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Update v10.2 New DLC – Tiny Epic Quest & Scripting Improvements!

Happy holidays

It’s hard to believe how fast this year zoomed by and we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Holidays are a special time to be with loved ones and friends and we are happy to have you all as part of our community.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new DLC, so this time around we have Tiny Epic Quest by Gamelyn Games! This one is exciting, because it includes the ITEMeeples where you can attach and detach weapons. We hope you like our rendition of the game!

If you haven’t seen it yet, our latest tutorial video is now available. This tutorial goes over how to create a custom game from start to finish. Check it out and let us know what you think. We hope it helps you get started on creating your own custom games!

DLC – Tiny Epic Quest

  • Tiny Epic Quest now available for $6.99 with a 20% discount.
  • Includes ITEMeeples where you can easily attach the weapons to the meeples.
  • Scripted elements for your convenience and enjoyment.
  • Choose your color and press the game modes you want and start game.
  • Read the Notebook for additional info.

Scripting Improvements

    External Editor:

  • ASCII to UTF8, atom will work with all languages now
  • Save file path added sent to external editor
  • Added sendExternalMessage(Table) and event onExternalMessage(Table)
  • Added remote script execution from external editor
  • Scripting:

  • Added Playercolor.getHoverObject()
  • Added static WebRequest class
  • Global script now has self, which is just the same thing as Global
  • takeObject() now default smooth moves objects unless you supply smooth = false
  • added sound property to spawnObject() to disable spawn sound
  • Global Class WebRequest:

  • Get(string url, Object owner, string function)
  • Post(string url, Table form, Object owner, string function)
  • Put(string url, string data, Object owner, string function)
  • Callback function has property with keys string url, bool is_done, float download_progress, float upload_progress, bool is_error, string error, string text.


  • Spawn dropdown added to spawn an object in its exact saved spot.
  • This is great when trying to spawn a compound object.
  • Fixed issue with one of the colliders in the Indonesia DLC.


  • Fixed custom assetbundles not loading in cloud manager.
  • Fixed issue with custom objects starting with 2 dummy objects.

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