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Update v5.0 (06/05/2015)

Superfight DLC:

Our first DLC, Superfight is now available and can be picked up for $4.99.

Superfight is the viral card game sensation in which players use cards to create ridiculous characters, and then argue about who would win in a fight.

The DLC will include the 500 card core deck, the blue deck, and the purple deck.

Blue Deck – 100 location cards that give settings for the fights ranging from space stations, to oceans of gelatin, to the inside of a volcano.

Purple Deck – 100 scenario cards that add hazards and conditions to the fights such as kitten stampedes, land mines, and opposite day.

Custom Square Table Added:

Custom square table added with a chrome body.

Supports importing a custom image onto its surface.

Seats up to 8 players – two on each side.

2D Pointer Added:

Added in a 2D pointer when in the main menu or spectator.

If you wish to always use a 2D pointer you can change it in Configuration -> Pointer menu.

The 2D pointer is a hardware pointer so it isn’t tied to the fps the game is running at (Great for lower end systems).

Hands Menu Added:

New hands menu added which lets you control how card hands function.

You can now disable hands for colors that are not in use to free up more space on the table.

Hiding can also be configured with reverse and disable hiding option.

Enable hands toggle has been moved from the host option menu to this new menu.

Hands settings are saved to each save state just like the grid menu.

Fixed being able to deal to disabled hands causing strange problem.

Physics Improvements:

Improved the responsiveness of moving objects around.

Improved the accuracy of joints by increasing the physics solver iteration.

Rebalanced the mass on all objects to make physics interactions more believable.

Reduced the chance of accidentally shuffling decks or bags.

Moving around really heavy or really light objects will no longer cause erratic behavior.

Fixed strange physics after scaling objects larger or smaller.

Card Search Improvements:

Greatly optimized card search for use with large decks.

Fixed searching messing up the order of the cards.

Custom Object Improvements:

Added a queue number to the custom model import menu.

Added a green highlight around the object that the custom menu is targeting.

Improved error handling of the custom objects when files cannot be retrieved.

The URL of a failed to load custom object will no longer be deleted from the UI.

Added back in select all text on input fields of URLs.

Revamped the custom menus importing for images and decks.

Fixed potential issues when custom colliders couldn’t be generated.

Fixed a bug with being unable to close the Custom Model import menu.

Bag Improvements:

Bags can now be placed within bags (yo dawg I heard you liked bags).

Fixed objects being duplicated when dropped on multiple nearby bags.

Graphics Optimizations:

Optimized many fps spike causing issues.

Post AA has been removed due to performance issues and texture blurring (MSAA still available).

At medium/default graphics, integrated graphics can see up to double previous fps (25 fps to 45 fps on test system).

Graphics presets changed so that full textures is only disabled on very low settings.

General Improvements:

Added tooltips for Lock, Grid, and Persistent in the contextual menu.

Lightened the bag to allow brighter color tints to display properly.

Added error text for spectators trying to interact with objects.

Holding CTRL while right clicking objects will multi-select.

Improved the position of the push collider to match up better with the pointers.

Coins can now be flicked by using the key to flip while holding and then releasing it.

Cleaned up the position of many UI elements on menus.

Improved the spawn position of objects in the RPG base game.

Reduced the chance objects will be cut off the screen when alt zooming.

Grouping now works on held objects as well as selected.

Added tooltip for all the icons next to players names.

Increased the height of the hidden area collider to reduce chance of accidentally exposes objects.


Fixed team voice chat not working properly.

Fixed issue with sorting the Workshop/Load menu sometimes stopping to work.

Fixed objects in the chest menu colliding with things on the table.

Fixed a bug with rocks and trees contextual menu not working.

Fixed the mass of certain objects from being reset after picking them up and reporting wrong.

Fixed removing a chip from a locked stacked being locked as well.

Fixed issue with Workshop crashing the Steam client.

Fixed a bug with expand save that wasn’t removing duplicates.

Fixed stacking cards with identical names and/or descriptions not applying to deck.

Fixed issues with hidden areas sometimes not hiding locked objects.

Fixed flickering hands and hidden areas highlighting when fps was greater than 75.

Update v4.9 (05/22/2015)

Whisper and New Chat Commands Added:

You now have the ability to whisper people using chat command ‘/< color > < message >’ (ex. /red Hello World!).

We decided to use color instead of names due to some people having alt codes or strange characters in their names.

Added in ‘/resetallsaved’ chat command which reset all settings (General, Controls, UI, etc).

If you prefer to use chat commands you can now use ‘/team ‘ to chat with your team.

Clients can now also use ‘/help’ to see available chat commands like the host.

PNG & Transparency Supported:

PNG image textures now properly supported and saved to cache.

PNG transparency will also now work on the Custom Figurine and Custom Model.

Cutout transparency is supported meaning no semi-transparency (100% or 0% transparency).

PNG uses up more RAM than JPG, so use them only if needed.

Custom Object Improvements:

You can now modify an existing custom object by right clicking it and select ‘Custom’.

Optimized the performance of custom models not using normal maps.

Improved some of the tooltips and descriptions on the custom model import window.

Fixed normal maps saving as green scale and improperly working.

Fixed custom model physics properties not persisting through save and loading.

Fixed multiple selections on the radio type and material.

Mod Caching Improvements:

Greatly reduced the cache size of images to match the same size they are from the host.

This will help speed up mod loading from cached images.

Slightly improved the image quality of images saved to the cache (no more extra compression).

Workshop and Save UI Improvements:

You can now sort your workshop or save files using the drop down menu (Number, Name, Date, etc.).

Text is now aligned left and now clips off very long text so it doesn’t shrink to unreadable levels.

Mousing over a save file will give you a tooltip of the entire name of the file.

Input Field Improvements:

Selecting an input field will no longer highlight all the text, but place the caret at the position of click.

No more accidently deleting the entire text field due to highlighting.

Fixed the URL input fields for the custom model cutting off URLs.

General Improvements:

You can now deal cards to a specific color or to all colors with the new expand arrow next to deal.

Greatly reduced the time it takes to open workshop or save files by caching save names.

Added new hands for Line Tool and Joint hand modes.

Added different icons for voice chat and team voice chat to make it easy to distinguish between the two.

Optimized some minor code functions.


Fixed semi-lock setting not saving properly.

Fixed potential issues with teleporting locked objects.

Fixed texture issue on custom figurine bleeding into the side of the card.

Fixed ‘ALT’ + ‘Right Click’ dropped objects from a deck or stack not snapping to the grid.

Fixed ‘Save & Exit’ on the configuration menu applying improper graphics settings if not on that tab.

Update v4.8 (05/15/2015)

Magnify Added:

Holding the ‘M’ key will magnify a rectangle around your pointer.

Works great for reading small text on a board or just giving you a closer look at the action.

While holding ‘M’ to magnify using the scroll wheel will control the zoom level just like ALT Zoom.

Physics Improvements:

Tweaked card physics so they no longer flip easily when picking up overlapping cards.

Lowered the center of mass on the player pawns to reduce chance of it toppling over.

Custom Model Improvements:

Overhauled the custom model import menu to use the latest UI system.

You can now easily control the shader of your custom objects right from the import menu.

Shader options are Specular Intensity, Specular Color, Specular Sharpness, Fresnel Strength.

Lowered the default shininess of the wood custom objects.

Added tooltips explaining every option on the import menu.

Tooltip Improvements:

Added question mark next to any UI element you can mouse over to get more info.

Tooltips now have a dark translucent background to make it easier to read especially on the white UI.

Text on the tooltips now also word wrap to keep them from being one massive single line.

Added tooltips to the graphical and grid menus.

Increased the size of the tooltip text.

Object Bounds Improvements:

Increased the size of the object teleport bounds to leave more room.

Nerfed the teleport effect when holding an object very far away from the table.

Toggle zoom now works on the mouse bounds.

Fixed (Maybe) the problem where clients couldn’t alt zoom on servers that had objects clipping the teleport bounds.

General Improvements:

Added “would you like to play the tutorial” message when starting the game up for the first time.

Added a shuffle button to the contextual menu for decks of cards.

Changed how the contextual menu highlights to be more consistent with how windows works.

Custom figurine is no longer destroyed if you cancel the import menu.


Fixed invalid password causing you to connect to the server through the proxy just to be kicked.

Fixed issues with people being stuck in a lobby on Steam if kicked.

Fixed the 2 card deck bug when trying to import the same face image on multiple decks of cards.

Fixed being able to change colors in hotseat.

