Latest Version: Release v10.3

Tabletop Simulator Patch Notes

v10.3 (02/08/2018)

DLC – Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach

  • Now available for $7.99 with a 20% launch discount.
  • 1-4 Players | Ages 13 & Up.
  • Approximately 60-120 minutes.
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone to play.

Discord Integration

  • You can now click on a user in Discord and see what game they are playing within TTS.
  • You can see when players are hosting a game, the number of seats available and their color.
  • You can also see how long that particular session has been going as well as if they are in singleplayer or multiplayer.

DLC Battle For Souls Update

  • Fixed bouncing rulebook when changing states.
  • Added info to the Notebook.
  • Made background objects non-interactable.

Scripting Improvements

  • Added custom deck setCustomObject() and getCustomObject() support.
  • Fixed takeObject() collision issue with concave colliders.
  • Fixed sync input fields on late joining people.
  • Fixed null reference with Player.getSelectedObjects().
  • getCustomObject() will return a list of these keys because it could be multiple decks combined:
  • string face, bool unique_back, string back, int width, int height, int number, bool sideways, bool back_is_hidden

Chat Improvements

  • Added a ‘System’ tab console (icon is a tilde ~).
  • This gives better user experience with errors and reports for players.

Hotkey Improvements

  • Added hotkeys to toggle UI elements on and off:

    ctrl-f1: Tools
    ctrl-f2: Top Menu
    ctrl-f3: Players
    ctrl-f4: Notepad
    ctrl-f5: Chat


  • You can now modify custom decks with by reopening the custom menu
  • Enter key now works in password dialog.
  • Duplicate errors logged to any chat tab now collate, rather than spamming the chat box.


  • Fixed issue with Text editor text invisible when it has too many characters.
  • Fixed bug with 3d pointer sometimes not showing up onscreen hands.
  • Fixed DLC custom assetbundle textures not getting converted correctly by making the secondary bundle load first.
  • Fix chat settings and host server UI overlap.
  • Fixed chat yellow indicator disappearing for all tabs when changing tabs.
  • Fixed global chat history being lost when exiting to main menu.

v10.2 (12/19/2017)

DLC – Tiny Epic Quest

  • Tiny Epic Quest now available for $6.99 with a 20% discount.
  • Includes ITEMeeples where you can easily attach the weapons to the meeples.
  • Scripted elements for your convenience and enjoyment.
  • Choose your color and press the game modes you want and start game.
  • Read the Notebook for additional info.

Scripting Improvements

    External Editor:

  • ASCII to UTF8, atom will work with all languages now
  • Save file path added sent to external editor
  • Added sendExternalMessage(Table) and event onExternalMessage(Table)
  • Added remote script execution from external editor
  • Scripting:

  • Added Playercolor.getHoverObject()
  • Added static WebRequest class
  • Global script now has self, which is just the same thing as Global
  • takeObject() now default smooth moves objects unless you supply smooth = false
  • added sound property to spawnObject() to disable spawn sound
  • Global Class WebRequest:

  • Get(string url, Object owner, string function)
  • Post(string url, Table form, Object owner, string function)
  • Put(string url, string data, Object owner, string function)
  • Callback function has property with keys string url, bool is_done, float download_progress, float upload_progress, bool is_error, string error, string text.


  • Spawn dropdown added to spawn an object in its exact saved spot.
  • This is great when trying to spawn a compound object.
  • Fixed issue with one of the colliders in the Indonesia DLC.


  • Fixed custom assetbundles not loading in cloud manager.
  • Fixed issue with custom objects starting with 2 dummy objects.

v10.0 (11/17/2017)

Networking Overhaul

  • Networking has moved over to Steam.
  • Reduced overall networking traffic.
  • Alleviates host desync issues.
  • Reduces stutters and FPS loss when hosting.
  • Optimized cpu usage for networking.
  • Better game security against hackers.
  • People that had problems with server browser before should now work for everyone.

DLC – Viticulture Expansions: Tuscany & Moor Visitors

  • The Tuscany & Moor Visitors expansions to Viticulture has been added as a free update!
  • You can now have even more fun with these two anticipated expansions.
  • Minor update to the DLC itself and additional tables.
  • Scripting has been added for your convenience.

UI Improvements

  • Updated the main menu to match the rest of the UI and simplicity.
  • The Join button takes you directly to the server browser.
  • The Create button gives you the option for Singleplayer, Multiplayer and Hotseat.
  • The Host Options has been separated into the Game, Server and Permissions menus.
  • The Game menu let’s you change the game and gravity for that session.
  • The Server menu let’s you change the name of the server, password and max players in real time.
  • The Permissions menu leaves us options to add in more permissions.
  • Separated the Tablet from Digital to be its own permission.
  • The Physics option has been moved to the Configuration menu as it is global.
  • The Server browser no longer has tabs. Use the friend check box to find servers with just your friends.

DLC – The Great Dinosaur Rush Improvements

  • Locked down the green bone tray and the token bag.
  • Fixed issue where some pieces are locked in place when starting the game.


  • Updated to Unity 5.6.4 which fixes some bugs.
  • Updated the voice chat to fix some extra bugs.


  • Fixed issue with spamming click while initial loading breaks it.
  • Fixed issue with scripting objects teleporting not syncing correctly.
  • Fixed issue with Go bowl’s pieces not going in.
  • Fixed issue with Linux typing random characters.
  • Fixed issue with Linux fullscreen not working.

v9.9 (09/29/2017)

Network Commands

  • /networktickrate 20-120 (default 60) – this is how often the network will transmit data each second.
  • /networkpackets 1-5 (default 2) – how many packets per tick to send out. Higher values make it so more objects can be synchronized each tick. (Host only command)
  • /networkinterpolate 0-5 (default 1.1) – the amount of time for interpolation, increasing this value increases smoothness but also increases input lag for the clients. (Client only command)
  • /networkquality 0-2 (0=high, 1=medium, 2=low) – changes the overall quality presets.
  • If you are having networking issue try:

  • /networkquality 2
  • This will require 4 times less bandwidth than the default.
  • Restarting the game will reset these commands to default.

Onscreen Hands

  • New feature onscreen hands that allow you to see and manipulate your hand from any location.
  • The onscreen hand functions just like it does normally.
  • Everything you do in your onscreen hand will be shown in your regular hand, so other players will still know what you’re doing.
  • This allows you to view your camera in any direction or zoomed in, yet still see your hands.
  • Objects can also go in your onscreen hand.
  • Mousing over an object in your hand will show you the full view of the object.
  • When you pull cards & objects into your onscreen hand, you will see a line indicator so you know it is there and the max size it can be.
  • If you want a larger onscreen hand, you will need to extend the size of your regular hand zone.
  • Cards will scale based on the size of the hand zone.
  • You can toggle the onscreen hand by pressing H.

Network Indicators

  • Added new network icon indicators so you can tell what is happening with the host or client.
  • Hover over the icons for more detailed info.
  • The icons will show for each person, to show what your connection is to a particular person.
  • Connecting – This shows when you are connecting to this player.
  • Connected – This shows when you are connected to this player through Steam’s relay servers. Performance is not optimal.
  • Open the following ports if you are still having connection/network issues:
  • UDP 3478 (Outbound)
    UDP 4379 (Outbound)
    UDP 4380 (Outbound)

  • Not Connected – This shows when you are disconnected from this player.

