Latest Version: Release v8.9, VR Beta

Tabletop Simulator Patch Notes

v8.9 (03/24/2017)

New DLC – Xia: Legends of a Drift System

  • Xia by Far Out Games is now available on Steam for $7.99 with a 20% discount!
  • This is for the base game only – the expansion is not included.
  • High quality and detailed with a lot of scripted elements.
  • Auto-shuffle of decks.
  • Color protection so only the Game Master or the seated player can operate their own buttons.
  • Drawers that open and close and contain bags of items.
  • Trash chute that, when you close it, deletes the contents.
  • Scroll through your ship/npc/ability cards.
  • Triggering animation and highlighting when a victory is achieved.
  • Xia is for 3-5 players, ages 12 and up.
  • Only the host needs to own this DLC.

Updated DLC – Cosmic Encounter Expansion #5 – Cosmic Dominion

  • Cosmic Dominion has finally been released in Tabletop Simulator!
  • Now available for $2.99 on the Cosmic Encounter store page.
  • 30 new aliens – Thirty new aliens blast their way in!
  • 32 Reward Cards – Brand new deck!
  • 30 Flare Cards – Wacky new powers and flares.
  • 8 Ship Markers – New ship markers to create your own variants.
  • Cosmic Encounter is required to play Cosmic Dominion.
  • Only the host needs to own Cosmic Encounter and its expansions.

DLC – Warfighter Improvements

  • Reset card with the sideways setting back to normal.
  • Removed the Infinite Bag type from the Warfighter main rulebook cover.
  • Main board is now locked in place.
  • Returned XP and SUPP tokens to their original Chip setting.
  • Tooltip added to the Designator Board to aid clarity.
  • Warfighter includes expansions #1-9.

Workshop, Saves and Saved Objects Improvements

  • Improved name sorting of folders in saves, workshop, and saved objects.
  • Preview games menu now includes save/workshop files that are in folders.
  • When searching in Workshop, Saves, and Saved Objects it will search all files in your folder or below.

Steam Cloud Improvements

  • Major increase from 1 gig to 100 gigs in the Steam Cloud.
  • This should fix issues people had when they reached the 1gig limit.
  • 1,000 file limit to 10,000 file limit.
  • No need to use external web hosts if you don’t want to.
  • Steam Cloud now syncs thumbnail images.

Gizmo Improvements

  • The Gizmo Tool now works for Promoted Players.
  • When an object is selected with the gizmo tool it will also be highlighted by the player’s color.
  • Gizmo Tool swapped hotkey with Snap Points to now be F9.

Mac & Linux Improvements

  • Fixed Tabletop Simulator documents location for Mac and Linux.
  • Should automatically move files.
  • Mac: ~/My Games/Tabletop Simulator to ~/Library/Tabletop Simulator
  • Linux: ~/My Games/Tabletop Simulator to ~/.local/share/Tabletop Simulator


  • Saves folder can now have save files with any format name – they no longer have to be TS_Save_#.
  • Added delay for download progress appearing onscreen.
  • When searching the new menus, thumbnails should flicker less.
  • Added scale property to createButton() and editButton()


    • Fixed duplication exploit.
    • Fixed some potential issues with TTSAssetBundleEffects with null references.
    • Fixed Saved Objects not loading for some people.
    • Fixed grid hex setting being lost when opening the grid menu.

    v8.8 (03/03/2017)

    DLC – Warfighter: The Tactical Special Forces Card Game

  • You can now create folders and sub-folders in both Workshop and Saved Games.
  • Folders and Save Files can be moved from the root directory to any folders in the respective category.
  • Use the Options menu (Triple dots icon) to move files.
  • Folders will always default to show on top, except on the main Games Menu.
  • Saved Objects Menu

    • Revamped the Saved Objects menu to reflect the updated UI.
    • You can now create sub-folders in the Saved Objects menu, as well as move objects around.
    • There are now thumbnail preview images.
    • A warning pops up when you try to overwrite an object with the same name.
    • A warning pops up when you try to move an object into a folder with the same name.
    • You can sort the objects by name, updated, loaded and random.

    UI Improvements

    • Updated checkboxes and radio buttons throughout the UI.
    • Thumbnails for Saves and Workshop items have been moved out of the thumbnails folder and into the same folder as the Save and Workshop files.
    • Image quality of Workshop/Saves thumbnail is less shimmery.
    • Added icons for custom table and custom background expand saves.
    • Added tooltips to the Server browser Country section.

    Text Tool Improvements

    • You can now move the text with the Gizmo Tool.
    • Updated color picker now used with the Text Tool.
    • Updated the UI.
    • Fixed up flickering background.
    • Fixed late joining players breaking the Text Tool.

    Gizmo Tool Improvements

    • You can now use the Gizmo Tool with the Text Tool.
    • You can now move the Hand Zones with the Gizmo Tool
    • You can now use the box select tool to select multiple objects to use the Gizmo Tool.

    Box Select Improvements

    • Improved visuals of the rectangle Box Selection.
    • It no longer scales based on distance to camera.
    • It has a sharper look with the fill color.
    • Removed misleading hover highlighting.


    • Improved text selection to highlight all for certain input fields.
    • Thumbnails will be removed when deleting files.
    • Cleaned up project files by deleting old files and rearranging other files.


    • Fixed issue with Hotseat not working properly.
    • Fixed thumbnail not updating correctly when overriding save.
    • Fixed camera colliding with invisible bounds.

    v8.7 (02/17/2017)

    New DLC – Scuttle!

    • Scuttle! is a pirate themed card game for ages 6 and up and created by Jelly Bean Games.
    • Now available for $4.99 with a 20% launch discount.
    • Scuttle! includes the base game and 2 free expansions, The Curse of Jack Black and Scurvy!
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone to play.

    New Gizmo Tools

    • The Gizmo tools have been overhauled to be more easy to use and give you more flexibility and control.
    • The Gizmo will always be the same size on screen.
    • The Gizmo tool can move non-interactable items.
    • It works on all objects including zones (excluding Hand Zones).
    • You can now use the Gizmo tool on multiple objects.
    • CTRL + Click to multi select objects.
    • Move Tool:

    • Use to move an object in space.
    • Snap move.
    • Screen space translation.
    • Rotate:

    • Use to rotate an object.
    • Snap rotate.
    • Scale (NEW):

    • Use to scale an object.
    • Snap scaling.
    • Uniform scale.
    • Volume Scale (NEW):

    • Use to scale an object by stretching its sides.
    • Snap scaling.
    • Scale from center.
    • Transform Space (NEW):

    • Local: Gizmos are in selected object’s rotation.
    • Global: Gizmos are in global rotation.
    • Pivot Point:

    • Center: Gizmos placed at the center of the selection.
    • Pivot: Gizmos placed at selected object’s pivot point.

    Transform Menu

    • Added Transform menu to Gizmo tool.
    • When using the Gizmo Tool, click an object and a menu pops up so you can input the values for the X, Y & Z axis.
    • This will let you place, move, rotate or size objects to your exact specifications.
    • Drag the x, y, or z label for each component to increase or decrease the value.
    • Easy to select and copy (for pasting into Lua scripts) or click to copy it all to clipboard.