Fixed alt zoom text of a previous notecard displaying incorrectly.

Fixed bug that caused card backs to be slightly darker than their faces.

Fixed tab bug that caused issues when selecting tabs with multiple menus open.

Fixed some text fields being slightly blurry.

Fixed mipmap bias not being properly applied depending on graphics settings.

Fixed inconsistent text sizes on the new tab menus.

Update v4.7 (05/08/2015)

Proxy Server Improvement:

Upgraded the US and EU proxy servers for more concurrent players.

Fixed issue that requires us to patch the game if we upgrade the proxy servers.

Fixed not getting the proper disconnect messages when connecting through the proxy (kicked, invalid password, etc).

Drop Last Improvements:

‘Alt’ + ‘Right Click/Tap’ now drops the bottom card of deck.

This also works for dropping an object from a stack (chips, bags, etc).

Fixed dropping the last 2 object of a deck/stack at once.


UI Improvements:

Simplified the host server menu by moving advanced features (Ports, NAT, and Proxy) to a separate menu.

The UI will now remember your last inputs on the Server Browser, Host Server, Direct Connect, and Hotseat menus.

Reset/Re-center Camera Improvements:

Improved the accuracy of the camera’s rotation position.

Fixed the camera positions for the yellow and green players on the poker table.


Fixed a problem loading certain mods using joints.

Fixed typo on the workshop update menu.

Fixed the black/game master color from being able to cover up the “Pick Color” text.

Fixed selecting ‘do not ask me again’ about a Tablet opening a URL. This will now properly work when initially loading the Tablet.

Update v4.6 (05/01/2015)

Proxy Server Improvements:

All hosts now connect to the proxy server by default (players will only connect through the proxy if they fail to connect normally).

Auto option for the proxy server chooses the closest proxy server to you for the lowest ping.

This should eliminate all connection issues, if you run into any let us know.

Rules Menu Improved:

Rules menu now supports BBCode for all your formatting needs.

You cannot accidentally edit the rules now, because you must first hit the edit button.

Only admins can edit the rules of a game now.

Updated the default games rules formatted with BBCode for better readability.

Alt Zoom Improvements:

Alt zoom now works in spectator (finally!).

Notecards can now be alt zoomed for easier readability.

Drop Last Grabbed Added:

‘Alt’ + ‘Right Click/Tap’ now drops the last object you picked up instead of all objects except the first.

This is great for games in which you need to drop singular objects, or if you want an easy way to distribute held objects one at a time.

General Improvements:

Team voice chat has been added if you want to secretly communicate by using the ‘V’ key.

Optimized box selection when there are a lot of objects on screen.

General optimizations to reduce fps stuttering.

The keybind help menu has been updated with the latest additions (Grouping, Team Text Chat, Team Voice).


Fixed error loading certain save files that had joints with deleted components.

Reduced the amount the notecard text clips through the backs of a flipped notecard.

Update v4.5 (04/24/2015)

Teams Added:

Teams have been added to the game: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades.

Being on the same team means you can see into each others hiddens areas or hands.

You can also text communicate just with your team using the ” key (above enter).

Host can also force a player to join a team by clicking on them and selecting change team.

Host Options Menu Revamped:

Host Options menu has been redone to match latest UI with tabs.

General options and player permissions have been separated into two tabs for easier browsing.

2 new player permissions added: Joints and Change Team.

Mousing over each option will now provide a short summary.

General Improvements:

Improved error handling of failing to connect to the proxy when hosting.

Direct connect input field will now trim whitespace, fixing potential copy & paste problems.


Fixed some potential connections issues.

Fixed failing to connect to proxy server when hosting from breaking the game requiring a restart.

Fixed other players pointers spawning as a white pointer and fixing only after interacting with something.

Fixed potential problem when kicking someone connected to you through the proxy.

Fixed card searching grabbing nearby locked cards into the wheel.

Fixed potential password exploit.

Fixed Semi-Lock setting not applying properly for promoted players.

Update v4.4 (04/17/2015)

Connection Proxy Server:

Added proxy support which should fix all connection issues.

The downside of using the proxy is players will have slightly higher pings.

Proxy is a fallback if port forwarding and NAT Punchthrough fails.

There are three proxy servers North America (NA), Europe (EU), and Oceanic (OC).

Choose the nearest proxy server when hosting a server for the lowest ping.

General Improvements:

Reduced the sound volume of the animated logo by half.


Fixed numpad enter not working for submitting UI elements.

Fixed the text/UI elements of the Tablet and Notecard not being hidden by hidden areas.

Fixed setting the resolution in windowed mode not applying.

Fixed URL confirmation window not appearing above the Tablet pop out window.

Fixed sideways deck status getting reset when searching a deck.

Update v4.3 (04/03/2015)

Notecard Added:

Notecards can be used to keep track of information.

Right click on the notecard and use the name and description field to add text to it.

BB code also works on the notecard.

Alt zoom does not currently work on the notecard, but this will be fixed in the future.

Custom Figurine Improvements:

The card on the custom figurine will now resize to match the aspect ratio of the supplied image.

Color tinting will now tint the base instead of the card.

These changes should help keep the custom figurines from stretching your images and offer more customization.

Group Command Added:

Grouping is an easy way to stack/combine a selection of objects.

Select multiple stackable objects (decks, chips, etc) then hit the ‘G’ key.

Grouping will combine all selected objects into the smallest number of stacks.



Added in animated Berserk Games logo when you start the game up, pressing any key will skip it.

Reduced the RAM usage of custom backgrounds.

You can now use the enter key to submit GUI menus like the password field.

Hid some GUI elements in the tutorial so it’s impossible to break.

Added customizable hotkeys for Paint, Erase, Flick, and Joint, so now all modes have hotkeys.


Fixed Tablet initialize error for certain windows users by installing c++ 2012.

Fixed joint not working properly with semi-lock enabled.

Fixed the Tablet popout window not working properly.

Fixed UI breaking scenario for host when trying to perform an action on a disconnected player.

Fixed being unable to reload the game if getting disconnected from a server while hiding the UI.

Fixed black dragon death animation bug.

Fixed some collision issues on the custom table where objects could get stuck inside the table.

Fixed different color checkers stacking.

Fixed client black back bug for custom decks.

Fixed some input command triggering when your were typing in a text field.

Update v4.2 (03/20/2015)

Known Issue:

Connection issues are being investigated and we are looking into other solutions to fix this problem.

Joints Added:

New joint tool has been added that allows you to connect objects together (Create spinners, motors, or just stick pieces together).

You can create a joint by selecting the joint tool on the left hand side of the screen.

Using the joint tool drawing a line connecting two objects to create the joint.

Right clicking on the original object, then choosing Joint will allow you to tweak the properties (currently host only).

There are 3 joints: Fixed, Hinge, and Spring. Each have their own properties you can tweak.

Mousing over each property will give a brief description.

Physics Menu:

You can now modify the physics properties of objects in the game by right clicking, then choosing Physics (currently host only).

The physics menu allows modification of the rigidbody and physics material properties of an object.

Some physics properties are: Mass, Drag, Gravity, Friction, Bounciness, etc.

Mousing over each property will give a brief description.

Game Master Mode:

New black color that functions as an all seeing game master.

The game master can see all hidden information; either hidden areas or card hands.

Great for pen and paper rpgs or if needing someone to manage the table.

Game Master’s names will not take up a spot on the table, but they can use any hand or hidden area to hide information.

Only the host can choose game master or promote someone to game master.

General Improvements:

You can now rotate the alt zoom view of objects using ALT + Q or E (Perfect for sideways cards if not configured correctly).

Hover highlighting is now white and yellow to improve readability for certain colors.

Destroyable property has been renamed to ‘persistent’ to make its functionality more clear.

Optimized code for clients connected to the host.

Contextual menu will now always work if the object is being highlighted when mousing over.


Fixed players joining the game causing the notepad to reset to blank.

Fixed the rules menu allowing non-promoted players the ability to load saves files.

Fixed ‘hide pointers’ not working for hidden areas.

Fixed bouncy setting in physics material being reset incorrectly.

Fixed controller zoom in and out causing objects to rotate.

Update v4.1 (02/27/2015)

New RPG Figurines:

Hero animated RPG figurines have been added: KNIGHT, WARRIOR, MAGE, RANGER, THIEF.

Enemy animated RPG figurines have been added: BARGHEST, BASILISK, BLACK DRAGON.

More animated figurines will be coming soon!

Tablet Improvements:

Added a pop out view for Tablets that bring it up as a UI window.