DLC – Darkest Night Improvements

  • Updated tokens that needed to have the proper green & gold backs.
  • Updated token rotations.
  • Some tooltips have been updated.
  • Some snap points have been adjusted.
  • Added camera states for quick views.

UI Improvements

  • Updated all custom content menus to match rest of UI.
  • Updated chat settings to match rest of UI.
  • Updated icons next to names to have outlines for better readability.

Scripting Improvements

  • createInput()/editInput() added int tab (None = 1, Select Next = 2, Indent = 3)
  • inputs now default to tab select next.


  • Fixed issue pressing A with a controller resetting pointer position.
  • Fixed issue with scripted movement of an object not always syncing to clients.

v9.8 (09/14/2017)

DLC – Darkest Night

  • Darkest Night has gotten a complete overhaul with a brand new look!
  • We have also added expansions #2-5 for free as part of this update. (#1 was already included)
  • Read the notes in the Notebook for additional info.
  • As this DLC was updated, please note that any existing save files will no longer work.

Networking Rewrite

  • Reduced bandwidth usage for moving objects by around 300%.
  • Upped tick rate to 60Hz from 30Hz.
  • Greatly reduced the input lag of moving objects around for clients with better interpolation, tick rates, and unreliable packet.
  • Less chance of the network getting backed causing everything to be massively delayed forcing a reconnect.
  • Added a smart system to dial back the send rate on objects when having to synchronize hundreds of objects per second.
  • Host no longer has to network sync other players pointer that info is now directly communicated between each player saving bandwidth.
  • Overall players should be able to host more with less connection issue with these improvements.[/list]

Voice Chat Improvements

  • Hopefully fixed up the last of the P2P errors.
  • Dynamic quality adjustments based on packet loss.

  • Improved voice quality slightly with newer Opus version.

Configuration Menu & UI Improvements

  • Updated Configuration menu to add in a Sound tab.
  • You can now adjust various volumes and choose your microphone from this menu.
  • The Game tab has been updated with some additional options like Look Speed, Invert, Field of View and Movement Speed.
  • The Pointers have been moved to the Interface tab.
  • Updated all sliders and scrollbars.

Scripting Improvements

  • Improved 3d UI Interactions.
  • Fixed editInput() bugs.
  • Fixed scripting zone bug with cameras

DLC – The Great Dinosaur Rush

  • New Model and image for the board to fix misprint.
  • New tracker cube Assetbundles.
  • The player mats have been moved down closer to the Hand Zone.
  • The hidden zones are a lot bigger now, about 2x as big, and moved above the player mats.
  • Bones and Notoriety Tokens are smaller so they all fit into the hexes on the board now.
  • “Start Game” script has been modified to adjust to board and other changes.
  • Fixed green hidden zone so it’s no longer reversed.

3D UI Interaction Improvements

  • Backside of 3d UI is no longer interactable.
  • Can now pick up object on top of 3d UI.


  • Optimized hand performance with lots of objects.


  • Fixed issue with Steam Authentication Failed messages.

v9.7.3 (08/28/2017)

Voice Chat Commands

  • /mics (will return a list of available mics with a number.)
  • /setmic # (to assign your new mic as default.)
  • This will be moved into the configuration menu in the future.

Other Additions

  • Scripting inputs now support BBCode.
  • Fixed movement/jitter with scripting 3d ui.
  • Fixed auto save not occurring during a table flip.
  • Fixed steam authentication issues when reconnecting to server.

Linux Troubleshooting

  • If you are having problems talking to others players make sure your GLIBCXX_3.4.20 is on this version. This might change in the future.

v9.7 (08/25/2017)

NEW DLC – The Great Dinosaur Rush

  • Now available for $6.99 with a 15% launch discount!2-5 players, ages 10 & up.
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone else to play.
  • Click OPEN on the bottom right of the rulebook to open it.
  • Press the bottom left and right corners of pages to turn them.

Voice Chat Revamp

  • We are now using Steam Voice Chat and p2p.
  • Better quality and less bandwidth used.
  • No strain on the host’s bandwidth with true p2p.
  • Client players can mute other players. Host will mute/unmute for everyone.
  • Volume input/output can be controlled in the Steam voice chat settings as shown above.
  • You might hear a few pops here and there, so we’re still working out the kinks.
  • Please leave us any feedback you encounter with the new voice chat. Thanks!

Scripting Improvements


  • Updated getHandObjects(int index = 1).
  • Events:

  • onChat(string message, Player).
  • Added onUpdate() deprecated update().
  • Added onFixedUpdate() deprecated fixedUpdate().
  • Object:

  • setValue() and getValue() works with hidden zones now.
  • putObject() works with infinite bags.
  • UI:

  • Added tooltip variable to createButton().
  • Added createInput(), getInputs(), editInput(), removeInput(), clearInputs().
  • Improvements:

  • Optimized lua events calls if not being used.
  • Save and play doesn’t update thumbnail.
  • Improved the global starter script.

Steam Improvements

  • Added better error handling for Steam api calls.
  • More verbose Workshop uploading and updating in chat.
  • Fixed a potential achievement issue losing progress.

Camera Mouse Control Improvements

  • Frame rate independent (No more slow down or speed up based on FPS).
  • No smoothing and more responsive.


  • Character Sheets can now be created with scripting createInput()
  • You can now change colors in Hotseat mode.
  • Increased camera render distance by double for large games.
  • Auto save will no longer clutter chat
  • Cloud Manager will now automatically preview .obj and assetbundle files.
  • Reduced the input lag of moving objects around for clients.
  • Improved colliders on deal color wheel.
  • D6 now has consistent dot orientation to match the rest.
  • Improved lighting for UI 3D objects in menus.


  • Scripting menu is now properly disabled for promoted players.
  • Fixed double enter on text tool.
  • Fixed decals not being uploaded to cloud with the upload all button.
  • Fixed issue with expanding a save or mod after searching causing it to go back to the Games menu.
  • Fixed issue with being able to exploit names on player list.
  • Fixed issue with name getting stuck on the table & UI when disconnecting.
  • Fixed issue with player names containing “:” messing up name coloring in chat.
  • Fixed sideways piecepack dice rotation values.
  • Fixed d4s rolling behavior.
  • Fixed UI layering order with 3D objects so they don’t have to be disabled anymore.

v9.6 (08/04/2017)

DLC – The Red Dragon Inn: Battle For Greyport

  • Battle For Greyport by SlugFest Games is now available in TTS.
  • Priced at $7.99 with a 20% launch discount.
  • 2-5 players, 12 & up.
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone else to play.
  • To use the scripted rulebook scroll, just click the NEXT and BACK text.
  • You need a minimum of 2 players, but if you want to check out the scripted functions in single player, once you choose your character, change seats to choose another character and then click confirm.

Hand Improvements

  • Hands can now work with any object if enabled in the toggles menu.
  • Deal and draw works on individual objects like a singular card.
  • You can now deal and draw from bags, infinite bags, and stacks.
  • Works with arbitrary rotation and sideways cards.
  • Improved spacing with hands to work better and on dynamic sized objects.
  • Improved hands reacting to manipulation with the gizmo tools better.
  • Optimized performance of hands.
  • Improved lift height when grabbing something from a hand.
  • Fixed issue when dealing / drawing that the wrong hand could grab the object.
  • Fixed clipping issues when flipping / rotating cards in your hand.
  • Fixed object stacking together when they were in a hand.