    Hidden Zones Improvements

    • With the improvements to the Gizmo Tool, comes improvements to the Hidden Zones.
    • You can now use the Gizmo tools to have precise control of the zones.
    • Create your Zones, then switch to the Gizmo Tool (you can use any of them).
    • Use Volume Scale to really get the precise size and placement that you want.
    • You can also input exact values into the Transform menu if you know the sizes you need.
    • Zones no longer have a larger invisible collider (new zones will be default taller).
  • Revamped Chest Menu.
  • Renamed Chest to Components.
  • Updated the Components menu to match the rest of the UI.
  • Larger buttons for bigger previews.
  • Improved drag & drop spawning positioning.
  • Updated category menu icons.
  • Scythe DLC Improvements

    • All doubled separator dash lines have been removed from Tool Tip texts.
    • The “Innovative” and “Militant” Mat running order has been switched to match the numbers on the Selection cards.
    • Fixed issue with snap points on the Mechanical game mat.
    • Fixed typo for ‘Innovative’ in Mat tooltip.
    • Fixed minor scripting issues.

    Tiny Epic Western DLC Improvements

    • Made the Influence and Industry tokens not sticky, so that manipulating them is easier when trying to move stacks.
    • Fixed Colored zones for Red/Green being mixed up.
    • Fixed rotation snap points for the porch slots of the player mats so the cards face the correct way.

    Scripting Improvements

    • getStateId()
    • onObjectLeaveContainer(Object Container, Object LeaveObject)


    • Fixed Superfight DLC so table and backgrounds can’t be clicked on and accidentally deleted.
    • Camera reset position for colors that don’t have hands is now calculated based on the positions of the hands on the table.
    • You can now ALT zoom objects in the UI menus.
    • Improved rotation on objects in the UI to match ALT zoom (Sideways cards, figurines, tools, etc).
    • Loading local assetbundle that is already in the caching location will use the shorthand version.


    • Fixed issue with ALT RMB dropping both cards when the deck gets down the last two.
    • Fixed copying Text Tool guid to clipboard.
    • Fixed issue with drop sound for Assetbundles not working.
    • Fixed issue with Assetbundle point filter texture being weird.
    • Fixed issue with Workshop search tooltips being messed up.
    • Fixed issue with loading assetbundles from your local disk.
    • Fixed issue with saving in VR.
    • Fixed bizarre camera spinning when pressing the spacebar to reset the camera.

    v8.6 (02/03/2017)

    DLC Scythe Expansion – Invaders from Afar

    • This is a free update for the base DLC game, Scythe, by Stonemaier Games.
    • Scythe has been updated to be more user friendly and is our first DLC to include scripting.
    • Invaders from Afar adds two new factions, Albion and Togawa.
    • The Invaders from Afar rules are incorporated into the existing two rule books.
    • Automa cards have been updated to incorporate the new Factions.
    • The table is restructured to accommodate the two new factions, turning it from a 5 max to a 7 max player game.
    • The Tablets have been removed from the retail box and the links to the PDF’s have been added to the Notebook.
    • The bulk of the factions elements now start the game off the table.
    • Each player has an animated button in front of them with a scripted control that only they can press. This will spawn all their standard faction components as well as one new addition for each player.
    • Each player is now given a two button box that controls the hidden zone over the player’s Power Dial, which only they can manipulate.
    • These buttons allow the player to raise and lower this Hidden zone at will during the combat phase and completely replaces the old method of combat power revelation.
    • To play Scythe properly in Single Player mode, the player must take the Black (game master) color to enable full control over all faction specific buttons on the table.
    • All assets overhauled with brand new materials and shaders.
    • Note: Old Scythe saves will not work. Please update to the latest version.

    UI Improvements

    • Added text to the main Top Menu for ease of use.
    • Added date to delay tooltip for Games menu – Workshop and saves
    • Added tooltips to main menu selections.
    • Cleaned up various areas of the UI so they are all matching.
    • Games menu can now sort by the last “Loaded”.
    • Auto save can now be deleted and expanded like other save files.
    • Improved spacing of tooltip when adding a delay tooltip like description.
    • Renamed Custom Tile type ‘Mat’ to ‘Rounded’.
    • Renamed Saves/Chest folder to Saves/Saved Objects and moved all files over.

    Scripting Improvements

    • Greatly cleaned up overall code base for faster iteration times in the future.
    • Clicking copied to guid to clipboard closes the contextual menu.
    • print() goes in all chat tabs now.
    • Optimized an empty global script from being executed
    • Fixed some bugs with auto play scripts
    • Event:

    • All past tense events made present tense (ie, onPickedUp() renamed to onPickUp()) deprecated old calls
    • onObjectSpawn()
    • Object:

    • setVelocity(table velocityVector) setAngularVelocity(table angularVelocityVector)
    • resting (set)
    • getStates() name, guid, id
    • reload()
    • randomize()
    • putObject()

    Loading Improvements

    • More reliable without getting stuck loading.
    • Unified all loading under one system for better maintainability.
    • Loading progress more accurate to how many unique assets are having to be loaded.
    • Fixed issues when changing from one game to another while loading.
    • Normal maps load much faster.
    • Objects that fail to load will no longer fall through the table but will be locked in the correct position.
    • Loading progress will inform you if mod caching is turned off.
    • Added a better DLC loading progress indicator.
    • Almost eliminated massive lag right when DLC finishes loading.

    VR Improvements

    • VR players can peek when zooming an object by turning their hand. This will no longer hide the object and the peek symbol will show on the item so others are aware.
    • VR Alt zoom now works on assetbundles.
    • Search and Peek icons show up correctly in VR.
    • Fixed VR so it can interact with 3D UI elements just like regular mode.


    • Updated most DLCs with links to rulebooks in the Notebook.
    • Turn order is now based on the position of the hands on the table instead of a preset list.
    • Shaking a stated object will no longer shuffle it.
    • Improved sharpness of Assetbundle textures by adding negative mipmap bias to main texture.
    • Increased states and effects selection menu from 50 to 99 cap.
    • Added better error handling and reporting for Workshop downloading.
    • Added broadcast message when copying something to your clipboard.
    • Updated Help Menu with Top Down camera info.


    • Fixed DLCs with Tablets not loading Rulebooks.
    • Fixed issue with returning to main menu with a DLC loaded breaking that DLC in future loads.
    • Fixed some selected drop shadow issues with overlapping windows.
    • Fixed issue with ‘End Turn’ getting stuck on screen / broken turns.
    • Fixed issue with Camera bouncing off non locked objects.
    • Fixed issue with Alt zoom on jigsaw puzzle box being upside down at default position.
    • Fixed potential memory leak from spotlight.
    • Fixed issue with users choosing game master when not the host.
    • FIxed issue with Tooltip word wrap not ignoring bbcode and causing weird spacing.
    • Fixed issue with Table getting destroyed by falling through the world and breaking the game.
    • Fixed issue with 3D objects clipping and overlapping 2D menus.
    • Fixed issue with Custom boards not resizing correctly.
    • Fixed issue with Korean characters not working correctly in the chat.
    • Fixed promoted player spawning custom table / background from expanding a save.
    • Fixed loading .cjc error with corrupt custom decks.

    v8.5 (01/13/2017)

    New Camera Mode – Top Down

    • You can now use the new Orthographic camera.
    • This keeps the camera locked in top down 2D view.
    • This is great for games that require more of a top down view or for placing down and aligning objects perfectly.
    • Press P to toggle between the camera modes or right click on a non-object to bring up the Global Contextual Menu.

    ALT Zoom Revamp

    • Orthographic camera so everything is perfectly flat and readable at any angle.
    • Improved object clipping prevention.
    • You can now see objects as they are supposed to be.
    • It will use the entire screen if it’s supposed to.
    • This now works on animated objects and the 3D UI.