The double square button on the tablet will pop out the browser so you don’t have to reposition your camera.

Now supports unlimited Tablets instead of just one.

Removed stutter when spawning Tablets.

Fixed many of the crashing issues caused by Tablets.

Fixed bug that would cause the image on the Tablet to freeze and need be restarted.

Fixed the long url being shrunk so small you can’t read them on the accept menu.

Fixed tablet blinking text caret not showing up.

Fixed issues with late joining players changing the tablet’s url on join.

Fixed spectator being able to interact with the address bar.

Destroyable Property:

Added new object property ‘destroyable’: when unchecked – the object will persist through loads.

Only the host or promoted player can toggle this property found in the contextual menu/right click menu.

It’s a great way to keep objects between loads like characters in a RPG between scenarios or a tablet playing music.

General Improvements:

Added back in the failed to connect to message.

Tooltips now work in spectator and color selection now has tooltips.

Right clicking the rotation snap button will go in reverse order.

Rules menu has been added to the escape menu.

Added a bug report button to the main menu of the game (Let us know any bugs you run into!).


Fixed the flicker dice bug especially noticeable in the chest.

Fixed escape not closing certain windows.

Fixed some controller keybinding issues (will need to reset to default for fix).

Fixed being able to delete saved objects when promoted.

Fixed disable voice chat not working, it will now correctly disable all voice chat.

Update v4.0 (02/20/2015)

Tablet, New Game Mode:

Browse the internet in multiplayer right on a tablet.

Full HTML5 support and even flash if installed.

You can watch youtube videos, listen to music, manage RPG character sheets in Google Drive, and other places on the web.

Clicking the screen will enter you in tablet mode where all inputs get redirected to the browser.

You can move the tablet by grabbing the bezels of the device.

Tablet interaction can be disabled for clients in the host options.

Pop up confirmation window to accept links from user.

Tablet Known Issues:

Tablets do not currently work with Mac or Linux versions of the game.

Only one Tablet can be spawned at a time for right now.

Text caret is not displaying properly in text fields.

Changing graphics settings after a tablet has been spawned will make the tablet not work without a restart.

Page scrolling is currently not synced for each person.

Connection Improvements:

Fixed issues that was causing players to get stuck connecting to a server.

If connecting fails due to nat punchthrough it will attempt to connect multiple times.

This should greatly reduce some of the connection issues some players have been reporting.

Direct connect will now bring up the password menu if the password is not supplied.

Hacking Protection:

Added protection against hackers being able join a public game and perform promoted players actions.

Server side checks for important promoted player actions.

Saved Objects Folders:

You can now create folders for organization in your saved objects menu.

First create a folder by opening up your saved objects menu and clicking the create folder button.

Then whenever you save an object you can choose that folder from the dropdown menu and it will save to it.

You can also easily rearrange your files by dragging and dropping them within the menu or outside the game in your folders.

Custom Shader:

You can now manually control the shaders for custom models.

You can modify the Specular Color, Specular Intensity, Specular Sharpness, and Fresnel Strength.

You now have almost the same control over custom models as the devs do.

To see how to start modifying custom model shaders check it out here.

Contextual Menu:

No longer must you apply any changes you make in the right click/contextual menu.

Any changes will automatically apply and this greatly helps when using the color tinting.

Optimized the amount of network traffic when manipulating multiple objects with the contextual menu.

Scrolling UI Improvements:

Reduced lag and graphical glitches when populating a scrolling list.

Overall scrolling optimized to handle larger lists.

Expanding saves will no longer lag.

Fixed scrolling issue that would cause buttons to become hidden when filtering.

General Improvements:

Improved the accuracy of the 3d mouse pointers, so that the tip of the finger exactly matches the location.

Face down cards and decks are now automatically hidden like they are in your hand (No more sneaky stuff)

You can now draw perfect straight lines by holding shift while using the paint tool.

Improved semi-lock to not lock objects at strange angles by increasing the time to lock when stationary.

Reduced the network traffic needed to synchronize players pointers.

Minor performance improvements for cpu usage by marking certain objects static.

Host can now disable flicking for clients in the host options.


Fixed custom model normal maps being incorrectly rendered.

Fixed color tinting not working for first load on custom models.

Fixed being able to flip or rotate locked objects by using multiselect.

Fixed hover actions being applied improperly while holding objects.

Fixed delete and expand save button getting stuck on for selected items.

Fixed expand save button not minimizing the expand on other saves.

Fixed dragging and dropping UI elements clipping behind other gui elements.

Fixed tooltip for objects showing up through gui elements.

Fixed hosting a server and failing to connect to facilitator causing you to leave steam lobby.

Fixed naming issues for the Deck Builder’s bat files.

Update v3.9 (01/30/2015)

Configuration Menu:

Launcher has been removed from the game.

You can now change your keybinds and graphics settings in game.

Settings menu has been renamed to configuration and has been given an overhaul.

You can now modify individual graphics settings instead of just using the preset values.

You can now reset controls, graphics, and game settings to default separately.

New graphics settings (VSync, Texture Size, Post AA, MSAA, Shadow Quality, Anisotropic, Cap FPS).

New anti-aliasing support called Post AA (SMAA post processing version).

You can now see the SteamID of blocked players.

Chat is now rebindable in the controls menu.

Deck Builder by Anwinity:

We reached out to Andrew Mazar the creator of the very popular Deck Builder.

His Deck Builder is now bundled in the games root and modding folder.

Deck Builder allows you to easily create & modify custom decks.

Saved Chest Improvements:

You can now save multiple selected objects as one chest item.

Spawning saved objects will produce the same sound as spawning other objects from the chest.

Saved object will now snap to the grid when spawned.

Save Improvements:

Custom backgrounds can now be loaded from a save with the expand arrow without resetting the board.

Improved object naming when expanding a save to see custom objects inside.

Delete and expand save buttons now only appear when mousing over a save/workshop file.

Reduced scrolling stutter on Saves and Workshop files.

Draw Tool Improvements:

Doubled the resolution of the paintingtool (still blocky, but better).

Optimized the network traffic when rewinding through time with something drawn on the table.

General Improvements:

Added back in randomized backgrounds when the game is started.

Rewind/fastforward messages are now sent to everyone on the server.

Improved the texture quality on custom assets using a slight negative mipmap bias.

Optimized card search to work with more cards (will optimize more in the future).

Added new Workshop Tags (Backgrounds and templates).


Fixed loading one custom background to another not updating the background.

Fixed issues loading large file sized saved objects when promoted.

Fixed weird turn bugs that would break entire game for the host.

Fixed problems with long rules sections not being properly transferred.

Fixed certain custom decks not showing up when expanding a save.

Fixed being unable to create a save if there were no saves created already.

Fixed custom backgrounds being horizontally inverted.

Fixed custom physics materials reverting to default incorrectly.

Fixed being able to delete the create save button.

Fixed the pointer selection menu not displaying the pointers properly.

Fixed the RPG figurines missing their stands.

Fixed the RPG figurines not properly displaying in the chest.

Update v3.8 (01/16/2015)

New and Custom Backgrounds:

4 new backgrounds been added: Cathedral, Downtown, Regal, and Sunset.

You can now import your own custom backgrounds (Lighting is not affected by custom backgrounds, only the skybox).

Custom background images should be hdri panorama images >4000x2000.

Choose the backgrounds’ lighting you would like first then choose Custom.

New Physics Mode Semi-Lock:

Semi-Lock causes objects that have come to rest to be semi-locked in place (can still be picked up but ignores physics).

This means you can’t accidentally knock over objects without direct manipulation with Semi-Lock enabled.

Semi-Lock can be found in the Host Options menu.

Save Improvements:

Loading save files will be much faster after the first load (Workshop and Normal Save).

More error checking to avoid one bad save breaking the ability to load other saves.

Optimized GUI scrolling for Workshop and Save Files.

General Improvements:

Custom objects and decks will no longer fly all over the place when loaded up fresh.

Added a spinning loading icon for the server browser so you know when it is fetching servers.

Added red private text header when in the private notepad.


Fixed an issue where custom objects were loading up the wrong texture.

Fixed the back of the quarter being rotated incorrectly.

Fixed flip/rotate on certain objects that would cause them to fall through the table.

Fixed issues uploading or updating to the Steam Workshop when nothing would happen when submitted.

Fixed typing + or – in a text box would also scale selected objects.

Fixed custom model importer type selection not working properly.

Fixed multiple command lines breaking the Workshop downloading.

Fixed some missing radio button not being converted from checkboxes.