Set Rotation Value on Object Tooltip

  • This allows you many options like custom dice tooltips or custom tiles with different tooltips depending on what side its laying on.
  • Number or name values are both allowed.
  • You can mouse over any object with rotation values and press a number to make it change to that. Or use the contextual menu and Rotation Value to the number.
  • It will try to add up totals on the same objects just like the built in dice do.

Scripting Improvements


  • Added bool use_hands
  • Added deal(int number, string color = “Seated”, int index = 1)
  • Added setRotationValues(Table), getRotationValues()
  • Player:

  • Added getHandCount()
  • Updated getHandTransform(int index = 1)
  • Updated setHandTransform(Transform, int index = 1)

Three Kingdoms Redux DLC Improvements

  • Adjusted the initial number of dealt cards.
  • Fixed issue with the deck labels for the Generals.
  • Fixed scripting issue with cards being dealt sideways.

Khronos Hunter DLC Improvements

  • Three marked spaces have been added with snap-points.
  • An extra rescaled version of the square-marker bag has been added to each player area so level-ups can be marked on these extra cards.
  • The mana-coin bags in each player area have been moved to make room for these spaces.

UI Improvements

  • You can now use BB Code colors on black text. Ex, works in Notebook now.
  • Black text is more readable in chat.
  • Fixed being able to move a file / folder to the same location it already is at.


  • First loading scene is now async and has a spinning loading wheel.
  • Optimized CPU usage with lots of objects by 10-20% reduction.
  • Uncapped FPS will no longer cap to 144 but unlimited.
  • Quarter now has heads or tails tooltip.


  • Fixed auto raise so that you can’t pick up an object over and over again to make it fly upwards.
  • Fixed issue with Sticky toggle not working properly on bowls.
  • Fixed flickering with 2D pointer when using tools.

v9.5 (07/20/2017)

DLC – Three Kingdoms Redux

  • Three Kingdoms Redux by [url=]Starting Player[/url] is now live.
  • Now available for $7.99 with a 20% launch discount!
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone else to play.
  • This game is for 3 players only.
  • To begin, follow the instructions on screen or open up the notebook when the on screen notes disappear.
  • Make sure to hover and read tool tips as some things have specific instructions that need to be followed.
  • High quality and detailed with a lot of scripted elements to play around with.

Unity 5.6.2 Update

  • Improved CPU Multi-threaded rendering (up to 50% performance increase when there are lots of objects).
  • Improved physics calculations at high speed.
  • Greatly improved camera collision code to reduce jitter and clipping. (This will also stop cheating by trying to clip under the table to look at cards)
  • Chat colors have changed due to the update (are a bit darker).
  • Custom AssetBundle project has been updated to the new Unity version as well.
  • TTSAssetBundleEffects adds animator support.
  • Assetbundles with custom shaders might be pink (Either don’t use custom shaders or re-export your Assetbundles with the updated project).

VR Improvements

  • Added support for Oculus Touch.
  • VR performance improvement up to 30% faster.
  • Controllers now animate to match your controller in real life.
  • You can toggle UI mode to have a floating UI that can be dragged into position.
  • Alt Zoom works a lot better now on everything.
  • Hover tooltip text now works with description.
  • Fixed resizing game view breaking the UI interaction.

Scripting Improvements


  • onObjectTriggerEffect(Object, int index)
  • onObjectLoopingEffect(Object, int index)
  • onObjectRandomize(Object, string player_color)
  • Player.getSelectedObjects()
  • Player.getHoldingObjects()
  • Physics.cast():

  • Added bool debug to cast() to visualize the cast.
  • Fixed size parameter in cast() being double in size than it should all script must be updated.
  • Increased the number of hits from 100 possible to 1000.

Lighting Improvements

  • LUTs (look-up textures) have been added to the lighting menu.
  • This gives you a wider variety of lighting and color choices from one extreme to the other.
  • You can choose from over 100 different LUTs or import your own (256x16).
  • You can read more about LUTs here.

Cloud Improvements

  • Added “Upload all loaded files” button on the Cloud menu.
  • This takes all the files in the mod and uploads them directly to your Steam Cloud.
  • This is useful when a mod has a broken file and there’s no other way to fix it.
  • This is also great for transferring your local files automatically to the Cloud when you’re ready to play your game in multiplayer.
  • Custom files must be cached to your disk in order to work, so make sure to search any bags to force a cache.
  • Keep in mind that it will upload ALL files to the Cloud. There’s no way to pick and choose individual files.

UI Improvements

  • Tooltip text is now aligned left instead of center.
  • All menus in the Options folder, as well as the Workshop Upload menu have been slightly updated to match.
  • Updated Teams menu.

DLC Improvements

  • Scythe – Updated lighting for better presentation.
  • Warfighter – Updated lighting for better presentation.
  • Warfighter – Fixed issue with tokens not turned the correct way.
  • Updated Tiny Epic Western and In the Name of Odin DLCs so there are no longer any pink elements for Mac & Linux users.

General Improvements

  • Added support for 5 teams – welcome, Team Jokers!
  • Replaced tablet with a new one that is thinner with smaller bezels.


  • Fixed assetbundle name conflict when reloading an object.

v9.4 (06/23/2017)

DLC – Cavern Tavern

  • Created by Final Frontier Games.
  • Now available for $7.99 with a 20% launch discount!
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone else to play.
  • Can be played solo or with up to 6 players.
  • If playing solo, just press the Start button for auto setup and follow the instructions on page 18 of the rulebook.
  • For multiplayer, each player must select a character first, then press start for the automated setup.

Turns Improvements

  • Updated the menu to match the rest of the UI.
  • You can now create custom turn orders.
  • You can now Disable Interactions for players when it’s not their turn.
  • Moved end turn button higher up, so it doesn’t block broadcast messages.
  • Pass turns from the player names (if box is checked).
  • Player names are ordered the same way as turn order on the top right.
  • You can change the turn order by moving the color circles in the menu after choosing Custom.

Scripting Improvements

  • Documentation on github:
  • Feel free to make pull requests to improve the documentation.
  • Cast now returns the table as a hit object.
  • Player class:
  • Added getSpectators()

  • BBCode now works on creatButton().
  • Fixed getBoundsNormalized() center being wrong.

UI Improvements

  • SAVE & EXIT removed from Grid, Lighting & Hands Menus as it will now automatically save each setting.
  • Updated Hands menu to match the rest of the UI.
  • Reset button added to Grid, Lighting & Hands menu.
  • Smooshed thumbnail images instead of cutting them off in the Games Menu.
  • Lots of miscellaneous improvements throughout.


  • Improved player contextual options to match what is available.
  • Alt Zoom doesn’t clip super wide objects offscreen.


  • Fixed issue with not being able to see Rotation Snap points when placed.
  • Fixed issue with custom infinite bags spawning objects with the wrong rotation.

v9.3 (06/09/2017)

DLC – Abraca…What?