    UI Improvements

    • Added Spotlight section on the Main Menu for any relevant news, updates & community spotlights.
    • Updated the Main Menu and Multiplayer sections to fit with new UI.
    • Improved sharpness of sprites throughout the UI.
    • There are a still a lot more updates that need to be done.

    Scripting Improvements

    • setPositionSmooth() / setRotationSmooth() works on locked objects and they stay locked
    • Added isSmoothMoving()
    • Added getLock() and setLock(bool)
    • Added highlightOn(table color, float duration (Optional)) and highlightOff()
    • Fixed issue with cards in new decks not being given a unique GUID.
    • Fixed scripting exploit to spawn objects when they are destroyed.
    • Fixed not cleaning up Lua coroutines properly.

    Sorting & Saving Improvements

    • Sorting in the Games menu will now save between sessions.
    • Games Menu will not forget search term when reloading the UI after expanding mods & saves.

    Loading Screen Improvements

    • Fixed issue when resizing the game wouldn’t update video / loading image size.
    • Fixed load screen for 21:9 aspect ratio.


    • Improved all 3D object previews.
    • Optimized physics sleep settings for better performance.
    • Optimized stutters.
    • Objects are now highlighted the player color when they do any functions – scaling, rolling, color tinting, under, locking, etc. This will allow you to see who are doing things when they aren’t supposed to.
    • You can now load custom tables when expanding a mod.
    • You can now expand and load custom backgrounds from the Workshop.
    • Improved protection against corrupt player prefs.
    • Added safe guard for objects falling forever if colliders are lost.
    • Better error handling when saving long name URLs to disk.
    • Added mouse scrolling to the Games Menu so you can use your scroll wheel to quickly scroll through the pages, as well as on the front menu with the categories.
    • Moved Saved Slot number to the top left of thumbnail instead of in the name to give more space for the text.
    • Saved objects added to Objects menu in the top bar, so you no longer need to go to the Chest to access it.
    • Added confirmation button when loading a save to prevent accidental missclicks.
    • Added a /debug command to highlight objects red that are moving. Great for tracking down objects that are causing network and physics overhead.


    • Fixed UI issues with the mp3 player.
    • Found lost card (Solar Engineering) inside the table and added it to the Research deck for Darkrock Ventures DLC.
    • Fixed issue with building cards locking into place upside-down in Tiny Epic Western.
    • Fixed issue with the possibility of DLCs breaking when changing from one DLC to another.
    • Fixed having to exit to main menu when having a DLC breaking loading.
    • Fixed custom token not resizing correctly with more than one in save expand or bag search.
    • Fixed expand save / bags not working correctly on old cjc files.
    • Fixed issue with closing a custom model menu that hasn’t loaded correctly not being properly deleted.
    • Fixed issue with Tooltips being behind elements.
    • Fixed issue where the camera spins like crazy when pressing space when at 0.
    • Fixed spectator error message when they try to move a piece.
    • Fixed issue with Ellipse … text not wrapping correctly.
    • Fixed deck override sideways property on card.
    • Fixed locked object in deck / bag.
    • Fixed issue with Games Menu not refreshing correctly when you save as Promoted.
    • Fixed pixel paint drawing not loading between saves.
    • Fixed create folder and saved objects appearing behind the UI.
    • Fixed tooltip getting stuck on the tools menu.

    v8.4 (12/16/2016)

    New DLC – Tiny Epic Western

    • In Tiny Epic Western, you are the boss! And upon your boss card, you will keep track of your posse and your influence.
    • Now available for $4.99 with a 10% launch discount.
    • 1-4 players, Ages 13 and up.
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone to play.

    Games Menu Overhaul

    • Updated the Games menu to be more user friendly.
    • New Games menu showcases the base “Classic” games, the DLCs, your Workshop mods you’ve subscribed to and your Saved games.
    • Each section highlights the first games on each respective list.
    • When you click on one of the categories, you will see your games listed in a grid style in default order.
    • Workshop and Saved games are now shown with a thumbnail.
    • Old save files will not have a thumbnail until resaved.
    • Pages have been implemented so you can easily scroll through the different pages without having one continuous scroll.
    • Unowned DLCs will have a lock icon.
    • Depending on the game category, you can sort by Name, Random, Date Released, Recently updated games, the Slot number, and the Date created.
    • This is still a work in progress as we add more features to the menu, like creating folders and favorites. If you have suggestions, please post them below.

    Hover over a game for different options:


    • Info – Opens up workshop page in overlay .
    • Expand – Lets you open up and see what is in each mod.
    • Delete – Will both unsubscribe to the mod and delete the files from your computer.


    • Overwrite – Will overwrite the existing saved game.
    • Expand – Lets you open up and see what is in each save.
    • Delete – Deletes the saved game.
    • To create a new save, click on GAMES, SAVES and then press the CREATE button.
    • When you save a game, an image will be taken based on where your camera is facing and this will become your thumbnail image.

    Top Bar and ESC menu Overhaul

    • Updated Top Bar menu & icons to give it a cleaner and more streamlined look.
    • Each icon represents a category and either a window will pop up or you will get a drop down menu with options.
    • This helps keep everything more organized and quicker to find what you’re looking for.
    • ESC menu has also been updated to reflect the new UI changes.
    • You can bring up the menu by pressing the ESC key or pressing the menu icon on the Top Bar.
    • To change your color and team, you can now find this by clicking on your name in the top right.

    UI Improvements

    • Fixed some UI elements not being as sharp as they should have been (especially noticeable on text).
    • Improved the sharpness of the hover tooltip.
    • Color picker: Fixed drop shadow, added tooltips, adjusted placement.
    • Search Menu: Fixed clipping.
    • Fixed and cleaned up miscellaneous UI elements.

    High Quality Screenshots

    • You can now take high quality screenshots of your games at twice resolution and x8 msaa.
    • The UI is ignored, so you don’t need to worry about turning it off.
    • Press SHIFT + F11 to take the pictures.
    • Screenshots are located in your Documents/My Games/Tabletop Simulator/Screenshots folder.

    Darkrock Ventures Improvements

    • Fixed scaling on Research Deck.
    • Changed grey pips to black on the mining dice for easier readability.
    • Reference Card is now able to be Alt Zoomed.

    Spirits of the Rice Paddy Improvements

    • The Water Tokens custom bag is now a normal bag, not an Infinite one, and contains the correct limited number of Water Tokens for a legal game.
    • Various pieces have been drawn from their bags to form piles beside the main board for the convenience of players when a game begins.
    • Each player’s starting Laborer, Gate, Wall and Rock Tokens have been added to their areas to reduce set-up time.
    • The player-color-marked pieces set before each of the four Spirit-Card slopes at the back of the table have been moved forward to reduce interference with cards.
    • The tray for the Rice Token-bags has been moved forward to be more convenient to reach.
    • The bags for Laborer, Growth and Livestock Tokens, and for Achievement Tiles, have been moved forward to be more convenient to reach.
    • The offering-bowl object containing the Water Tokens bag has been moved to the other side of the table for convenience.
    • The reflective setting on the Round Marker piece has been altered slightly to make it appear more authentically wooden and less shiny.
    • The scale of the Water Tokens has been reduced slightly to make them more manageable on the player-boards.

    DLC Improvements

    • Added information to the Notebook’s Key Points about the corridors in the Wizard’s Academy DLC.
    • Fixed typo for the “Acolyte” character sheet in the Darkest Night DLC.
    • Fixed spacing in the tooltip for the “Anna & Wojtek” figurine in the Scythe DLC.