Fixed hover highlighting working over GUI when holding down your mouse button.

Update v3.7 (01/05/2015)

Flick Added:

New hand mode Flick has been added to the pointer selection menu on the left side of the screen.

Flick can used to launch objects using a ‘pull back and release’ motion.

Flick works on all selected objects or on an individual object that you click and drag on.

Can use ‘CTRL + LMB’ to select multiple objects or in Hand mode use box selection then swap to Flick.

Flick is great for pool, block stacking, and other games that require dexterity to play.

Card Hands Improvements:

Cards will not begin to overlap until there are more than 5 cards in your hand.

This will make it easier to read the text on card if you do not want to use ALT to zoom.

General Improvements:

Greatly optimized networking traffic when modifying/manipulating multiple objects.

Custom objects use 30% less cpu resources (model, figurine, deck, and board).

Lift height and rotation snap has been moved up next to the top bar to avoid clipping issues with lower resolutions.

Box selection will no longer select objects that are hidden in fog of war.

Recreated the hand icon for the hand mode selection menu.


Fixed adding or removing a password from your game not updating for people joining through Steam friends.

Fixed tables being able to be placed insides of bags by throwing it at the legs (lol).

Fixed voice chat microphone icons not appearing for all players.

Fixed the sharing violation error when overwriting certain saves (Hopefully).

Fixed sharing is caring achievement not working retroactively (must be subscribed to your mod).

Fixed default video quality settings back to medium.

Fixed grab + lower while not in hand mode picking up objects.

Fixed some line tool bugs when hovering over GUI elements while measuring.

Update v3.6 (12/18)

Pointer Pencil and Eraser:

New pencil and eraser models when being in those pointer modes.

Pencil model helps with drawing due to its static and accurate point.

Helps to remind you that you aren’t in hand mode and cannot grab objects.

Fixed some alignments/accuracy issues when drawing in the air not on the table.

Rewinding and Fast-forward Hotkeys:

You can now rewind time by using ‘CTRL’ + ‘Z’.

Fast-forward can be done by using ‘CTRL’ + ‘SHIFT’ + ‘Z’.

As always you can still control this by using the arrows on the top right.

Added a chat message to let you know when you are rewinding/fast-forwarding.

General Improvements:

Improved voice chat to reduce the annoying voice stuttering that occurred.

Custom Model now supports multiple separate objects/meshes; you no longer must merge your meshes.

Option to hide player pointers in the hidden areas has been added to the right click menu.

Improved and fixed graphics quality settings to be more in line with their names.

Steam Cloud now also syncs saved Chest objects.

Other people’s pointers will no longer clip through your ALT zoom on cards.

Load complete messages will only appear for custom content taking at least a half a second to load to avoid chat spam.

Animated RPG figurines will now save what state they were in when saving and loading (dead or mode).

Custom Card Fixes:

Fixed many issues with conflicting deck ids on merged decks loading from the chest.

Fixed loading the same deck multiple times from the chest causing strange stuff to happen.

Fixed some issues loading multiple old saves in row with custom cards.


Fixed stack loading bug where the chips would end up being blocks instead of chips.

Fixed some RPG figurine errors on affecting clients.

Fixed some card bugs in the Cardbots decks.

Fixed black go bowls giving white pieces.

Fixed some settings not properly resetting on the settings menu.

Fixed pointer bug where it would improperly display the player’s pointer as white when first spawned.

Update v3.5 (12/12)

Custom Stack Objects:

Choosing type ‘Chip’ from the custom model importer will allow your custom objects to stack just like the poker chips do.

Create your own stacking currency or something new altogether.

Custom colliders will not work with the new stacking type.

Checkers can now also be stacked to make your Kings even more noticeable.

Improved the spawn position when removing an object from a stack.

Saved Object Improvements:

Promoted players can now spawn objects from their saved chest.

Anyone on a server can now save objects to their chest for future use.

NAT Punchthrough Improvements:

NAT punchthrough is how the game establishes connection behind peoples’ routers without having to port forward.

You can now toggle between automatic, enable, or disable NAT punchthrough when hosting a server.

Most people should be fine with automatic, but if you are having trouble hosting try /testconnection in game, port forwarding 11155, and change NAT settings.

Automatic works by checking and seeing if you have a public address, if you do not then NAT is enabled.

Block Players Improvements:

Blocked players are now saved to the BlockList.json in ‘Documents/My Games/Tabletop Simulator’.

Blocked players will no longer reset when you reset your settings.

Human readable list thanks to the json format.

Workshop Improvements:

You no longer must restart the game after subscribing to a mod on the Workshop, it will download while it’s running.

Workshop Game list will automatically repopulate with new subscribed mods if open when subscribing.

Added an Open Workshop button in the Workshop Game List that opens the Workshop in the overlay.

General Improvements:

Overall object physics improvements when adding and removing objects (stacks, bags, decks, etc).

Grid snapping will work at low lift height, but not when lowering an object with ‘T’.

Number key actions like rotate dice or RPG kit animations now work with the numpad as well as the normal number keys.

Optimized bag saving to reduce autosave stutter with many bags.

Boards from the chest can be drag and dropped spawning at that location like other objects.

Added error check to custom model mesh generation.

Slightly improved the stop card search animation.


Fixed issue shaking an object would cause it to rotate incorrectly for clients.

Fixed the achievement “Speed Machine”.

Fixed gravity getting stuck on zero gravity.

Fixed Steam Cloud to work with the new Json save format.

Fixed the smooshed description field when right clicking on a deck.

Fixed boards being spawned from the chest menu not showing up for other players.

Fixed sideways property being lost when resetting a deck.

Fixed search stack being visible on transparent tables.

Fixed collision issues with camera.

Fixed some stack objects properties that weren’t being transferred properly.

Fixed mesh download bar cleanup.

Fixed removing chips from a scaled stack causing it to fall over.

Update v3.4 (12/05)

Achievements Added:

Steam achievements have been added to the game.

You can check out the full list on Steam.

Playtime achievements unfortunately do not retroactively work.

Workshop upload achievement does retroactively work if you are subscribed to your own mods.

Rotation Snapping:

You can now toggle between 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90°rotation snapping (default 15°).

The UI button on the left side has an angle when pressed it will cycle through the degrees.

Use 60° for your hex objects, 45° for cards, and 15° for very precise control, etc.

This will help you more quickly orientate your objects for each system.

Raise Height:

You can now control the default holding height of your objects.

The UI button on the left side has a man lifting a bar, click on that and move the slider.

You can use this in combination with ‘R’ to lift objects very high.

Search Improvements:

Searching a face up deck will return face up when searching is stopped.

Searching no longer grabs any loose cards that are in the area of the search.

Tooltip Improvements:

Tooltips will no longer clip off the edge of the screen.

Tooltips have been added to the UI elements on the left side of the screen.

Tooltips will now resize to fit the content of whatever text is supplied.

Can use BBcode in the object name to give the text some flair.

General Improvements:

Reduced the shininess of all cards, especially on the Field background.

Bags in old saves will default to brown instead of grey/white.

Updated some miscellaneous UI icons.


Fixed dominoes not having sounds on the “cardboard” surface.

Fixed the bugged out table issue, when the table cannot be reset after flipping (for real this time!).

Fixed bug with normal textures not being imported correctly.

Fixed bug with normal textures being accidently deleted when removing similar objects.

Fixed being able to unsubscribe from a Workshop mod when deleting.

Update v3.3 (11/26)

Rehauled Save Format:

New Json save format, a human readable format that will allow more control over objects.

Optimized the save code to avoid any stutter when saving.

Json is very expandable without having to worry about breaking old version save files.

Old saves will still work just fine, all new saves will be Json.

Json will allow modders to create save generators with external tools.

Modify the scaling of an object in each axis independently in the save file.

Modify Objects Physics:

Can now modify the physics properties of object by modifying the Json save files.

There are two classes – the Rigidbody (mass, drag, etc) and physics material (friction, bounciness, etc).

You can read up on how to modify these properties on our Wiki page.

Custom Card Improvements:

Overall stability improvements for loading and saving custom decks.

One broken download for cards will not mess up the rest of the cards downloaded.

You can see the progress of custom cards because they will visually update during the download.

Merged decks saved to the chest will now properly load.

You can now load decks from a save file using the expand arrow (some older saves will not work).

Custom Decks now cleanup on RAM much better when they are deleted individually.

General Improvements:

Color tinting bags is now working, this should help organize your saves.

Improved the spawn position when pulling a card from a deck of cards.