  • Designed by GARYKIMGAMES and published by Korea Boardgames.
  • Now available with a 15% launch discount!
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone else to play.
  • The dealing of spellstones is automated through the clicking of the relevant spell scroll, as is temporary blindfolding when taking a secret spellstone.
  • The health tokens can also be added/removed by buttons, and will be refilled at the start of every new round.
  • This is a game where you aren’t supposed to see your own pieces. To prevent pieces from getting knocked out of your hidden zones, the host should set the physics to either semi-lock or locked.

Lighting Menu

  • You can now adjust the lighting by going to Options -> Lighting.
  • You can adjust the intensity of the light shining from above.
  • The color of the light shining from above can be changed with the color picker.
  • Choose between ambient light from the default backgrounds or gradient with 3 colors.
  • Choose how strong you want reflections on shiny objects to be.
  • You can load lighting from a save file by expanding it.
  • You can read all about Lighting in our Knowledge Base.

Scripting Improvements

  • Documentation:
  • Added type Color and Vector to documentation to cleanup all duplicate documentation.

  • Event:
  • fixedUpdate()

  • Player:
  • Transform getHandTransform()
    bool setHandTransform(Transform)

  • Object:
  • BoundsTable getBounds()
    BoundsTable getBoundsNormalized()
    Vector(Direction) getTransformForward()
    Vector(Direction) getTransformRight()
    Vector(Direction) getTransformUp()
    Vector positionToLocal(Vector)
    Vector positionToWorld(Vector)
    onScriptingButtonDown(int index, string player_color)
    onScriptingButtonUp(int index, string player_color)

  • Bounds Table:
  • Vector center
    Vector size
    Vector offset (transform offset from bounds)

  • New Class Lighting:
  • float light_intensity
    Table getLightColor()
    float ambient_intensity
    int ambient_type
    Color getAmbientSkyColor()
    Color getAmbientEquatorColor()
    Color getAmbientGroundColor()
    float reflection_intensity

  • New Class Physics:
  • HitTable cast(Table Cast)
    Vector getGravity()

  • Cast Table:
  • Vector origin
    Vector direction
    Vector size (Box and Sphere)
    Vector orientation (Only Box)
    float max_distance
    int type (1 Ray, 2 Sphere, 3 Box)

  • Hit Table:
  • Vector point
    Vector normal
    float distance
    Object hit_object

  • Fixed:
  • Improved erroring when trying to Json.Encode() a table with string and number keys.
    Editing a button not changing its color.

Cloud Manager Improvements

  • Revamped cloud manager menu to match the rest of the UI.
  • You can now see previews of your cloud images.
  • To see previews of the OBJ files, click the triple dot icon and choose “preview”.
  • Clicking on the file will copy the URL to the clipboard.

Blocked Menu Improvements

  • Updated the block menu to match rest of the UI.
  • Added ability to block people manually with a name and steam id.
  • You can find the Steam ID in Steam by going to View -> Players -> Recent.

UI Improvements

  • Scrolling the games menu with your middle mouse now properly scrolls on the background/dot icon not just on the buttons.
  • Fixed misc blurry parts of the UI.
  • Fixed some click colliders to be more accurate.
  • Fixed some UI glitches on high resolution screens.
  • Fixed jittering when removing blindfold.
  • DPI works in non auto scaling mode.
  • Added help and knowledge base articles to missing menus, as well as updating old ones.


  • Chip stack alt zoom will always look down from the top.
  • Saved object will no longer be automatically unlocked when spawned.
  • Moving objects around should feel much more smooth.
  • Grouping cards while holding them will now hold the deck created from that grouping.
  • DLC – Indonesia: Set the point tokens to not be sticky for easier player movement.
  • Fixed table & objects disappearing when using gizmo tool & top down camera.


  • Fixed AssetBundles or obj files in bags having colliders.
  • Fixed Rotation in bags being bugged.
  • Fixed assetbundles that are loaded in hidden zones not being hidden.
  • Fixed issue with Hand Zone creating card copies when grouping them.
  • Fixed Custom Token collider issues.
  • Fixed issue with clients getting stuck loading when rewinding.

v9.2 (05/18/2017)

DLC – Khronos Hunter

  • Khronos Hunter by Sorisuto is now available with a 15% launch discount!
  • Designed by Hiroyuki Okinoi, this game is published in a Japanese / English edition.
  • Scorecard is scripted and coin values are automatically calculated.
  • Notification banner that you are close to winning if you reach 100 points.

Grid Improvements

  • The grid now projects onto the surface on objects instead of being static (Great for uneven terrain)
  • Grid projection needs to be turned on via toggles for individual objects, but will always project onto the tables.
  • Updated the grid ui to include a lot more options and improved visual look.
  • In addition to the old horizontal hex grid, you now can use a vertical hex grid.
  • You can now change the color & opacity of the grid.
  • You can now choose between a thin or thick grid line.
  • Line snapping has been added to the hex grid.
  • Fixed hex snapping issue with offsets.
  • Fixed box snapping issue when dropping object in same spot.

New 2D Pointers

  • Added new 2D pointers for the Gizmo, Snap Points, Decals, Vector Paint, & Zones.
  • Updated 2D pointers for Joints and Rulers.
  • Removed the mini fog icon when in the Zones mode since there is a new pointer (2D pointer only).
  • You can now differentiate between the Vector Paint and the Pixel Paint tools.
  • We plan on updating the 3D pointers as well in the near future.

Infinite Bag Improvements

  • Custom Infinite Bags will no longer load the infinite object into memory.
  • Reduced network bandwidth of infinite objects.
  • Fixed issue with infinite object positioned in the wrong spot for clients

Decals Improvements

  • Added ‘delete all’ to Decals.
  • Fixed issue with decals on infinite objects breaking.
  • Fixed decals not hiding in the hand.

Scripting Improvements

  • Timers are much more optimized.
  • Added color and font_color to ui buttons.
  • Added alpha to color table values accessed with either “a” or 4 entry.
  • Added grid_projection object member variable.
  • Fixed issue with timer not cleaning up correctly and other bugs.

Chat Improvements

  • Increased history log of chat window to 400 messages.
  • Eliminated lag when changing tabs that have lots of chat entries.

Updated JSON Reader

  • Faster.
  • Less bugs.
  • Less memory issues.

Revamped Company Video at Launch

  • This change should prevent those who would sometimes crash at launch with the old intro video.
  • Less annoying sound and more minimal fade in and out.


  • Made it easier to update your workshop mods by adding an easy way to get your ID in the Update Workshop section.
  • Mousing over 3D buttons will not show an icon like it does for bags, Assetbundles, etc.
  • Reduced stuttering caused by Gizmo tool.
  • Added DirectX11 launch option (beta).
  • Updated Warfighter so that the tokens in the two boxes are now facing the player names.


  • Fixed skip empty hand in Turns.
  • Fixed bb code name exploit.
  • Fixed issue when saving a hidden object, it would reveal its name in the input field.

v9.1 (04/27/2017)

DLC – In the Name of Odin

  • Now live on Steam with a 20% launch discount!
  • Decks automatically shuffle when loaded.
  • Press the button to randomly select the viking token markers.
  • 2-5 Players | Ages 13 & Up.
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone to play.