    • Added a tooltip in the chat settings to include a link to the global chat rules.
    • In global chat your name is highlighted purple when someone mentions you.
    • Added Peek option under Modifiers in the Help Menu.


    • Fixed issue when searching objects would add random snap points.
    • Fixed zombie search icon getting stuck on object.
    • Fixed issue where blindfolded users were able to see peek and card search indicators.
    • Fixed issue with Tutorial being stuck on ? mark stage because ESC Help Menu didn’t work.
    • Fixed issue with loading a new save not clearing out any drawings from the previous save or game.
    • Fixed search clipping on different aspect ratios.
    • Fixed search lighting being too bright.
    • Fixed issue with Tooltip getting stuck on pointer.
    • Fixed issue when searching a bag that contains a custom infinite bag.

    v8.3 (10/25/2016)

    DLC – Darkrock Ventures

    • Darkrock Ventures by Magic Meeple Games is now live!
    • 2-5 players with a solo variant, ages 14 and up.
    • Available for $5.99 with a 10% launch discount.
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC.

    Wizard’s Academy Improvements

    • Added names to cards that didn’t have them.
    • Fixed spelling errors in tool tips.
    • Fixed some punctuation in the Notebook.

    Viticulture Improvements

    • Added link to the rulebook in the Notebook.
    • Unlocked white starting pieces.

    UI Improvements

    • Improved draggable windows look and clarity.
    • Drop shadow added on focused window.
    • Improved window focus recognition.
    • Swapped out all background menus for an improved look.
    • Improved look of close buttons.


    • Fixed issue with drawing on interactable = false objects not working.
    • Fixed pointer position on interactable = false objects not being aligned properly.
    • Fixed custom model and custom tile sharing an image together having messed up aspect ratios.
    • Fixed issue with tabs influencing other windows[

    v8.2 (10/07/2016)

    DLC – Spirits of the Rice Paddy

    • Spirits of the Rice Paddy by Ape Games has been released!
    • Now available for $5.99 with a 10% launch discount.
    • 2-4 players, ages 13 and up.
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC.

    Global Chat Improvements

    • Developer and Moderator tags added to Global Chat [DEV] & [MOD].
    • Developers now show up as red and Moderators are now orange.
    • The bot Berserk will show up as red but without any tags.
    • Fixed Global Chat mods/devs coloring not working consistently.

    Scripting Improvements

    • Added setCustomObject() getCustomObject() assetbundle, image_secondary.
    • Added AssetBundle trigger and looping effects.
    • Improved the look of smaller scripting buttons to allow smaller sizes and reduced pixelations at further away zooming.
    • Fixed issue with scripting button at zero size not hiding for clients.


    • Peek now works in searching, so you can see the front and backs of objects.
    • Improved icon indicators for Peek and Search for better tracking.
    • More hover over icons have been added to dice, RPG figurines, the clock and effects for AssetBundles.


    • Fixed issue with Broadcast messages getting stuck on screen if disabling the UI with F11.
    • Fixed issue with Viticulture DLC colors of textures being off.
    • Fixed text in tooltip for Automa cards in Viticulture DLC.
    • Fixed issue with AssetBundle physics material setting not working.
    • Fixed issue with Particle effects not triggering with TTSAssetBundleEffects.
    • Fixed issue with custom model flying up when removed from bags.
    • Fixed issue with Vector and Paint tool being seen in solid hidden zones at certain camera angles.

    v8.1 (09/23/2016)

    DLC – Tiny Epic Defenders

    • Tiny Epic Defenders by Gamelyn Games is now released!
    • Available for $4.99 with a 10% launch discount.
    • 1-4 players, ages 13 and up.
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC.

    DLC – Viticulture Improvements

    • Added snap points to the mats for worker placement.
    • Fixed sizing to make the board more proportional to the table.
    • Fixed Mama & Papa cards to be in the proper orientation and placement.
    • Fixed coloring of all textures.

    Peek Cards/Objects

    • You can now view the backside of a card or object with Peek.
    • In conjunction with ALT Zoom, hold shift while alt zooming to see the backside.
    • Similar to the Search, players will be notified when someone is peeking an object with an eye icon over the object.
    • Eye icon will disappear after 3 seconds when the player done peeking.
    • Also works with custom figurines to see the other side of the image.
    • Spectators will not able to peek objects to avoid information being passed along to other players.

    AssetBundle Project Improvements

    • Updated alert script to check github to see if there is a new version.
    • Confirms you have the correct version of Unity installed.
    • Tries to verify your project install.
    • Make sure to update to the latest version.

    AssetBundle Improvements

    • Bag searching now works with AssetBundles.
    • Changed AssetBundle model default to a cube.
    • Added AssetBundle URLs to multiplayer local file check.
    • Fixed duplicate AssetBundle on client breaking the download tracker.
    • Fixed pink texture bug on Mac / Linux by including shaders with build.
    • Fixed issue with AssetBundle bag numbering not working.
    • Fixed issue when importing AssetBundle with looping effects and no trigger effects.


    • Control Scheme updated with Peek info & updated Tips section.
    • Added a hyperlink to the blue helper question marks on certain menus that goes to the Knowledge Base, appropriate for that menu.
    • Improved depth sorting of snap points.


    • Fixed Custom Tile image messing up.
    • Fixed issue with Custom tile ‘Mat’ as stackable not working properly.
    • Fixed issue with custom tiles stacking and changing the image when they have different back images.
    • Fixed issue with custom models stacking incorrectly.
    • Fixed custom model color tint applying to all sub models.
    • Fixed custom model searching not working.
    • Fixed sub-meshes in custom models being tinted incorrectly.
    • Fixed scripting related crashes that has to do with buttons.
    • Fixed issue with script button not working on custom objects.
    • Fixed script buttons causing weird physics.
    • Fixed issue with Unique backs and Back is hidden as false not working properly.
    • Fixed issue with client creating tabs in notebook getting duplicated.
    • Fixed issue with cards being too “sticky”.
    • Fixed calculator so it works again.
    • Fixed issue with Team Text Chat tab disappearing when switching teams.
    • Fixed issue with icon showing up when searching in hidden zones.
    • Fixed bag duplication exploit.

    v8.0 (09/16/2016)

    Viticulture DLC

    Cosmic Storm Expansion

    • Cosmic Storm is the 4th expansion to Cosmic Encounter and is now live!
    • 25 new aliens added – Yes, more scary aliens!
    • 35 new cards added – Includes 25 flare cards and 10 space station cards.
    • 10 space station markers – Space Station Conquest variant introducing a new win condition.
    • 8 tokens added

    Cosmic Encounter Improvements

    • Named Alien and Flare cards for ease of searching in the base game.
    • Added missing rotation snap points.
    • Fixed Tooltip for Alliance box.
    • Deleted duplicate tables which no longer make tables interactable.


    • AssetBundles are an advanced feature for those who want complete control over their custom objects with the power of the Unity engine.
    • Anything that Unity engine provides besides scripting can be exported as an AssetBundle and then reimported into Tabletop Simulator.
    • This includes full shader / material support, animations, sounds, lights, particles, and much more.
    • Better image quality thanks to better image compression.
    • Custom script TTSAssetBundleEffects to creating looping and trigger effects.
    • Custom script TTSAssetBundleSounds to override the games trigger and impact sounds.
    • The Modding Project can be downloaded on GitHub.
    • You can read all about AssetBundles at our Knowledge Base.

    Custom Figurine Improvements

    • Added a back image option, so you can now have a different image for both sides.
    • Improved the aspect ratio stretch to be more accurate.
    • Reduced collision issue with super wide aspect ratio images.