Grid settings now reset when the table resets.

Better URL cleanup for custom content with automatic url whitespace trimming, might help with RAM usage in certain scenarios.

Empty server names will now default to “?”.

Improved object network syncing, when FPS is low and ping is high.

Reduced other players pointer smoothing, so the positions are more accurate.


Download status being wrong when loading directly from one save to another.

Fixed flip table bug not allowing the table to respawn or load another game.

Fixed floating deck bug when loading locked decks.

Fixed notification arrow sound distance.

Cards taken from a deck now inherit the deck’s grid setting.

Update v3.2 (11/07)

Paint/Drawing Added:

Pixelated paint style drawing with real time network syncing has been added.

‘F2’ will change your pointer into paint mode where you can draw with ‘Left Click’.

The color of your paint is the same as your hand.

‘F3’ will change your pointer into eraser mode which can be used to erase drawings.

To draw a straight line hold alt then click, it will draw a line like connect the dots (also works with eraser).

Can clear all drawings by selecting or hovering over the Eraser tool then clicking the trash can that appears.

Drawings will be saved in your Mods/Saves.

Drawing uses a pixel size of 0.5 units, so you can use the grid to assists with drawing.

Painting can disabled for clients in the hosts options.

UI for easy swapping between pointer modes:

New UI tool added on the left side of the screen where you can swap between Hand, Paint, Eraser, Hidden, and Line modes.

The mode you are currently in will be highlighted and unavailable options will be greyed out.

When mousing over one of the icons the hotkey will be displayed for that mode.

‘F1’ – ‘F5’ will swap between the different modes, but you can still use the old hold hotkey system.

Player Name Improvements:

Increased name character limit from 12 to 32.

Names on table now resize to fit the length of the player’s name.

Fixed Green and Blue names being reversed on the Rectangle and Large Custom Table.

Fixed name clipping on the octagon and hexagon table for tall character languages (Chinese, Japanese, etc.).

Card Improvements:

Made it easier to add cards to a deck by raising the distance tolerance.

Greatly reduced the physics insanity when combining cards together.

When creating a deck the bottom card takes precedent and determines the deck properties, instead of averaging both cards.

General Improvements:

Clicking on the clock will pause or start whatever the clock was doing, and hold grab will move it around just like a stack.

Added “ /testconnection ” chat command which will test your network for issues either hosted or connecting to servers.

Automatically detects country when hosting a server (no longer manual and more accurate than region).

Improved camera collision making it harder to clip your camera through the table.

Notepad now uses the same font as the rest of the game instead of the handwritten font for easier readability.

Highlighting is now case sensitive depending on the mode the pointer is currently (ex. Objects will no longer highlight when in Hidden Mode, bug hidden areas will).

Raised default video quality settings for the game from “Very Low” to “Medium”.

Better UI scaling at lower resolution (

Added the copy/paste sound to spawning from the chest.

Host options are now synced properly with promoted players.

When scrolling through chat it will no longer auto hide.


Fixed bug with friends tab not showing games that friends were connected to but not hosting.

Fixed black line artifacts on GUI elements, especially noticeable when playing on lower settings.

Fixed scaling issues with poker chips (colliders wrong, spacing messed up, etc).

Fixed highlighting issue with poker chips only highlighting one of the chips.

Minor optimization for poker chip stacks.

Update v3.1 (10/31)

Digital Clock Added:

Digital clock works as a regular clock telling time, a stopwatch, and a timer.

The digital clock can be found in the ‘Chest’ menu under ‘Misc’.

Right clicking on clock will bring up the option menu where you can swap between the 3 modes and enter the timer length.

Stopwatch helps keep track of how much time has passed by counting up from zero.

Timer can be used as a countdown for turns and when it reaches zero an alarm sound plays.

Mousing over the clock will give you a tooltip of the current displayed info.

Alt zoom doesn’t currently work on the clock but the tooltip will work until it’s functional.

Hidden Areas Improvements/Fixes:

For hidden areas that hide objects from you, the transparency is lower making it harder to see through.

Fixed bug causing objects to not be properly hidden when playing as the host and changing colors.

Fixed alt zoom working on hidden objects.

Fixed collision bug when making massive hidden areas.

Saves/Mods Management:

Can now delete Workshop Mods, Saves, and Saved Chest Objects from within the game by clicking the trash can icon next to the save.

Confirmation window will popup to confirm your choice.

When you delete a Workshop Mod it will unsubscribe you from it on Steam Workshop as well.

Workshop Usability Improvements:

Removed the manual name field on Update Workshop Menu (now uses the name automatically from the Workshop).

Added Workshop as a drop menu selection for hosts offering an alternative way to bring up the menu.

If subscribed to zero mods on the Workshop a link to the Workshop page will automatically be opened with a message about restarting the game.

Added error messages to the Workshop Uploader if improper information is supplied or empty.

General Improvements:

Player names on the UI are now ordered based on their position on the table which corresponds with turn order.

Hide GUI keybind has been changed to ‘f11’ so it no longer conflicts with the steam screenshot hotkey ‘f12’.

Improved the control scheme menu by adding Admin, Modifier, and Tips sections.

BB code now works on the Server Browser for Server and Game names.

General UI Header improvement with Font and Icons (Bold and all caps for header names).

Increased sound max distance by 50% so you can hear sounds on the opposite side of the largest table.


Fixed host options settings carrying over when joining another game.

Fixed contextual menu bug when the name field grabbed the password breaking the menu.

Fixed clicking through the color change gui for hidden objects while holding down ‘h’.

Fixed the blank name bug for Workshop mods.

Fixed issue with board textures.

Fixed objects highlighting when hovering over them through the GUI

Fixed disappearing pointer bug when host changes player’s color.

Fixed drop down list getting stuck on screen when the player changes color.

Update v3.0 (10/24)

Hidden Area/Fog of War Added:

Hidden areas serve the purpose of being able to hide any object from other players.

Hold ‘H’ and ‘left click’ to drag out the box area with your mouse.

The color of the fog corresponds to who can see inside the area.

Right click on the fog to change its color, holding ‘H’ will make the fog be first choice.

The grey color functions as a hidden area that no one can see inside.

Board objects will not be hidden like other objects.

Fog areas will be saved into the game’s state.

Hold ‘H’ then ‘left click’ on the fog box to delete it.

While holding ‘H’ a mini fog box will be at the end of your pointer let you know.

Hosts can disable clients from being able to create or edit Hidden Areas in the host options.

Kickstarter Rewards:

Robot pointer has been added for our Kickstarter pointer reward tier.

Gold material has been added for our Gold Member reward tier (Chess, Dice, and Dominoes).

Only the Host may change the material of an object to gold if they are Gold Member reward tier.

Kickstarter credits list is now working for all of our backers inside the game.

Server Browser Overhaul:

Server browser has been remade with the new UI system with many more features.

Servers can now be sorted by clicking one of the column headers (server name, host, number players, etc).

LAN tab has been added making it very easy to connect to servers on local network.

Friends tab will show servers that your friends are hosting or connected to.

Search now works on all server data (can search “1/2” for players, “NA” for region, etc).

Right click on a server to block/ban the host (This will stop their servers from showing up and joining your games).

Mod Loading Improvements:

Fixed timeout issues with loading large mods querying the server too fast causing many errors.

Loading multiples of the same object will incur no performance penalties due to duplicate assets.

Improved load times when loading multiple of the same object (down to the same time as loading one unique object).

Highlighting Improvements:

When holding an object in a box area (hand or fog of war) it will highlight.

Highlight colors now match the color you are playing as instead of default white and yellow.

CTRL + Left Click selection/highlight now works on locked objects.

Box selection is now much more accurate and more than half the object must be in the box to be selected.

General Improvements:

Cards now fly together forming the deck when stopping a search.

Dice and coins will now only spin when dropped if moving with enough velocity.

Tooltips now work on objects being held by other people.

UI radio buttons now looks different than checkboxes.

Opening up the social media links will now open them in your Steam overlay instead of browser.

Clicking on the patch message on the bottom of the main menu will bring you to the latest patch notes.

When overriding a save it will automatically fill in the previous name of the save.

Sound has been added for copy pasting objects to notify other players, now that you can hide objects.

Controller input is now default disabled due to some people having issues with spinning camera/pointers (can still be enabled in the settings).

Reduced the sensitivity of Deck searching with a bigger deadzone where cards do not spin.

You can now use the up and down arrows to cycle through previous chat messages you have sent.

Custom dice automatically no longer have grid snapping enabled.