New Feature – Decals

  • You can now place decals on any object.
  • Access the Decal tool in the side menu.
  • Decals are saved per game.
  • When a save is loaded, everyone will have access to the decals in that save.
  • Click the plus sign to create new decals.
  • The decal you select with have a “Selected” text on it.
  • You will see a ghost of your decal so you know how it will look when you place it down.
  • The placement will be affected by your camera position.
  • Decals will stick to cards and can be shuffled in the deck.
  • Decals can be placed on any surface, vertical, horizontal and angled.
  • Click a decal to delete it.
  • You can rotate decals by using Q and E.
  • You can scale decals with the + and – keys.
  • When ALT Zooming, you’ll be able to see the decal on the object.
  • To disable decals in permissions, it is under the Paint section (just for now).


  • Added new launch commands to help debug issues and figure out what’s going on.
  • If you are having any type of crashing or problem with something, then using these launch options will help us track down issues that we cannot reproduce on our own.
  • Input these in Properties, General and click the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS button.
  • You can input multiple launch options by putting a space in between them. Remove the quotes before entering them in.
  • “-nothreading” – Disables loading system in the backload.
  • “-nosteam” – Disables all the steamworks related stuff.
  • “-notablet” – Disables the tablet.
  • “-nosubscription” – Stops steam from checking your workshop subscription.


  • Added an empty table option called None so you can place your own custom tables (or anything) in its place.
  • Scaling object will scale all of its states as well.
  • Updated link in the Notebook for Scythe DLC to ensure the latest rules are available.
  • Optimized C# calls to Lua that don’t have parameters.


  • Fixed crashing issue with tablet (if still occurs, use -notablet launch option for now).
  • Fixed issue with Steam avatar portraits being mirrored.

v9.0 (04/14/2017)

New DLC Indonesia

  • Indonesia by Splotter Spellen is now available on Steam for $6.99 with a 10% discount!
  • Once players are seated, pressing the “Shuffle First Turn” animated button will randomly select a player order and place colored tokens onto the board.
  • Decks will be shuffled.
  • The button will then switch to allowing you to raise or lower hidden zones over the player mats, to suit player preference.

64-bit Support

  • 64-bit support added for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Window 32-bit will still exist, while Mac and Linux will be 64-bit only.
  • Better game stability due to being to able to use all system RAM.
  • Create larger and more detailed mods due to the ~3 gb limit being removed.
  • Faster loading time for mods with larger images.
  • Less stutters when loading images.

Unity Engine Upgrade to 5.3.8

  • Overall improved fps.
  • Better game stability due to fixes on Unity’s end.
  • Fixed https ssl loading issue for Mac and Linux.
  • Host of other small improvement and fixes.

New Tablet Browser

  • Migrated from Awesomium to Embedded Browser.
  • More update to date browser will cause less issue loading websites.
  • Perform better compared to the old implementation.
  • 64-bit support.

New Steamworks Wrapper

  • Migrated from Ludosity to
  • More update-to-date feature set.
  • Ability to add new Steam related features in the future.
  • Better Steam related stability.
  • 64-bit support.


  • Fixed searching a deck and cards weren’t being scaled correctly to match the deck.
  • Fixed scrolling or opening a folder the triple dots wouldn’t appear on menu buttons.

v8.9 (03/24/2017)

New DLC – Xia: Legends of a Drift System

  • Xia by Far Out Games is now available on Steam for $7.99 with a 20% discount!
  • This is for the base game only – the expansion is not included.
  • High quality and detailed with a lot of scripted elements.
  • Auto-shuffle of decks.
  • Color protection so only the Game Master or the seated player can operate their own buttons.
  • Drawers that open and close and contain bags of items.
  • Trash chute that, when you close it, deletes the contents.
  • Scroll through your ship/npc/ability cards.
  • Triggering animation and highlighting when a victory is achieved.
  • Xia is for 3-5 players, ages 12 and up.
  • Only the host needs to own this DLC.

Updated DLC – Cosmic Encounter Expansion #5 – Cosmic Dominion

  • Cosmic Dominion has finally been released in Tabletop Simulator!
  • Now available for $2.99 on the Cosmic Encounter store page.
  • 30 new aliens – Thirty new aliens blast their way in!
  • 32 Reward Cards – Brand new deck!
  • 30 Flare Cards – Wacky new powers and flares.
  • 8 Ship Markers – New ship markers to create your own variants.
  • Cosmic Encounter is required to play Cosmic Dominion.
  • Only the host needs to own Cosmic Encounter and its expansions.

DLC – Warfighter Improvements

  • Reset card with the sideways setting back to normal.
  • Removed the Infinite Bag type from the Warfighter main rulebook cover.
  • Main board is now locked in place.
  • Returned XP and SUPP tokens to their original Chip setting.
  • Tooltip added to the Designator Board to aid clarity.
  • Warfighter includes expansions #1-9.

Workshop, Saves and Saved Objects Improvements

  • Improved name sorting of folders in saves, workshop, and saved objects.
  • Preview games menu now includes save/workshop files that are in folders.
  • When searching in Workshop, Saves, and Saved Objects it will search all files in your folder or below.

Steam Cloud Improvements

  • Major increase from 1 gig to 100 gigs in the Steam Cloud.
  • This should fix issues people had when they reached the 1gig limit.
  • 1,000 file limit to 10,000 file limit.
  • No need to use external web hosts if you don’t want to.
  • Steam Cloud now syncs thumbnail images.

Gizmo Improvements

  • The Gizmo Tool now works for Promoted Players.
  • When an object is selected with the gizmo tool it will also be highlighted by the player’s color.
  • Gizmo Tool swapped hotkey with Snap Points to now be F9.

Mac & Linux Improvements

  • Fixed Tabletop Simulator documents location for Mac and Linux.
  • Should automatically move files.
  • Mac: ~/My Games/Tabletop Simulator to ~/Library/Tabletop Simulator
  • Linux: ~/My Games/Tabletop Simulator to ~/.local/share/Tabletop Simulator


  • Saves folder can now have save files with any format name – they no longer have to be TS_Save_#.
  • Added delay for download progress appearing onscreen.
  • When searching the new menus, thumbnails should flicker less.
  • Added scale property to createButton() and editButton()


    • Fixed duplication exploit.
    • Fixed some potential issues with TTSAssetBundleEffects with null references.
    • Fixed Saved Objects not loading for some people.
    • Fixed grid hex setting being lost when opening the grid menu.

    v8.8 (03/03/2017)

    DLC – Warfighter: The Tactical Special Forces Card Game

  • You can now create folders and sub-folders in both Workshop and Saved Games.
  • Folders and Save Files can be moved from the root directory to any folders in the respective category.
  • Use the Options menu (Triple dots icon) to move files.
  • Folders will always default to show on top, except on the main Games Menu.
  • Saved Objects Menu

    • Revamped the Saved Objects menu to reflect the updated UI.
    • You can now create sub-folders in the Saved Objects menu, as well as move objects around.
    • There are now thumbnail preview images.
    • A warning pops up when you try to overwrite an object with the same name.
    • A warning pops up when you try to move an object into a folder with the same name.
    • You can sort the objects by name, updated, loaded and random.