    • Fixed tooltip for the Map Tiles in the Zombicide DLC.
    • Shaking object will now reset any slight rotation offset it has when picked up.
    • Copy and pasting objects are now placed more like expected, based on the object you are hovered over.
    • Optimized all of our default objects, removing unnecessary components.


    • Fixed issue with Color Tint not applying to more than one object when copy/pasting.
    • Fixed issue with being able to stack double sided tiles that don’t share the same backside image.

    v7.10 (08/19/2016)

    The Captain Is Dead DLC

    • Now available for $5.99 with a 10% off discount
    • Co-op game for 2-7 players, Ages 12 and up.
    • Only the host needs to own all our DLCs.

    Superfight DLC Free Update

    • Both the Challenge (Yellow) and Green decks have been added as a free update.
    • The Challenge deck adds 100 new victory conditions for your fights.
    • The Green deck adds 100 kid-friendly cards to Superfight.
    • Updated Table texture with all deck info.
    • Only the host needs to own all our DLCs.

    Updated Control Scheme

    • Improved Control Scheme for better visibility.
    • Different category sections, making it easier to find what you want.
    • Tooltips added to all sections with more info on what each option does.

    Chat Improvements

    • You can now change the color of your chat in the Chat Settings menu.
    • This will change the chat background, chat icons and scrollbar.
    • Using this along with the Chat Opacity will give you more control in how readable your chat is.
    • Improved chat tabs text to be more readable and highlighted correctly.


    • BBCode for colors now works in Notecards.
    • You can now see players’ highlighted objects being manipulated by flip / rotate in games.


    • Fixed issue with objects not always being picked up if grabbing on the very edge when highlighted.
    • Fixed issue with pickup assist not working properly.
    • Fixed issue with Camera twitching when resetting in certain scenarios.
    • Fixed issue with cards going off screen when hovering over them when they were enlarged in the deck search.

    v7.9 (08/12/2016)

    New Color Picker

    • Improved color picker to be more advanced.
    • You can change the RGB, Hex Code & HBS options.
    • Default colors are listed for your convenience.
    • This has been updated in the Contextual Menu Color Tint, Vector paint, Text Tool & Custom Object Specular color.

    Improved Pickup Assist

    • This makes it easier to pick up objects giving a slight leeway on how close your mouse must be.
    • Objects will no longer accidentally be picked up when an object is not highlighted.
    • This will now scale based on the distance between the pointer and camera.
    • The object will now be highlighted if it will pick up with assist to avoid accidental pickup.
    • This has the same precision of the previous method, but now with an assist.

    Chat Command Improvements

    • Reformatted the /help on both the Global and Game tabs to be easier to read.
    • Added /resetallsaved to the Global Chat command, so it can be used on both tabs.

    Impact Sound Improvements

    • Clamps loudest sound possible.
    • Removed high pitch doppler sound effects.
    • Reduced overall amount of sounds that can occur at the same time.
    • Overall, the sound should be much nicer on the ears.


    • Improved accuracy of camera movement code so it isn’t slightly off.
    • When loading saves, it will let you know of any saved cameras the game has.
    • Made it impossible to resize chat window to be blocked by the top bar or go beyond the game itself.
    • Improved table flip so that the table doesn’t get stuck on flipped objects.
    • Optimized raycasts throughout code.


    • Fixed the text in the helper tooltip for Teams.
    • Fixed collision issues with the Three Cheers For Master DLC.
    • Fixed issue with being able to instantly pull item from stack or deck if you grabbed it slightly away from the object.
    • Fixed issue with sliding cards to bottom of decks not smoothly moving into the deck.
    • Fixed issue with Lift height and Rotation degrees randomly changing.
    • Fixed issue with the specular color messing up if reimporting in the custom model material menu.
    • Fixed collision clipping issue when using right click to pickup more than one object.
    • Fixed issue with not being able to remove more than one person from your Blocked list.
    • Fixed issue with Nudge not working on cardboard objects.

    v7.8 (08/05/2016)

    Three Cheers For Master DLC

    • Three Cheers For Master is now available for $4.99 with a 10% launch discount.
    • 2-6 Players | Ages 13 & Up | 20-40 Minutes
    • Read the frequently asked questions the tips and tricks here.
    • Only the host needs to own all our DLCs.

    Wizard’s Academy Update

    • The order of the faculty boards now matches the listing in the cover Index.
    • Tooltips are hidden for Faculty boards.
    • Tooltip State numbers are now completely hidden for the 17 Rooms. A note of which can now be found at the bottom of the game boards description notes.
    • The word “Token” has been added to the following Water, Fire, Imp, Troll & Demon token piles for clarity.

    Scythe Update

    • Tooltips hidden for player mats and structural bonus tiles

    Zombicide Update

    • Tooltip states hidden for Character dashboards, main mission selector board and large map tiles in the main component box.

    Simurgh Update

    • Fixed pedestal saying “Wood” instead of “Meat Tokens”.

    DLC Overall Improvements

    • Updated all DLCs to make certain objects not interactable, like the custom floors, backgrounds, tables, etc.
    • If you’d like to do this for your own mods, check out our scripting example here.
    • This is a very simple script that anyone can use to add to their mods to make any object non-interactable.

    TTS Deck Editor

    • The Deck Editor created by Froghut has been added to Windows builds in the modding folder.
    • Once verified it works on other platforms, it will be added to those folders as well.
    • You can download it for yourself here to see if it will work on your system.
    • The Deck Editor is a more enhanced and continually updated version of the old Deck Builder.
    • You can choose different deck sizes other than 10x7.
    • Another nice feature of this editor is the ability to upload exported decks directly to various image hosting sites.
    • If you have any issues or find any bugs, please post them in this thread for Froghut to look into and be sure to offer your gratitude for this great program.

    Touch Support

    • Touch has been added back in.
    • Tutorial is now supported; play to learn the controls.
    • Supports gestures like pinch to zoom, panning, 2 finger panning, etc.
    • You can now swap between touch and mouse smoothly.
    • Not all tools are working yet for touch.

    Saved Camera Improvements

    • Camera states now persist into save files and shared with everyone in the room.
    • Camera states are now no longer globally saved.
    • You can now remove a camera state by saving at it’s already saved position.
    • Camera state 0 will override the space bar position for everyone at the table instead of using the hand location.
    • To set Camera state 0, move where you want your space bar position to be and press Ctrl + 0. This is the new space bar position for all users
    • Camera Load hotkey has been changed to due to State conflicts.
    • Hotkeys: Camera load – “Shift + #” and Camera save – “Ctrl + #”.
    • It’s a great time to update your mods to add camera saves to help people navigate around the table more easily.

    Scripting New Features & Improvements

    • Refactored code to make adding new features easier.
    • Speed improvement.
    • Added promoted, host, admin to the player class.
    • Object added tooltip bool.
    • Object Flip() fixed to function like ingame flip.
    • Object SetSmooth() added two optional bools collision, fast move.
    • Made x, y, z vectors more consistent so you can use numbered index (1,2,3) or letters (x,y,z).
    • Made r,g,b colors more consistent so you can use numbered index (1,2,3) or letters (r,g,b).
    • Added broadcastToAll(), broadcastToColor().
    • Fixed bug in scale().
    • Fixed scale parameter on spawnobject().


