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01/23/2017 – TTS Happy New Year Giveaway Winners!

Thanks everyone for entering our Happy New Year Giveaway!

A whopping 2511 people entered this giveaway surpassing our past giveaways by about 70%!

Fun Stats:

Most entries:
USA 914
Europe 628
Canada 157

Jan 14th was the day we had the most entries of 846!

The Reddit entry box was confusing to about 60% of you. The correct answer was to put in your Reddit username. Oops! Some of your responses were funny though, so thanks for that!

Some great feedback when we asked on the one thing you’d like improved. Some of the suggestions are already in TTS, but I guess you just aren’t aware of them. Remember to read through our Knowledge Base to learn these things!

And now to the winners! The lucky winners will be getting their keys sent to them shortly! Thanks to everyone who entered!


Sola (solaprize) – TTS
Thomas (theantidavis) – DLC
Mark (mfdennison) – DLC
Haydn (Haydn-ross) – DLC
Shawn (thedinglives) – TTS
Joseph (warrioroftime222) – TTS
Kevin (muchopug) – TTS
Paulo (mideagames) – DLC
Andrew (andreimonus) – TTS
Alan F (rayquazabr) – TTS
Scott (sc.a.carey) – DLC
Ilnar (shafigullinilnar) – TTS
John (johnpolak789) – TTS
Eugen (shadow722) – TTS
Answer (answerkeygaming) – DLC
Dylan (dylantran12) – DLC
Ryan (croftbob33) – TTS
Rafael (redmajor) – DLC
Luke (lukeprivatephoto) – TTS
Yippie (kochenovnikolai) – TTS
Tom (cnrytm) – DLC
Tyler (itselementaltv) – DLC
Juanyi (juanyi.cruz) – DLC
Evan (iceleaf19) – TTS
Dana (lezimsandme) – TTS

And because you were all so awesome, I decided to giveaway 5 more copies of TTS, so here are the bonus winners!

Steeve (ratmaze)
Doug (sekkuar)
Yupei (ycflutejester1994)
Tomás (karna_gear)
Francois (frankgirard)

Thanks everyone and see you in the next one! If you haven’t yet, please be sure to fill out our survey to help make Tabletop Simulator better than ever!

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