    UI Improvements

    • Updated checkboxes and radio buttons throughout the UI.
    • Thumbnails for Saves and Workshop items have been moved out of the thumbnails folder and into the same folder as the Save and Workshop files.
    • Image quality of Workshop/Saves thumbnail is less shimmery.
    • Added icons for custom table and custom background expand saves.
    • Added tooltips to the Server browser Country section.

    Text Tool Improvements

    • You can now move the text with the Gizmo Tool.
    • Updated color picker now used with the Text Tool.
    • Updated the UI.
    • Fixed up flickering background.
    • Fixed late joining players breaking the Text Tool.

    Gizmo Tool Improvements

    • You can now use the Gizmo Tool with the Text Tool.
    • You can now move the Hand Zones with the Gizmo Tool
    • You can now use the box select tool to select multiple objects to use the Gizmo Tool.

    Box Select Improvements

    • Improved visuals of the rectangle Box Selection.
    • It no longer scales based on distance to camera.
    • It has a sharper look with the fill color.
    • Removed misleading hover highlighting.


    • Improved text selection to highlight all for certain input fields.
    • Thumbnails will be removed when deleting files.
    • Cleaned up project files by deleting old files and rearranging other files.


    • Fixed issue with Hotseat not working properly.
    • Fixed thumbnail not updating correctly when overriding save.
    • Fixed camera colliding with invisible bounds.

    v8.7 (02/17/2017)

    New DLC – Scuttle!

    • Scuttle! is a pirate themed card game for ages 6 and up and created by Jelly Bean Games.
    • Now available for $4.99 with a 20% launch discount.
    • Scuttle! includes the base game and 2 free expansions, The Curse of Jack Black and Scurvy!
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone to play.

    New Gizmo Tools

    • The Gizmo tools have been overhauled to be more easy to use and give you more flexibility and control.
    • The Gizmo will always be the same size on screen.
    • The Gizmo tool can move non-interactable items.
    • It works on all objects including zones (excluding Hand Zones).
    • You can now use the Gizmo tool on multiple objects.
    • CTRL + Click to multi select objects.
    • Move Tool:

    • Use to move an object in space.
    • Snap move.
    • Screen space translation.
    • Rotate:

    • Use to rotate an object.
    • Snap rotate.
    • Scale (NEW):

    • Use to scale an object.
    • Snap scaling.
    • Uniform scale.
    • Volume Scale (NEW):

    • Use to scale an object by stretching its sides.
    • Snap scaling.
    • Scale from center.
    • Transform Space (NEW):

    • Local: Gizmos are in selected object’s rotation.
    • Global: Gizmos are in global rotation.
    • Pivot Point:

    • Center: Gizmos placed at the center of the selection.
    • Pivot: Gizmos placed at selected object’s pivot point.

    Transform Menu

    • Added Transform menu to Gizmo tool.
    • When using the Gizmo Tool, click an object and a menu pops up so you can input the values for the X, Y & Z axis.
    • This will let you place, move, rotate or size objects to your exact specifications.
    • Drag the x, y, or z label for each component to increase or decrease the value.
    • Easy to select and copy (for pasting into Lua scripts) or click to copy it all to clipboard.

    Hidden Zones Improvements

    • With the improvements to the Gizmo Tool, comes improvements to the Hidden Zones.
    • You can now use the Gizmo tools to have precise control of the zones.
    • Create your Zones, then switch to the Gizmo Tool (you can use any of them).
    • Use Volume Scale to really get the precise size and placement that you want.
    • You can also input exact values into the Transform menu if you know the sizes you need.
    • Zones no longer have a larger invisible collider (new zones will be default taller).
  • Revamped Chest Menu.
  • Renamed Chest to Components.
  • Updated the Components menu to match the rest of the UI.
  • Larger buttons for bigger previews.
  • Improved drag & drop spawning positioning.
  • Updated category menu icons.
  • Scythe DLC Improvements

    • All doubled separator dash lines have been removed from Tool Tip texts.
    • The “Innovative” and “Militant” Mat running order has been switched to match the numbers on the Selection cards.
    • Fixed issue with snap points on the Mechanical game mat.
    • Fixed typo for ‘Innovative’ in Mat tooltip.
    • Fixed minor scripting issues.

    Tiny Epic Western DLC Improvements

    • Made the Influence and Industry tokens not sticky, so that manipulating them is easier when trying to move stacks.
    • Fixed Colored zones for Red/Green being mixed up.
    • Fixed rotation snap points for the porch slots of the player mats so the cards face the correct way.

    Scripting Improvements

    • getStateId()
    • onObjectLeaveContainer(Object Container, Object LeaveObject)


    • Fixed Superfight DLC so table and backgrounds can’t be clicked on and accidentally deleted.
    • Camera reset position for colors that don’t have hands is now calculated based on the positions of the hands on the table.
    • You can now ALT zoom objects in the UI menus.
    • Improved rotation on objects in the UI to match ALT zoom (Sideways cards, figurines, tools, etc).
    • Loading local assetbundle that is already in the caching location will use the shorthand version.


    • Fixed issue with ALT RMB dropping both cards when the deck gets down the last two.
    • Fixed copying Text Tool guid to clipboard.
    • Fixed issue with drop sound for Assetbundles not working.
    • Fixed issue with Assetbundle point filter texture being weird.
    • Fixed issue with Workshop search tooltips being messed up.
    • Fixed issue with loading assetbundles from your local disk.
    • Fixed issue with saving in VR.
    • Fixed bizarre camera spinning when pressing the spacebar to reset the camera.

    v8.6 (02/03/2017)

    DLC Scythe Expansion – Invaders from Afar

    • This is a free update for the base DLC game, Scythe, by Stonemaier Games.
    • Scythe has been updated to be more user friendly and is our first DLC to include scripting.
    • Invaders from Afar adds two new factions, Albion and Togawa.
    • The Invaders from Afar rules are incorporated into the existing two rule books.
    • Automa cards have been updated to incorporate the new Factions.
    • The table is restructured to accommodate the two new factions, turning it from a 5 max to a 7 max player game.
    • The Tablets have been removed from the retail box and the links to the PDF’s have been added to the Notebook.
    • The bulk of the factions elements now start the game off the table.
    • Each player has an animated button in front of them with a scripted control that only they can press. This will spawn all their standard faction components as well as one new addition for each player.
    • Each player is now given a two button box that controls the hidden zone over the player’s Power Dial, which only they can manipulate.
    • These buttons allow the player to raise and lower this Hidden zone at will during the combat phase and completely replaces the old method of combat power revelation.
    • To play Scythe properly in Single Player mode, the player must take the Black (game master) color to enable full control over all faction specific buttons on the table.
    • All assets overhauled with brand new materials and shaders.
    • Note: Old Scythe saves will not work. Please update to the latest version.

    UI Improvements

    • Added text to the main Top Menu for ease of use.
    • Added date to delay tooltip for Games menu – Workshop and saves
    • Added tooltips to main menu selections.
    • Cleaned up various areas of the UI so they are all matching.
    • Games menu can now sort by the last “Loaded”.
    • Auto save can now be deleted and expanded like other save files.
    • Improved spacing of tooltip when adding a delay tooltip like description.
    • Renamed Custom Tile type ‘Mat’ to ‘Rounded’.
    • Renamed Saves/Chest folder to Saves/Saved Objects and moved all files over.