    • Lift height and rotation snap degrees are now saved between games (finally!).
    • Joints now survive between State changes.
    • Changing the table while having things in your hand will automatically be moved to the new location on the table.
    • Improved local files check to be more accurate.
    • Improved tutorial wording on certain steps to improve clarity.
    • Improved text readability at 2560x1440 resolution.
    • Hover flipping / rotating should be much more smooth.
    • Improved the landing of stacked objects when hover flipped, so they no longer explode.
    • Push changed from Shift to ‘N’ for Nudge.
    • Reduced flickering of player names on table surfaces.


    • Fixed table player names being wrong when joining late.
    • Fixed issue with the Notebook tabs being duplicated.
    • Fixed issue with “Back is hidden” not working for unique decks.
    • Fixed issue with local files checking the wrong input.
    • Fixed issue with hands facing the same way.
    • Fixed clients being unable to shuffle or shake dice.
    • Fixed custom card losing unique back status when saved and then loaded.
    • Fixed chat enter button not sliding to match chat size.
    • Fixed jointed objects & collision issues
    • Fixed bug where snap points and change color were duplicated up above.
    • Fixed issue with Contextual menu clumping.

    v7.7 (07/08/2016)

    Wizard’s Academy DLC

    • Wizard’s Academy is now available for $7.99 with a 20% launch discount.
    • 1-6 Players | Ages 12 & Up | 60+ Minutes
    • Only the host needs to own all our DLCs.

    Mr. Game! DLC Updated

    • Enlarged board & tiles for game pieces to fit easily on each space.
    • Removed brown & teal seats plus cards/pawns.
    • Rotation snap points added on each space and removed the grid.
    • Thanks to TheRaven81 for these changes.

    Move Under Command

    • You can now place objects under others without moving them.
    • Great for putting cards underneath another or mat.
    • The hotkey for this is “U”.
    • Hover over the object you want to place beneath another and press the U key.

    VR Improvements

    • Added better loading screen so you know when the game is loading custom content.
    • Can now raise floor higher than table surface.
    • Adding sticky points to make it easier to raise the floor to the table surface or return it to the original position.
    • Can now text chat in VR with onscreen buttons.
    • Scaling up and down will keep you in the same place.
    • Hovering over the UI now works.
    • 2D Tooltips now work.
    • Contextual menu now properly works because UI hovering works.
    • 3D Tooltips locked objects now work on locked objects.
    • 3D Tooltips swapped to ngui for color support.
    • 3D Tooltips black outline to make them
    • 3D Tooltips now supports bbcode colors.
    • 3D Tooltips now word wrap.
    • Added a new transparent floor so you can see beneath you.
    • Improved zoom object hiding to be less sensitive (the point of the hiding is so you can’t see the backside of cards/tile).
    • Blindfold now works in VR; Added a UI button next to voice chat.
    • Selection box matches your player color now.
    • When spectator tracked controller properly goes grey.
    • Fixed zooming an object in spectator not working.
    • Deck search not completely functioning but will no longer be unclosable.

    Contextual Menu Improvements

    • You can now turn tooltips on/off per object in the Toggles menu.
    • Added scaling to the contextual menu.
    • You can now press the rotate & scale buttons to continuously use those actions in the Contextual Menu.

    Chat Improvements

    • Added a chat icon button on the bottom left window.
    • You can now click it to bring up the chat window and click the arrow to send the message.
    • This also works in VR.


    • Added an error message when uploading to Steam workshop or hosting in multiplayer with local files.
    • Notecards now hide name and description when flipped over.
    • Replaced “Animal” with “Villain” in the RPG Kit in the Chest.
    • Updated Steam invite friend message (It will also now show as a broadcast message).
    • Credits menu revamped to match the rest of the UI with added DLC & Tools sections.
    • Function hotkeys for Tools are hidden if not using keyboard or touch.
    • Zones are now much brighter and more visible.
    • Improved object raise height when doing hover flip / rotate. (Objects should fly around less)
    • Slightly improved the responsiveness when moving objects as the client.
    • Improved color selection spheres to be more visible.
    • Replace {Unique} tag for back urls to be much more robust.


    • Fixed issue with empty grid axis value causing crashes when lines are visible.
    • Fixed issue where Tablet doesn’t work correctly when scaled.
    • Fixed issue with player name placement being wrong for clients.
    • Fixed issue with Name and Description fields breaking.
    • Fixed issue with ALT Z rewinding time when typing in chat for some keyboards.
    • Fixed issue with clients getting stuck on loading / broken loading when the host rewinds time.
    • Fixed issue with the rotation of hands being messed up and facing the same direction for some users.
    • Fixed objects in infinite bags having snap points in the world.

    v7.6 (06/21/2016)

    Simurgh DLC

    • Simurgh by NSKN Games is now in Tabletop Simulator.
    • The regular price is $6.99 but there is a 30% launch discount for the week.
    • 2-5 players, 14 & up.
    • Like all our DLCs, only the host needs to own the game for everyone else to play.

    Tiny Epic Galaxies Improvements

    • Removed random extra red ship.
    • Resized red ship states since they were smaller than the rest.

    VR Improvements

    • VR players are now semi-transparent to regular players.
    • Tooltips added when hovering over an object just like in the base game.
    • Sharper image and texture quality thanks to 1.25 resolution scale.
    • You can control this resolution scale using /vrresscale # in the game tab. (Be careful with this setting)
    • Updated the tutorial to support VR and added VR specific steps for the transform gizmo (scale, rotate, floor).
    • Make sure to play through the tutorial to learn all of the controls.
    • Lowered the big screen UI to reduce neck strain.
    • You can now shrink much smaller using the transform gizmo.
    • VR tool support for pixel paint, zones, line, flick, and joint (More coming).
    • You can now interact with 3d UI elements like scripts buttons or counters.
    • Improved performance due to a smaller resolution on the spectator view.
    • Fixed objects getting stuck picking up for a hand.
    • Fixed being unable to pick up layered cards like in solitaire.
    • Fixed voice chat not turning off if toggle voice was enabled in the configuration menu.
    • Fixed tooltips appearing when hovering over with the your regular mouse.

    UI Scaling

    • You can now scale the UI 75 – 125% of its normal size.
    • You can do this in the Configuration -> UI menu.
    • This works in both the normal and VR modes.


    • The tutorial will now know what input device you are using Mouse / Controller / VR and adjust the tutorial and prompts to match the device.


    • Fixed very large VR vive indicators on Mac and Linux.
    • Fixed the messed up order of keybinds in the configuration menu.
    • Fixed issue with flipping table clipping and getting stuck in the air.

    v7.5 (06/10/2016)

    VR Transform Gizmo

    • Added a transform gizmo that makes it easy to scale, rotation or lift the floor up and down.
    • Holding down both grip buttons activates the transform gizmo.
    • Using your controllers to gesture the 3 possible interactions.
    • Pinch to zoom gesture will scale the player up and down.
    • Up and down gesture will raise or lower the floor.
    • Rotation gesture will spin the orientation of the player.

    VR Improvements

    • Added a voice chat toggle on the UI.
    • Added VR text input support using the SteamVR overlay.
    • Added a finger markings on the trackpads to see where you are touching them.
    • Added object highlighting support just like in the normal game.
    • You will now automatically teleport to starting position & rotation of the color you choose.
    • Reduced the stuttering during loading of mods.
    • Improved the resolution of the spectator / recording camera to 1080p.
    • Improved resolution of the UI for improved clarity up close.
    • Laser line is now hidden for other players but the tip will still be visible.
    • Laser tip is now colored to match the player’s color.
    • Fixed UI scale being based on resolution of the spectator / recording camera.
    • Fixed VR grabbing through a locked object not working.

