! For the next 9 days you can vote for us for the top spot. Help us get to the top 10 by spreading the word and voting for us here.

When you go to our page, click the red “Vote for this Game” button and it will bring you to another page where you have to choose between others in our category. Click the “Vote” button next to Tabletop Simulator and you’ll be all set!

Thank you again so much everyone for making this all possible!

2014 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB

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Update v3.4 is now live – Achievements are here!

As a lot of you have noticed, we have added achievements to Tabletop Simulator. Hope you enjoy earning them! Good luck! If you have any good suggestions for more achievements, post on our forums and we may just add it! In addition, we’ve got some new goodies like toggling rotation snapping, height control, and overall general improvements.

Be sure to check out our Tutorial Series to help you along your Tabletop Simulator journey!

Achievements Added:

  • Steam achievements have been added to the game.
  • You can check out the full list on Steam.
  • Playtime achievements unfortunately do not retroactively work.
  • Workshop upload achievement does retroactively work if you are subscribed to your own mods.

Rotation Snapping:

  • You can now toggle between 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90°rotation snapping (default 15°).
  • The UI button on the left side has an angle when pressed it will cycle through the degrees.
  • Use 60° for your hex objects, 45° for cards, and 15° for very precise control, etc.
  • This will help you more quickly orientate your objects for each system.

Raise Height:

  • You can now control the default holding height of your objects.
  • The UI button on the left side has a man lifting a bar, click on that and move the slider.
  • You can use this in combination with ‘R’ to lift objects very high.

Search Improvements:

  • Searching a face up deck will return face up when searching is stopped.
  • Searching no longer grabs any loose cards that are in the area of the search.

Tooltip Improvements:

  • Tooltips will no longer clip off the edge of the screen.
  • Tooltips have been added to the UI elements on the left side of the screen.
  • Tooltips will now resize to fit the content of whatever text is supplied.
  • Can use BBcode in the object name to give the text some flair.

General Improvements:

  • Reduced the shininess of all cards, especially on the Field background.
  • Bags in old saves will default to brown instead of grey/white.
  • Updated some miscellaneous UI icons.


  • Fixed dominoes not having sounds on the “cardboard” surface.
  • Fixed the bugged out table issue, when the table cannot be reset after flipping (for real this time!).
  • Fixed bug with normal textures not being imported correctly.
  • Fixed bug with normal textures being accidently deleted when removing similar objects.
  • Fixed being able to unsubscribe from a Workshop mod when deleting.

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Fall Steam Sale – 33% off! Update v3.3 is now live!

Happy Thanksgiving! For Update v3.3, Tabletop Simulator is 33% off in the Steam Fall Sale until Dec 2 at 10am PST! The double 3’s must be a sign!

Wednesday isn’t usually our update day, but we decided to get one out for you early before the Thanksgiving weekend began, so enjoy! This update focuses on a rebuilt save format, making it much easier overall and giving users more control over them. This also means that you can now properly save custom decks to your chest!

Remember to check out our Wiki for additional help. If you are registered on our forums, you are welcome to add anything related to Tabletop Simulator to help your fellow community members.

Rehauled Save Format:

  • New Json save format, a human readable format that will allow more control over objects.
  • Optimized the save code to avoid any stutter when saving.
  • Json is very expandable without having to worry about breaking old version save files.
  • Old saves will still work just fine, all new saves will be Json.
  • Json will allow modders to create save generators with external tools.
  • Modify the scaling of an object in each axis independently in the save file.

Modify Objects Physics:

  • Can now modify the physics properties of object by modifying the Json save files.
  • There are two classes – the Rigidbody (mass, drag, etc) and physics material (friction, bounciness, etc).
  • You can read up on how to modify these properties on our Wiki page.

Custom Card Improvements:

  • Overall stability improvements for loading and saving custom decks.
  • One broken download for cards will not mess up the rest of the cards downloaded.
  • You can see the progress of custom cards because they will visually update during the download.
  • Merged decks saved to the chest will now properly load.
  • You can now load decks from a save file using the expand arrow (some older saves will not work).
  • Custom Decks now cleanup on RAM much better when they are deleted individually.

General Improvements:

  • Color tinting bags is now working, this should help organize your saves.
  • Improved the spawn position when pulling a card from a deck of cards.
  • Grid settings now reset when the table resets.
  • Better URL cleanup for custom content with automatic url whitespace trimming, might help with RAM usage in certain scenarios.
  • Empty server names will now default to “?”.
  • Improved object network syncing, when FPS is low and ping is high.
  • Reduced other players pointer smoothing, so the positions are more accurate.


  • Download status being wrong when loading directly from one save to another.
  • Fixed flip table bug not allowing the table to respawn or load another game.
  • Fixed floating deck bug when loading locked decks.
  • Fixed notification arrow sound distance.
  • Cards taken from a deck now inherit the deck’s grid setting.

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