    Scripting Improvements

    • Greatly cleaned up overall code base for faster iteration times in the future.
    • Clicking copied to guid to clipboard closes the contextual menu.
    • print() goes in all chat tabs now.
    • Optimized an empty global script from being executed
    • Fixed some bugs with auto play scripts
    • Event:

    • All past tense events made present tense (ie, onPickedUp() renamed to onPickUp()) deprecated old calls
    • onObjectSpawn()
    • Object:

    • setVelocity(table velocityVector) setAngularVelocity(table angularVelocityVector)
    • resting (set)
    • getStates() name, guid, id
    • reload()
    • randomize()
    • putObject()

    Loading Improvements

    • More reliable without getting stuck loading.
    • Unified all loading under one system for better maintainability.
    • Loading progress more accurate to how many unique assets are having to be loaded.
    • Fixed issues when changing from one game to another while loading.
    • Normal maps load much faster.
    • Objects that fail to load will no longer fall through the table but will be locked in the correct position.
    • Loading progress will inform you if mod caching is turned off.
    • Added a better DLC loading progress indicator.
    • Almost eliminated massive lag right when DLC finishes loading.

    VR Improvements

    • VR players can peek when zooming an object by turning their hand. This will no longer hide the object and the peek symbol will show on the item so others are aware.
    • VR Alt zoom now works on assetbundles.
    • Search and Peek icons show up correctly in VR.
    • Fixed VR so it can interact with 3D UI elements just like regular mode.


    • Updated most DLCs with links to rulebooks in the Notebook.
    • Turn order is now based on the position of the hands on the table instead of a preset list.
    • Shaking a stated object will no longer shuffle it.
    • Improved sharpness of Assetbundle textures by adding negative mipmap bias to main texture.
    • Increased states and effects selection menu from 50 to 99 cap.
    • Added better error handling and reporting for Workshop downloading.
    • Added broadcast message when copying something to your clipboard.
    • Updated Help Menu with Top Down camera info.


    • Fixed DLCs with Tablets not loading Rulebooks.
    • Fixed issue with returning to main menu with a DLC loaded breaking that DLC in future loads.
    • Fixed some selected drop shadow issues with overlapping windows.
    • Fixed issue with ‘End Turn’ getting stuck on screen / broken turns.
    • Fixed issue with Camera bouncing off non locked objects.
    • Fixed issue with Alt zoom on jigsaw puzzle box being upside down at default position.
    • Fixed potential memory leak from spotlight.
    • Fixed issue with users choosing game master when not the host.
    • FIxed issue with Tooltip word wrap not ignoring bbcode and causing weird spacing.
    • Fixed issue with Table getting destroyed by falling through the world and breaking the game.
    • Fixed issue with 3D objects clipping and overlapping 2D menus.
    • Fixed issue with Custom boards not resizing correctly.
    • Fixed issue with Korean characters not working correctly in the chat.
    • Fixed promoted player spawning custom table / background from expanding a save.
    • Fixed loading .cjc error with corrupt custom decks.

    v8.5 (01/13/2017)

    New Camera Mode – Top Down

    • You can now use the new Orthographic camera.
    • This keeps the camera locked in top down 2D view.
    • This is great for games that require more of a top down view or for placing down and aligning objects perfectly.
    • Press P to toggle between the camera modes or right click on a non-object to bring up the Global Contextual Menu.

    ALT Zoom Revamp

    • Orthographic camera so everything is perfectly flat and readable at any angle.
    • Improved object clipping prevention.
    • You can now see objects as they are supposed to be.
    • It will use the entire screen if it’s supposed to.
    • This now works on animated objects and the 3D UI.

    UI Improvements

    • Added Spotlight section on the Main Menu for any relevant news, updates & community spotlights.
    • Updated the Main Menu and Multiplayer sections to fit with new UI.
    • Improved sharpness of sprites throughout the UI.
    • There are a still a lot more updates that need to be done.

    Scripting Improvements

    • setPositionSmooth() / setRotationSmooth() works on locked objects and they stay locked
    • Added isSmoothMoving()
    • Added getLock() and setLock(bool)
    • Added highlightOn(table color, float duration (Optional)) and highlightOff()
    • Fixed issue with cards in new decks not being given a unique GUID.
    • Fixed scripting exploit to spawn objects when they are destroyed.
    • Fixed not cleaning up Lua coroutines properly.

    Sorting & Saving Improvements

    • Sorting in the Games menu will now save between sessions.
    • Games Menu will not forget search term when reloading the UI after expanding mods & saves.

    Loading Screen Improvements

    • Fixed issue when resizing the game wouldn’t update video / loading image size.
    • Fixed load screen for 21:9 aspect ratio.


    • Improved all 3D object previews.
    • Optimized physics sleep settings for better performance.
    • Optimized stutters.
    • Objects are now highlighted the player color when they do any functions – scaling, rolling, color tinting, under, locking, etc. This will allow you to see who are doing things when they aren’t supposed to.
    • You can now load custom tables when expanding a mod.
    • You can now expand and load custom backgrounds from the Workshop.
    • Improved protection against corrupt player prefs.
    • Added safe guard for objects falling forever if colliders are lost.
    • Better error handling when saving long name URLs to disk.
    • Added mouse scrolling to the Games Menu so you can use your scroll wheel to quickly scroll through the pages, as well as on the front menu with the categories.
    • Moved Saved Slot number to the top left of thumbnail instead of in the name to give more space for the text.
    • Saved objects added to Objects menu in the top bar, so you no longer need to go to the Chest to access it.
    • Added confirmation button when loading a save to prevent accidental missclicks.
    • Added a /debug command to highlight objects red that are moving. Great for tracking down objects that are causing network and physics overhead.


    • Fixed UI issues with the mp3 player.
    • Found lost card (Solar Engineering) inside the table and added it to the Research deck for Darkrock Ventures DLC.
    • Fixed issue with building cards locking into place upside-down in Tiny Epic Western.
    • Fixed issue with the possibility of DLCs breaking when changing from one DLC to another.
    • Fixed having to exit to main menu when having a DLC breaking loading.
    • Fixed custom token not resizing correctly with more than one in save expand or bag search.
    • Fixed expand save / bags not working correctly on old cjc files.
    • Fixed issue with closing a custom model menu that hasn’t loaded correctly not being properly deleted.
    • Fixed issue with Tooltips being behind elements.
    • Fixed issue where the camera spins like crazy when pressing space when at 0.
    • Fixed spectator error message when they try to move a piece.
    • Fixed issue with Ellipse … text not wrapping correctly.
    • Fixed deck override sideways property on card.
    • Fixed locked object in deck / bag.
    • Fixed issue with Games Menu not refreshing correctly when you save as Promoted.
    • Fixed pixel paint drawing not loading between saves.
    • Fixed create folder and saved objects appearing behind the UI.
    • Fixed tooltip getting stuck on the tools menu.

    v8.4 (12/16/2016)

    New DLC – Tiny Epic Western

    • In Tiny Epic Western, you are the boss! And upon your boss card, you will keep track of your posse and your influence.
    • Now available for $4.99 with a 10% launch discount.
    • 1-4 players, Ages 13 and up.
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone to play.

