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Update v1.8 – Movable boards, Custom Model improvements, & more!

This update brings you improvements to the custom model support, rocks & tree models to customize your RPGs even more, moveable boards and much more.

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New Rocks & Trees!

Contextual Menu Added:

  • You can now right click on a object to bring up a menu to customize different options for that object
  • Objects can now be renamed and when mousing over them you can easily read the name
  • A description can also be added to an object, great for storing player stats or additional info
  • Dealing cards and resetting decks are possible from menu
  • Locking and unlocking an object can also be done from the menu
  • ‘Cut deck’ is a brand new action that can be done in the menu

Custom Model Improvements:

  • Meshes will now use the smoothing normals in your .obj data if supplied
  • Separate collision mesh can be now supplied allowing many more collision possibilities
  • Holes in collision are supported if you choose non-convex, but non-convex objects do not collide with each other (engine limitation)
  • Non-convex is only used if a mesh collider is supplied, best used for something similar to the Chinese Checker board

Optimizations on Custom Assets:

  • Objects that share custom assets are no longer using up memory like they are unique objects
  • Rewinding will no longer require assets to be reloaded from disk

Boards Now Movable:

  • You can now unlock boards and move them just like other objects
  • They can also be spawned in the spawn menu making use of multiple boards


  • Added a rock and tree model great for outdoor RPG scenes
  • Highlighting and then locking multiple objects now works
  • Server name can now be found in the menu


  • Memory optimization on default assets
  • Alt zoom on objects will no longer clip off the screen and will ignore scale
  • Locked objects now display the number of objects it contains
  • Frozen objects will unlock when the table is flipped
  • Fixed texture syncing issue for custom models
  • Copy pasting an object pulled from a stack will now work
  • Voice chat is now disabled by default for new players due to memory leaks (can still be enabled in settings)
  • Wood shader is now slightly less shiny/specular
  • Custom Models held height has been lowered
  • Unlocking a model you were holding will no longer get stuck to your hand
  • Fixed host to client material sound sync
  • Table no longer clips through objects on clients when flipped
  • Reworded confusing section in tutorial
  • Destroy bounds have been closed in so no objects can escape by flying upward
  • Locked objects will no longer stop you box selecting
  • Fixed bug with custom table loading its custom texture

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