    VR Known Issues:

    • None of the tools work yet.
    • 3D UI interactions don’t work yet.
    • Tooltips are not working yet.

    Loading Improvements

    • Improved error handling when failing to load images.
    • Fixed issue with Memory leak sometimes occurring when an image fails to load correctly.
    • Fixed an issue with loading getting stuck on the screen.


    • Fixed crash for clients connecting to host when there is a visible grid.
    • Fixed collider issues with Zombicide.
    • Fixed hand rotation on Zombicide.
    • Added launched command ‘-nointro’ an alternative to ‘-novid’.

    v7.4 (06/03/2016)

    VR HTC Vive Support

    • This support is considered an alpha test, we are getting it out early so we can get feedback as soon as possible.
    • Note: Mods with tons of assets might lag the game enough to make them unplayable with VR, we cannot ensure a smooth experience on mods.
    • All of our content including DLCs should run fine on the recommended VR specs everyone is used to.
    • Not everything is working correctly including (3D UI interactions, Any of the Tools, Tooltips, Highlighting, etc.)
    • Test it out and post all feedback, suggestions and issues on our forums.

    VR Controls:

    • You can picked up objects two ways, either using the laser pointer or picking up like you would in real life.
    • While holding an object you can swap between the two methods (laser or held) by pressing the grip button.
    • If you want a closer look at an object, hover over the object and press the grip button (ALT Zoom).
    • The virtual dpad has 5 actions mapped to it: Flip (Down), Rotate Left (Left), Rotate Right (Right), Raise / Randomize (Up), and Teleport (Center).
    • All dpad actions besides teleport can be used when holding or hovering over an object(s).
    • Teleporting is done by holding down center and then using the trigger to teleport to the destination.
    • Box selection to pick up multiple items can be done by dragging a box using the trigger (Highlighting not yet implemented).
    • The menu button can be used to bring up the escape menu or the contextual menu when hovering over an object.
    • Currently, you’ll have to use a keyboard for any typing (inputting passwords, etc).

    Zombicide DLC

    • Our latest game Zombicide by Cool Mini or Not is now released as DLC.
    • The regular price is $9.99 but there is a 30% launch discount for the week.
    • 1-6 players, 14 & up.
    • Like all our DLCs, only the host needs to own the game for everyone else to play.
    • The “Gizmo-Tron 9000” on the table uses states to add various missions on the mission board to help set up your games. Hover over it for info.

    Superfight DLC

    • Updated Superfight to have a proper theme like all of our other DLCs.
    • 2 extra seats were added to allow up to 10 players.
    • Counters added to the table to keep score easily.
    • Active player markers “Champion” & “Challenger” added to go with the theme.

    Lua Scripting Improvements

    • Added getHandObjects() to Player.
    • Added onObjectPickedUp() event.
    • Added onObjectDropped() event.
    • Fixed issue with Lua interactable not working on clients.

    Workshop Upload/Update Improvements

    • Automatically subscribe to a mod you uploaded and download it right away.
    • Automatically download the update for a mod you just updated.


    • Removed Public Searching as it was very buggy all around. The new private search was meant to replace the old one.
    • Removed physics explosion being possible if moving an object quickly through another, then dropping it.
    • Added an error message if a user tries to use an image larger than 10k.
    • Optimized network traffic for syncing pointer positions.
    • The confirmation dialog now stands out more by darkening the background.


    • Fixed issue with game crashing when pressing the X button (finally!)
    • Fixed issue with ALT Zoom not working for infinite custom objects.

    v7.3 (05/06/2016)

    Mr. Game! DLC

    • Our next DLC Mr. Game! by Game Revenant is now live!
    • Mr. Game! Is on sale for 30% off its first week of release.
    • You can read more about Mr. Game! on the official website.
    • Mr. Game! is a modern take on the classic family “roll-and-move” genre of board games. It’s a race-to-the-finish where the goal is constantly changing, and so are the rules! An innovative tabletop experience where one player wields the power to dramatically alter the game at a moment’s notice. What kind of “Mr. Game” will you be?”

    Locked Physics Mode

    • In the Host -> Options, you have a choice between Full (regular physics), Semi-Lock (reduced physics) and the new Locked (minimal physics) mode.
    • Locked Physics is best for serious games or game building where you don’t want the physics to mess you up.
    • There is no throwing, clumping, lowering, or pushing and objects will always auto raise in Locked mode.

    Global Alert Messages

    • You will now see messages on the top center of your screen when there are any errors.
    • Messages stay for only a couple seconds before fading out.
    • Important messages (updates, server reboots) will be shown in pink with [BROADCAST] next to it in the top center of your screen as well as in global chat.
    • To get [BROADCAST] messages, you need to be opted into Global Chat.
    • You can opt in to Global Chat by opening the Chat settings and making sure the IRC box is checked.

    Stability Improvements

    • Fixed memory leak mostly caused from ALT zooming.
    • Overall crash reduction.
    • Optimized meshes and fixed meshes memory leak.
    • This memory leak could be the reason why some of you had random crashes every so often.

    ALT Zoom Improvements

    • Alt zoom now automatically picks tallest dimension for zoom.
    • Optimized ALT zoom performance.
    • Tall things like figurines, you’ll now see from the front.
    • ALT zoom now works on infinite bags by showing the infinite object.
    • Improved object clipping on screen.

    Transparent Card Support

    • Cards now support transparent images.
    • This will work great for any games that require cards that have some type of transparency.
    • When transparent cards are stacked, only the top card will be shown as transparent, but cards underneath will not show through.

    Lua Scripting Improvements

      • Lua Print now works with any color.
      • Fixed Moving Objects with Multiple Colliders out of a Scripting Zone fires Enter Event and Leave Event.
      • Fixed multiple tabs being selected in Lua editor.
      • Fixed Lua interactable locking the object.
      • Fixed getScale() returning an incorrect value.
      • Fixed yaw and pitch parameters on Player.lookAt().
      • Added Timer class.
      • Added onLoad() as optional alternate spelling for onload() (they both work and do the same thing).
      • Added onSave() event.
      • Added optional parameter to onLoad() for the save string.
      • Added script_state to Object and Global.
      • Added script_code to Global.
      • Deprecated callLuaFunctionInOtherScript(). Use obj/ now. Returns the value returned by the called function.
      • Added onAttack() to RPGFigurine.
      • Added onHit() to RPGFigurine.
      • Added promoted to Player.
      • Added team to Player.
      • Added kick() to Player.
      • Added mute() to Player.
      • Added promote() to Player.
      • Added changeColor() to Player.
      • Added changeTeam() to Player.
      • Added player who clicked the button to button click function parameters.

    For example:

    function click_function(clicked_object, player)
    — body …

    • Updated and new scripting guides can be found in our Knowledge Base.

    Lua Button Improvements

    • Text is less pixelated on buttons.
    • Increased the max size of the text by 2.5 times.
    • Made buttons look more rounded / more like buttons.


    • Added warning message when playing with someone on your block list when you aren’t the host.
    • There’s now less explosion for big objects that re-spawn after falling off the table.
    • PNGs that have no transparency use less memory and gpu usage.
    • Moved the song “On Hold” from the Cinematic category to Children’s (Ha ha).


    • Fixed issue where all items in the Saved Objects menu would overlap into one line.
    • Fixed host ‘Notepad’ permissions, so it now also works on the Notebook.
    • Fixed issue with custom objects falling through the table over and over again when spawning on a grid.
    • Fixed issue with hover flip bugging out for certain objects before grabbing them.
    • Fixed issue when pressing tab in an input field moves the pointer to the center position.
    • Fixed issue with the red spacer in public deck searching.

    v7.2 (04/29/2016)

    Euphoria DLC Update

    • Added a custom background.
    • Added custom table with rotating propellers.
    • Added rulebook (states) on the table.