    Games Menu Overhaul

    • Updated the Games menu to be more user friendly.
    • New Games menu showcases the base “Classic” games, the DLCs, your Workshop mods you’ve subscribed to and your Saved games.
    • Each section highlights the first games on each respective list.
    • When you click on one of the categories, you will see your games listed in a grid style in default order.
    • Workshop and Saved games are now shown with a thumbnail.
    • Old save files will not have a thumbnail until resaved.
    • Pages have been implemented so you can easily scroll through the different pages without having one continuous scroll.
    • Unowned DLCs will have a lock icon.
    • Depending on the game category, you can sort by Name, Random, Date Released, Recently updated games, the Slot number, and the Date created.
    • This is still a work in progress as we add more features to the menu, like creating folders and favorites. If you have suggestions, please post them below.

    Hover over a game for different options:


    • Info – Opens up workshop page in overlay .
    • Expand – Lets you open up and see what is in each mod.
    • Delete – Will both unsubscribe to the mod and delete the files from your computer.


    • Overwrite – Will overwrite the existing saved game.
    • Expand – Lets you open up and see what is in each save.
    • Delete – Deletes the saved game.
    • To create a new save, click on GAMES, SAVES and then press the CREATE button.
    • When you save a game, an image will be taken based on where your camera is facing and this will become your thumbnail image.

    Top Bar and ESC menu Overhaul

    • Updated Top Bar menu & icons to give it a cleaner and more streamlined look.
    • Each icon represents a category and either a window will pop up or you will get a drop down menu with options.
    • This helps keep everything more organized and quicker to find what you’re looking for.
    • ESC menu has also been updated to reflect the new UI changes.
    • You can bring up the menu by pressing the ESC key or pressing the menu icon on the Top Bar.
    • To change your color and team, you can now find this by clicking on your name in the top right.

    UI Improvements

    • Fixed some UI elements not being as sharp as they should have been (especially noticeable on text).
    • Improved the sharpness of the hover tooltip.
    • Color picker: Fixed drop shadow, added tooltips, adjusted placement.
    • Search Menu: Fixed clipping.
    • Fixed and cleaned up miscellaneous UI elements.

    High Quality Screenshots

    • You can now take high quality screenshots of your games at twice resolution and x8 msaa.
    • The UI is ignored, so you don’t need to worry about turning it off.
    • Press SHIFT + F11 to take the pictures.
    • Screenshots are located in your Documents/My Games/Tabletop Simulator/Screenshots folder.

    Darkrock Ventures Improvements

    • Fixed scaling on Research Deck.
    • Changed grey pips to black on the mining dice for easier readability.
    • Reference Card is now able to be Alt Zoomed.

    Spirits of the Rice Paddy Improvements

    • The Water Tokens custom bag is now a normal bag, not an Infinite one, and contains the correct limited number of Water Tokens for a legal game.
    • Various pieces have been drawn from their bags to form piles beside the main board for the convenience of players when a game begins.
    • Each player’s starting Laborer, Gate, Wall and Rock Tokens have been added to their areas to reduce set-up time.
    • The player-color-marked pieces set before each of the four Spirit-Card slopes at the back of the table have been moved forward to reduce interference with cards.
    • The tray for the Rice Token-bags has been moved forward to be more convenient to reach.
    • The bags for Laborer, Growth and Livestock Tokens, and for Achievement Tiles, have been moved forward to be more convenient to reach.
    • The offering-bowl object containing the Water Tokens bag has been moved to the other side of the table for convenience.
    • The reflective setting on the Round Marker piece has been altered slightly to make it appear more authentically wooden and less shiny.
    • The scale of the Water Tokens has been reduced slightly to make them more manageable on the player-boards.

    DLC Improvements

    • Added information to the Notebook’s Key Points about the corridors in the Wizard’s Academy DLC.
    • Fixed typo for the “Acolyte” character sheet in the Darkest Night DLC.
    • Fixed spacing in the tooltip for the “Anna & Wojtek” figurine in the Scythe DLC.


    • Added a tooltip in the chat settings to include a link to the global chat rules.
    • In global chat your name is highlighted purple when someone mentions you.
    • Added Peek option under Modifiers in the Help Menu.


    • Fixed issue when searching objects would add random snap points.
    • Fixed zombie search icon getting stuck on object.
    • Fixed issue where blindfolded users were able to see peek and card search indicators.
    • Fixed issue with Tutorial being stuck on ? mark stage because ESC Help Menu didn’t work.
    • Fixed issue with loading a new save not clearing out any drawings from the previous save or game.
    • Fixed search clipping on different aspect ratios.
    • Fixed search lighting being too bright.
    • Fixed issue with Tooltip getting stuck on pointer.
    • Fixed issue when searching a bag that contains a custom infinite bag.

    v8.3 (10/25/2016)

    DLC – Darkrock Ventures

    • Darkrock Ventures by Magic Meeple Games is now live!
    • 2-5 players with a solo variant, ages 14 and up.
    • Available for $5.99 with a 10% launch discount.
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC.

    Wizard’s Academy Improvements

    • Added names to cards that didn’t have them.
    • Fixed spelling errors in tool tips.
    • Fixed some punctuation in the Notebook.

    Viticulture Improvements

    • Added link to the rulebook in the Notebook.
    • Unlocked white starting pieces.

    UI Improvements

    • Improved draggable windows look and clarity.
    • Drop shadow added on focused window.
    • Improved window focus recognition.
    • Swapped out all background menus for an improved look.
    • Improved look of close buttons.


    • Fixed issue with drawing on interactable = false objects not working.
    • Fixed pointer position on interactable = false objects not being aligned properly.
    • Fixed custom model and custom tile sharing an image together having messed up aspect ratios.
    • Fixed issue with tabs influencing other windows[

    v8.2 (10/07/2016)

    DLC – Spirits of the Rice Paddy

    • Spirits of the Rice Paddy by Ape Games has been released!
    • Now available for $5.99 with a 10% launch discount.
    • 2-4 players, ages 13 and up.
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC.

    Global Chat Improvements

    • Developer and Moderator tags added to Global Chat [DEV] & [MOD].
    • Developers now show up as red and Moderators are now orange.
    • The bot Berserk will show up as red but without any tags.
    • Fixed Global Chat mods/devs coloring not working consistently.

    Scripting Improvements

    • Added setCustomObject() getCustomObject() assetbundle, image_secondary.
    • Added AssetBundle trigger and looping effects.
    • Improved the look of smaller scripting buttons to allow smaller sizes and reduced pixelations at further away zooming.
    • Fixed issue with scripting button at zero size not hiding for clients.


    • Peek now works in searching, so you can see the front and backs of objects.
    • Improved icon indicators for Peek and Search for better tracking.
    • More hover over icons have been added to dice, RPG figurines, the clock and effects for AssetBundles.


    • Fixed issue with Broadcast messages getting stuck on screen if disabling the UI with F11.
    • Fixed issue with Viticulture DLC colors of textures being off.
    • Fixed text in tooltip for Automa cards in Viticulture DLC.
    • Fixed issue with AssetBundle physics material setting not working.
    • Fixed issue with Particle effects not triggering with TTSAssetBundleEffects.
    • Fixed issue with custom model flying up when removed from bags.
    • Fixed issue with Vector and Paint tool being seen in solid hidden zones at certain camera angles.

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