Improved the Host Options menu password and game mode input boxes to be more clear.

Toned down the lighting brightness of the Field background.

Changed the number cards input in the Custom Deck to be a slider.

You can now use BB Code in Notepad to enhance your text.


Fixed enter key resubmitting last mouse actions.

Fixed controller A button multi-select action bug.

Fixed cards twitching in hand when gravity is higher than default.

Fixed clients being able to stop search even if contextual menu was disabled.

Fixed bug with selected object being stuck highlighted if you changed colors.

Fixed crazy box selection shape when rotating the camera during selecting.

Fixed the control scheme not opening up when using the Escape menu.

Fixed server browser bug where lock on the server did not properly disappear when removed.

Fixed issues when searching saves and workshop items with entries appearing offscreen.

Fixed red spacer falling through table over and over again when rewinding a deck search.

Fixed stopping a search on a deck with one card making the card disappear.

Fixed bug not letting you modify custom dice with the contextual menu.

Fixed color tint sync bug for late joining players and copy paste.

Update v2.9 (10/03)

Deck searching:

Right clicking on a deck then choosing search will create a wheel of cards in the order of the deck.

Search can be used to find a card, rearrange, remove, or add to a deck easily.

Moving your mouse to the left or right of the wheel will spin it, keeping 8 cards visible at a time.

If you want to search the deck privately, bring the deck into your hand before you start the search.

The red box shows the division between the top and bottom card.

Host Improvements:

Host can now change the color of a player or move them to spectator.

Host can now disable color selection for players and manually assign colors.

Host can also disable players from editing the notepad.

Cleaned up ‘Host Options’ menu to make each option more clear.

Camera Overhaul:

Holding ‘ALT’ no longer swaps between camera modes (use ‘P’ to toggle between).

Chat messages added when swapping between camera modes.

‘WASD’ now serves as the pan camera for both modes, instead of duplicating ‘Right mouse Button’.

‘Arrows keys’ now rotates the camera just like ‘Right mouse Button’.

3rd Person Camera (Default):

Default camera now controls almost identically to a MMO camera.

‘WASD’ pans the focus point and ‘Right Mouse Button’ orbits the camera around that point.

1st Person Camera:

Controls just like a spectator free cam in a FPS style game.

‘WASD’ moves your location and ‘Right Mouse Button’ rotates the view.

‘Space Bar’ makes the camera rise and ‘CTRL’ makes the camera lower (slowed down).

Hover Tooltip:

Now using new UI with dynamic fonts with black outline.

Hides properly when the UI is hidden with ‘f12’.

General Improvements:

Alt zoom now works when rotating the camera with ‘Right Mouse’.

Object highlighting will be a lot less pixelated at higher video settings (MSAA now works on highlighting).

Chat no longer blocks picking up objects through it.

When dealing out the entire deck to multiple people, one card will no longer stay on the table.

Keyboard menu layout revamped in new UI similar to the controller (text should be much more readable).


Fixed issue causing server browser to break if you searched for friends.

Fixed issue with reseting cards that are layered.

Fixed cleaning up promoted players when they are disconnected.

Fixed flipping wider cards by hovering over them made them hit the table.

Update v2.8 (09/26)

Custom Card Improvements:

Unique card backs are now supported (each card in your deck can have a different back without merging).

Select ‘Unique Backs’ in the importer, then place your back images onto the card template so they match their face image.

Revamped card slicing to be more accurate, so that pieces of card don’t visually bleed into each other.

Alt Zoom Improvements:

Alt zoomed objects will no longer be cut off on the side of the screen.

Alt + scroll wheel is much improved and properly scales the zoom level.

Alt + scroll wheel now zooms in the proper direction with up being zoom in.

General Improvements:

Fixed the flicker card bug for hosts (card would flicker when in a hand).

Custom Model now supports normal maps (greatly enhances the bump and lighting on your models).

Right Click/Contextual menu will no longer clip off the screen.

Tutorial has been revamped with the new UI and updated to include the newer missing features.

Improved smoothness of the controller’s pointer.


Fixed issue with the contextual menu not working on Custom Dice.

Fixed issue with white text/numbers on metal dice for clients.

Fixed sideways settings for a single card not saving.

Fixed issue with grid sync axis not saving properly by overriding to true.

Fixed alt zoom messing up camera distance.

Fixed rotation bug for held objects in green hands for certain tables.

Update v2.7 (09/19)

Memory Management Overhaul:

All content is now dynamically loaded/unloaded on RAM when needed (only the contents on screen are on RAM).

Initial load time is now almost instant.

Starting size is 0.3 gigs of ram (previously 1.6 gigs).

This will allow even larger Mods due to the improved RAM headroom.

Trade off is spawned objects must be loaded from the disk which is slightly slower (minor stutter).

Modding Improvements:

Brand new jpg compression with much lower files sizes (60% smaller).

Overall Mod stability improvements.

Reduced memory footprint for mods due to better compression.

Resolved many memory leak issues, especially when loading multiple Mods.

Improved load times when loading from the cache/drive.

Renamed ‘URL Images’ folder to ‘Images’ (cleanout old cache and improved the name).

Added more chat messages to inform players the progress of Steam Workshop syncing.

If special characters are in the file path, the mod save location will be changed to the Game’s Data folder.

Custom Model has a new object type “Board” (alt zoom does not work on Boards).

Settings Menu:

Added a checkbox to enable or disable controller input.

Mods can be saved to the Game’s Data folder or Documents/My Games (Save in the game folder if your OS username has special characters).

Voice chat volume sliders removed because new voice chat uses sound equalizing.

Layered Card Improvements:

Highlight now works on card layers properly, highlighting all the cards that will be picked up.

Multi-pickup and box selection will no longer mess up layered cards when grabbed.

Shaking a stack of layered cards will break them apart.

Held layered cards will no longer be ripped off into hands if dragged into one.

General Improvements:

Alt Zoom now works on locked objects, but ignores board objects.

Object rotations are even more accurate when dragging a held object into a hand.

Controller keybinds in the launcher are now labeled (Controller).


Fixed disabling hands while cards are in them, so they no longer fall through the table.

Fixed window mode being stuck on top of everything else even when alt+tabbing.

Fixed game resetting settings on first load.

Fixed expand arrow on Workshop and save files.

Special characters in Usernames will no longer be an issue for Mods.

Fixed camera zooming on table when changing color is in FPS camera mode.

Fixed download completion percent disappearing when loading directly from one custom mod to another.

Added a joystick recenter check to help fix the rotating camera bug (also can disable controller in setting)

Update v2.6 (09/12)

Trading Cards:

Full support for trading cards, including emotes, badges, & backgrounds

Hex Support:

Just like you can control the box grid, you can now create a hex grid.

Supports distorted hex shapes by scaling x and y axis separately.

Object snapping support for hex.

Rotational improvements allow proper hex control.

Controller Support:

Xbox 360 controller support has been added.

The controller layout can be seen by hitting the ‘Back’ button on your controller.

New Voice Chat:

Previous voice chat replaced with new system.

This change was due to some players experiencing memory leaks from the previous implementation.

Voice chat is now default enabled but can be disabled in the settings.

Engine Update:

Updated Unity to the latest version v4.5.3f in preparation for supporting the Oculus Rift.

Engine update also fixes the issue with fullscreen hosts alt tabbing causing issues for clients.

Control Improvements:

Greatly improved degree of control for rotating objects to 15 degrees, previously it was 45 degrees

Holding down the rotate keys will continuously rotate now objects now smoothly


Custom board added under the custom section in the Chest.

Each object held now has its own rotation so they all flip to the same direction when picked up.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issue with grid settings not syncing when loading a save/mod for clients.

Fixed delay on copy -> paste grid snapping.

Fixed issue with 2 max player games not showing up on the server browser.

Fixed issue with resetting all cards and cards disappearing.

Fixed floating card bug when mousing over and rotating cards layered cards like in solitaire.

Fixed alt + reset camera bug causing the camera to bug out.

Fixed promoted icon disappearing from players that have changed colors.

Fixed possible chat now showing up bug.

Fixed alt zoom not working properly on custom dice for everyone except the host.

Fixed problem when failing to connect to passworded server then trying to join a server without a problem.

Fixed bug that was deleting icons from open chest windows when trying to delete objects.

Update v2.5 (08/21)


Cut, Copy, and Paste is now working for promoted players.

Toggle zoom now works on locked objects just like a surface.

Greatly optimized code calls between scripts.