    Mistfall DLC Update

    • Added a custom background.
    • Fixed spelling/punctuation mistakes in tooltips.
    • Created new rule books/quest guide as states to match the theme.
    • Tablets with rules moved inside the Mistfall game box.

    Custom Tile – Mat

    • In the Custom Tile object, there is a new type called Mat.
    • Check this if you want to create custom Mats with rounded corners.
    • Custom tiles will now scale to match the aspect ratio of the image.

    Cloud Manager Improvements

    • ‘Cloud’ in the top menu has been renamed to Cloud Manager.
    • You can now upload files to cloud within the cloud manager.
    • Menu now shows your cloud space usage.
    • Menu will give a warning when you’re low on space.
    • When you click on a file, it will copy to the clipboard.
    • Fixed escape key not closing the menu.

    Lua Scripting Improvements

    • Added TextTool class to Object.
    • Fixed getTable() and setTable() when using tables of tables.
    • Added next player to onPlayerTurnEnd().
    • Added previous player to onPlayerTurnStart().
    • Added use_grid to Object.
    • Added use_snap_points to Object.
    • Added auto_raise to Object.
    • Added sticky to Object.
    • Added interactable to Object.
    • Deprecated getPlayer().
    • Made Player class a static global class. For example, use Player.Red.seated to see if someone is seated in player Red.
    • Added steam_id to Player.
    • Added JSON static global class.
    • Added lookAt() to Player.
    • Added right Click TextTool to copy GUID to clipboard.
    • Added attachCameraToObject() to Player.
    • Fixed editButton() swapping y and z axes for position/rotation if they are not provided in the parameters.
    • Converted Lua Player class to Global static Player class.
    • Fixed issue with Lua scripting buttons not syncing correctly.
    • Fixed issue with TakeObject from bag with scripting collision.

    Scaling Improvements

    • Scaling steps are now much smaller for more accuracy.
    • The range you can scale objects is much larger.
    • You can now hold down the scaling button (+/-) and it will continuously scale.


    • Greatly optimized physics performance when having a lot of unlocked objects.
    • Optimized stutter causing garbage collection.
    • Optimized physics collision code.


    • Improved the dealing of cards, by having cards automatically go to the right/end of cards in your hand so you will always know the placement.
    • File Browser will now remember the last size and position of the window after closing.
    • Vector lines drawn on objects now hide in hidden areas.
    • Added sales percentages to DLC menu when they go on sale.
    • Reduced physics explosion when multiple objects are trying to snap to the grid.
    • Fixed stretching on the Lua Scripting buttons.


    • Fixed issue with custom tokens duplicating when pressing ALT+right click.
    • FIxed issue with custom backgrounds to fix clipping.
    • Fixed issue with custom object not being highlighted when custom menu is open.
    • Fixed issue with game crashing when lots of jigsaw pieces collide.
    • Fixed issue with Infinite bags floating away into the air with certain objects inside.
    • Fixed custom tile collision issues.
    • Fixed issue with decks taking the name of cards if they both have the same name.

    v7.1 (04/22/2016)

    File Browser

    • You can now easily import files from your computer into your games to create custom content.
    • You can choose from using Steam Cloud to import files or your local files.
    • Use local files for internal testing. (This will not work in multiplayer).
    • The browser lets you create favorites, view your recent folders, create folders and much more!
    • To bring up the file browser just click the folder icon next to any URL input field.

    Steam Cloud

    • You can now use the in-game File Browser to import files to Steam Cloud.
    • This is a great alternative to using external image hosting sites.
    • Use this option when you will be sharing your games for multiplayer use.
    • You can manage files uploaded to the cloud with Menu -> Cloud.
    • From the Cloud menu you can delete files or preview them by clicking on them.
    • There is a 1GB limit on your Steam Cloud.

    Lua Scripting Updates

      • Fixed setTable() not working correctly when called from the Global script.
      • Added default pokerchips’ values to getObject().
      • Changed spawnObject() to no longer snap objects to the grid by default if the grid is turned on. Added optional “snap_to_grid” parameter to allow spawnObject() to snap to the grid if the grid is turned on.
      • Added getNotebookTabs().
      • Added editNotebookTab().
      • Added addNotebookTab().
      • Added removeNotebookTab().
      • Changed takeObject() to accept an array or table for position and rotation.
      • Added clearPixelPaint().
      • Added clearVectorPaint().
      • Added copy().
      • Added paste().
      • Added clone() to Object.
      • Added RPGFigurine Class.
      • Add getLuaScript() to Object.
      • Changed scaleAllAxes() to overload scale().
      • Fixed 3D UI buttons not hiding in hidden zones.
      • Added Lua script_code member variable for Objects.
      • Added auto updating to Lua Atom Plugin Editor.
      • Added getCustomObject() function to Object.
      • Adding script to an object automatically opens it in Atom Editor if Atom is open.
      • Loading a game automatically uploads all the scripts to Atom if Atom is open.
      • All print() functions upload their messages to Atom’s console (ctrl + alt + i).
      • All Lua errors are uploaded to Atom’s console.
      • Added getLuaScript().
      • Changed scaleAllAxes() to scale() overload.
      • Fixed getCustomObject().
      • Fixed issues with Lua Atom Editor plugin.

    Prefer another text editor other Atom? Take look at our External Editor API to make your own plugin.

    Joint Improvements

    • Joint menu will now be initialized with the value of the current joint.
    • The object that it is jointed to is now highlighted in a dark pink.
    • This should allow you to figure out how people have created their joints, making it easier to understand and create on your own.

    Tiny Epic Kingdoms DLC

    • Fixed base game territories to their proper images.
    • Added standing/laying down states to Meeples.
    • Added Hidden Zones at each seat for dice rolls.


    • Lua Buttons are no longer visible in Hidden Zones.
    • You can no longer activate the UI by clicking the MMB.
    • More optimizations to reduce stutters.


    • Fixed issue with MMB toggle zoom being activated instead of flip when bag search is open.
    • Fixed issue with Infinite object preview being massive.
    • Fixed issue with the chest saved objects drop down menu trashcan showing and disappearing after hover.
    • Fixed issue with late joining player loading on tablet.
    • Fixed blocky fonts on Mac.
    • Fixed issue with Teal and brown names not showing up on table surface.
    • Fixed lift height issues with jointed objects.
    • Fixed issue with cloud syncing on Mac and Linux not working.
    • Fixed issue with Tablet not working on Mac.
    • Fixed issue with search bags with custom objects.
    • Fixed camera floating away on certain saves.
    • Fixed box selection not working on certain saves.
    • Fixed adding object to search menu would flicker and not work.
    • Fixed being able to adding an object to itself with search.
    • Fixed pointers not hiding in hidden areas.
    • Fixed background in the RARRR!! DLC.
    • Fixed issue with sliding cards under bottom of decks not working with smaller deck sizes.
    • Fixed Semi-Lock not working.
    • Fixed certain sounds being 3D positional when they shouldn’t.
    • Fixed infinite bag objects not being properly scaled down.
    • Fixed issue with objects casting shadows with holes.
    • Fixed flipping object with middle mouse in search menu.
    • Fixed trash cans showing up incorrectly in saved objects.
    • Fixed issue with custom material not assigning correctly.
    • Fixed issue changing texture on duplicated object change it for clones.

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