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Hand Zones

Hand Zones are different from the Player Hands, but they are connected overall, so you want to read both to learn about the extra functions.

When you click the Hand Zones, a color cube shows up where each color placement is currently set to. If you don’t like where the hands are placed, you can move them to another location.
You can use the Gizmo Tool to move the Hand Zones however you wish. You can adjust the position, rotation and even scale them however you wish.

Move with Gizmo Tool

To delete a Hand Zone, just click any of the color cubes while having the Hand Zone tool selected. If you accidentally deleted a zone, you can just click and drag to create a new one.

You can have as many Hand Zones of the same color as you’d like. Just keep in mind when dealing cards, if there are Hand Zones in the middle of the table, they can “grab” cards that would normally go to another color if they are in the way. So to ensure cards are being dealt properly, just deal to a specific color.

To change the color of the Hand Zone, just right click and choose from the color wheel.

Player Name Positions:

Another cool thing you might want to do is move your name and avatar off the table so you have more space. To do this, you’ll need to delete all existing zones first. Then create a zone in the spot that you want your name. After that, create the zone where you want your cards to go – it will have to be in front of the first zone so that the cards only go into the one in front.

Now when you deal cards, they will only go to the zone on the table, but your name will be off the table along with your avatar.