Optimized raycast checks for things like pointer position, grabbing objects, etc.

All file saving actions notify in chat the save location on your computer.

Added name protection when saving objects to the chest to avoid issues (alphanumeric and spaces only).

Copy then pasting an object will now immediately snap to grid, greatly speeding up setup.

Added a FPS cap of your monitors refresh rate to limit power consumption.

Better download completion tracking if objects are deleted when they are loading.

Decks now deal from whatever is on top even when flipped over, allowing you to deal from the bottom of the deck


Rewrote the workshop downloading code to be faster and less prone to errors.

The issues with downloading many mods at once is now resolved with a queueing system.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issue with the material selection not working for custom models if a image was not supplied.

Box selection will no longer have issues selecting when being used from certain camera angles.

Color tint now properly saves for custom objects.

Late joining players will properly see color tints for custom objects.

Voice chat will no longer activate when typing.

Fixed Load Game window using the Saved Objects window.

Fixed issue with saved chest item button being cut off the top.

Update v2.4 (08/15)

Chat Overhaul:

Chat has been overhauled with the new UI system

Chat window can be resized to your liking

Names are now only colored while the message is white

Chat overhaul finally fixes the Linux type through bug in chat

Mousing over chat and scroll wheeling will scroll the chat

Overall the chat should be much more readable and controllable than previous

Custom Decks:

Better memory cleanup for loading deleted decks from a save/mod

Duplicate card images for faces or backs will no longer use up extra ram

Overall memory usage should be lower and load speeds should be faster

Spawning Individual Objects:

Objects can now be saved to your chest menu and loaded again at any time

You can now spawn individual objects from a Workshop mod or save file without loading the entire save

Pressing the downward arrow on the button that normally loads the save will expand a list of all the custom assets in that save

Each custom object in the file will be listed with duplicates hidden

The objects can be spawned by pressing the button or dragging the button into the game world to spawn at that position


Color tinting now works properly for all non metal dice, the numbers/pips no longer color

Dice normal map improvements, so reading dice is easier

User Interface:

Grid menu no longer forgets its values when opening, closing, or loading a mod

Fixed desync issues with values currently in effect and what is shown on the GUI (Host Options, Turns, Grid)

Promoted player changes are now reflected properly on the Hosts GUI and no longer shows old values

Host Options settings are now saved between games, helping to save time when setting up your games

Added black outline around the white text on the main menu to help with readability

Keybind Changes:

Cut, Copy, and Paste now require CTRL + (X, C, V)

Voice chat push-to-talk has been changed to ‘C’

Fixed ‘Flip’ command to no longer toggle zoom

(As always you can change your hotkeys in the launcher)

Box Selection:

Improved accuracy of box selection, especially at steep angles

CTRL + Box Selection does invert and adding selection

CTRL + Left Mouse/Grab does selection toggle on a single object

Overall selecting multiple objects should work just like your OS with file manipulation


Joining a game through a Steam friend while the game is closed will launch the game and connect you to the server

Loot bag now auto flips up when grabbed

Toggle zoom now zooms a percent amount instead of a fixed amount, this will help when playing on larger tables

Custom Models no longer require a picture/texture due to color tinting

Lowered the tolerance for cards sticking together to reduce card clumps

Host and promoted players can now flip table even if it’s disabled in host options

Bug Fixes:

Added a check for corrupted Workshop files, which will cause them to be re-downloaded

Fixed offset movement not working with stack objects like poker chips and cards

Fixed incorrect lock status for Custom Models on clients

Game rules will now properly sync between host and client when loading for the first time

Custom Table will now properly load custom images if its already in use

Fixed issue with search not working properly if you had scrolled at all

Round d6 dice will no longer have a metal and plastic toggle in the right click menu

Fixed custom collider disappearing bug when deleting objects with the same collider

Fixed bug with measure tool resetting if you left click during measuring

Fixed hold voice toggle being unchecked incorrectly even if enabled

Fixed desync for loading mods from the Workshop list

Update v2.3 (08/01)

Main Features:

Contextual Menu Overhaul

Object Color Tinting

Material Swapping

Multi Object Offset Movement

Search Workshop Files

Copy -> Pasting Multiple Objects

FPS Camera Raise and Lower

Workshop Tags Updated

Contextual Menu:

The right click/contextual menu has been revamped into the new UI system with added functionality

You can now tint the color of all objects using a color wheel

Grid will now be disabled on a per object basis, dice and quarter are disabled by default

Reset All Cards has been added back, now in the right click menu

You can now reset from each individual cards instead of only from decks

Material swapping has been added for Dice, Chess, and Dominoes (Plastic, Wood, Metal)

Multi Selection:

Picking up multiple objects now moves them with an offset just like how you picked them up

Shaking will remove any offsets when moving and clump them together like before

Copy and pasting more than one object at a time now works properly

You no longer have to mouse over an object; pressing the button will perform the action on all highlighted objects

Right clicking on an object can now be used to highlight objects one by one

Highlighted objects can now all be modified by the right click menu at the same time

Overall most actions should now be possible to be performed on multiple objects, either held or highlighted

User Interface:

Tags updated, RPG games renamed to Role-playing Games and Number of players changed to 1,2,3,4,4+

UI sounds now properly only play when you are interacting with a button or checkbox

Search has been added for Workshop, Save, and Load windows for easier navigation

Save new slot button is now colored grey for easier separation

Client contextual editing can be disabled by unchecking allow contextual in host options

Main game logo updated to fix aliasing around the cards

Disabling mod caching in the settings for one load will most likely fix any texture glitches that occur for a mod

FPS Camera:

Raise and lower has been added for the FPS camera (toggle cameras with the ‘P’ key)

This lets you control the FPS camera just like a traditional spectator camera in a FPS

Space now raises the camera up and CTRL lowers it in world space

Bug Fixes/Changes:

Toned down shininess on custom models, especially wood material

Fixed custom table yellow texture bug (might need to clear cache to fix issue, or disable caching mod caching for one load of the mod)

Locking object is working properly for held objects

Fixed card dealing and resetting with multiple decks/objects

Fixed table flicker when you select Tables in the Chest menu

Fixed bug that caused the camera to jam into the table when using the FPS camera and ALT

Fixed floating card bug when resetting a cut deck

Promoted players can now properly scale, lock, and use the contextual menu even if disabled in host options

Unlocked objects and custom objects will no longer float in the air until they are interacted with.

Update v2.2 – More Steam integration, Workshop Tags, UI Improvements (07/25)

Steam Integration:

People can tell when you are in a multiplayer game from their Steam friend’s list

You can now join people’s games from your friends list

Inviting people to your game now works, a chat message will also be sent

You can now filter on the server browser to only show your friend’s games


Your pointer is now rotated so you see it from the top, makes it easier to use at angles

Pointer now resizes to standard size when mousing over GUI elements

Increased the speed cap by 30% when releasing a physics object, allowing you to throw things harder


Grid size is now more accurate with two decimal places instead of one

Rectangle grid is now possible by controlling both the X and Y axis separately

Sync axis checkbox will keep the grid size slider acting just like it did before

The grid snap speed is now just as fast as for the default games

Object snapping and offset settings now working for promoted players


You can no longer click through the dropdown list and not select any option

Changed some of the images on the Games selection menu for quicker recognition

You can now use tab to navigate multiple text input fields

Drag spawning now only shows the object that you are about to spawn and no longer the UI box

Promote Icon has been added to indicate promoted players

Window overlapping and dragging window improvements, pretty much every window should be draggable now

Fixed some of the remaining fonts that weren’t using Dynamic font

You can now change the picture for custom boards in the contextual menu (right click)

Fixed some issues where you couldn’t drag windows by their names

Fixed issue when the save and load windows button where grayed out


Added tags to the Workshop for easier sorting (tags are set when uploading or updating a mod in-game)

You can now put a card on the bottom of a deck by lowering and sliding the card into the deck

Everyone in the server can now deal, cut, and reset decks

Custom D6 dice rotation with the number keys has been added

1 = (-90,0,0), 2 = (0,0,0), 3 = (0,0,-90), 4 = (0,0,90), 5 = (0,0,-180), 6 = (90,-90,0)

Mod caching can now be disabled in the settings for players that are having issues

Bug Fixes:

Fixed the voice chat icons not showing up properly in multiplayer

Fixed rock and tree displaying correctly in the Chest spawn

Fixed issue with password field going away if entered wrong once

Card shuffle animation now properly scales based on the size of the card

Grid snapping now works on loaded saves that have the overlay lines hidden

IRC enter key no longer brings up the in game chat

Fixed bug where the character limit for transfer rules was 4,096 instead of 6,000

(Linux) fixed the type through chat bug where keys would cause the game world to react

Update v2.1 – Custom grid & Player Promotions! (07/18)

Custom Grid Added:

You can now enable visual grid lines. This is very useful for your RPGs.

These grid lines can also be used to snap the location of objects for easier placement.

The size of the grid can be adjusted to fit your games rules.

Offset can be enabled so that the object snap location is in the middle of squares instead of the lines.

Promote Player:

As a host you can now promote a person so they have many admin powers like the host.

Promoted player can change the game, spawn objects, and many other host abilities.

Promoted player cannot save or load mods, may be possible in the future.

Rules Added:

Most of the built in games have an included rules for the game that can be read.

You can also modify this for the rules of your modded game.

Rules have a 6,000 character limit, so it is a great place to store information that can’t be on the notepad.

UI Changes:

Games selection menu has been redesigned into the current minimal UI.

Tweaked positions and anchors on different elements for a more consistent spacing along of the edges of the screen.

Top bar will draw on top of everything else keeping it from being covered up.

Spawning is now working properly for Hosts that are in spectator.

Drag spawning now uses the position of the UI element instead of the hand.

Spectator/Grey color selection is disabled when in hotseat mode.

Escape Menu for clients no longer has workshop upload, save, and load.

You can now change your color from the escape menu.

Server name can now be seen in the escape menu.

All the chest windows can now be dragged around, and the chest no longer covers rewind buttons

Close buttons have been added to all the windows that were missing them (Settings, Host Options, etc).

Ping is now shown next to the players name, it’s color coded (Green <100, Orange <200, and red >200).


Deck animation added for shuffling.

Workshop now supports an infinite amount of subscribed mods, no longer capped at 50.

IRC lobby now asks what you want to be named before you connect to the lobby

Bug Fixes:

Fixed issues with collision on certain custom objects not working properly on load.

Direct connect is now working properly again, color selection issue and Improper info resolved.

Custom Table texture will no longer mess up when rewinding.

Fixed client custom textures and meshes accidentally being deleted, when a duplicate model is removed.

Hidden custom cards in hand now properly load and are no longer white until removed.

Fixed spectator/grey host end turn crash.

UI code optimization for name plates.

Name clipping on circular table reduced by shrinking names.

Linux, opening Cards in Chest will no longer crash the game.

Update v2.0 – New UI, Hotseat, & more! (07/11)

v1.9 and 2.0 morphed into one!

New Minimal UI:

Clean minimalistic theme with the use of images for easy visual navigation

Reduced screen clutter to keep the interface out of the way of the player and focused on the game

Much better resolution independence, supporting massive 4k resolution and all the way down to sub 720p

Overhauled spawn system with drag & drop spawning, and 3d object preview

Much better UI performance, even while using higher resolution assets

New player color selection, that shows you where on the table you will be sitting

Use of drop down menus to nest information until you need it

Logical ‘X’ close button instead of the previous inconsistent close layout

Hotseat Mode Added:

Hotseat mode will allow you to play a game with up to 7 other people on the same computer

Information is hidden just like if you were playing on separate computers with an easy to use turn system


Loading in custom content now has a progress indicator giving a percentage completed

You can now specify the name of the game mode in Host Options

Hosts can now change their color from white

King crown icon next to the host’s name

Harder to accidentally right click an object when trying to use the camera by adding delay check

Scrolling the UI no longer zooms the game in and out

Camera responsiveness has been improved

Mouse Over Actions:

We wanted to have a consistent control scheme to the game so that you can now interact with objects either by hold them or by mousing over them.

(Keyboard keys only to avoid accidental commands, due to mouse keys being duplicate)


Mouse over + ‘Flip’

Mouse over + ‘Rotate’

Mouse over + ‘Scale’

Mouse over + ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’, ‘Paste’

Mouse over actions works on multiple objects if you have them highlighted with the marquee


Bug Fixes:

Fixed not being able to move objects if you join a server after the objects have been spawned

Fixed poker chip highlighting bug where they turn white

Custom models no longer fly all over the place when they are first loaded in

Fixed camera distance on color selection for certain tables

Backgammon board triangle order has been fixed

Board optimization on physics calculations

Card Hand holders code optimization

Can now have more than one singleplayer running on the same computer

Fixed toggle zoom issue on glass table

Update v1.8 – Movable boards, Custom Model improvements, & more! (06/20)

Contextual Menu Added:

You can now right click on a object to bring up a menu to customize different options for that object

Objects can now be renamed and when mousing over them you can easily read the name

A description can also be added to an object, great for storing player stats or additional info

Dealing cards and resetting decks are possible from menu

Locking and unlocking an object can also be done from the menu

‘Cut deck’ is a brand new action that can be done in the menu

Custom Model Improvements:

Meshes will now use the smoothing normals in your .obj data if supplied

Separate collision mesh can be now supplied allowing many more collision possibilities

Holes in collision are supported if you choose non-convex, but non-convex objects do not collide with each other (engine limitation)

Non-convex is only used if a mesh collider is supplied, best used for something similar to the Chinese Checker board

Optimizations on Custom Assets:

Objects that share custom assets are no longer using up memory like they are unique objects

Rewinding will no longer require assets to be reloaded from disk

Boards Now Movable:

You can now unlock boards and move them just like other objects

They can also be spawned in the spawn menu making use of multiple boards


Added a rock and tree model great for outdoor RPG scenes

Highlighting and then locking multiple objects now works

Server name can now be found in the menu


Memory optimization on default assets

Alt zoom on objects will no longer clip off the screen and will ignore scale

Locked objects now display the number of objects it contains

Frozen objects will unlock when the table is flipped

Fixed texture syncing issue for custom models

Copy pasting an object pulled from a stack will now work

Voice chat is now disabled by default for new players due to memory leaks (can still be enabled in settings)

Wood shader is now slightly less shiny/specular

Custom Models held height has been lowered

Unlocking a model you were holding will no longer get stuck to your hand

Fixed host to client material sound sync

Table no longer clips through objects on clients when flipped

Reworded confusing section in tutorial

Destroy bounds have been closed in so no objects can escape by flying upward

Locked objects will no longer stop you box selecting

Fixed bug with custom table loading its custom texture

Update v1.7 Custom Model Support is here!(06/06)

Custom Model Support:

You can now import your own 3D models with textures.

They must be in .obj format and notepad data of model must be saved on something like Pastebin. Then choose RAW and paste in that URL.

The model can be 3 materials (Plastic, Wood, and Metal), this changes shaders and sounds

Also it can be considered under 4 categories (Generic, Figurine, Dice, and Coin), which changes how you interact with them

Avoid exporting your models in .obj with materials, your texture will be a separate image imported with another URL

Currently collision is only working for box colliders (automatically calculated), better support will be coming.


Locked objects will be treated like a surface (ex: 2 story buildings will now work properly)

Added a Custom category so you can more easily find all the custom object types for your modding needs


Improper URL texture loading issues for people with special characters in OS usernames is resolved (ex, áéőúűöüó)

Frozen/Locked objects will no longer stack with each other

After deleting objects, a random marquee box will no longer appear

Marquee selection will no longer bug and push objects around

Card hidden when teleported back onto table will be unhidden

Highlighting bug was reverting material has been fixed

Fixed some memory leaks with custom content, still working on squishing them all

Cards reset properly now even when frozen

New table, locked objects & highlighting v1.6 (05/30)

Object Highlighting Added:

Mousing over an object you are going to pick up now highlights to let you know which one you will pick up

You can also now marquee select multiple objects and pick them up as a group by click dragging

Object mouse over highlighting can be disabled in the settings menu

Locking Object:

Object can be locked in place by mousing over and hitting the ‘L’ key

While locked, an object ignores all physics and is static in space (Great for board objects like player mats)

This can be disabled for clients in the host options


Round glass table added, great for when you are trying to forget there is a table at all

Saves/Workshop game modes now save/load the background of the scene

Autosave has been added and saves every 5 minutes in background

Only Workshop mods that need to be updated on startup will update and it now tells you the mod’s name


Clients will no longer see a flicker of white when a card is pulled from its deck

Fixed the ability to load gold chess pieces through a bug, this is reserved for our Gold Member Kickstarter backers

Reversi chip and poker chips will now properly flip and no longer get stuck

Removed gap on custom table between wood and custom board

When two sideways cards are combined into a deck they retain their orientation

Custom Table will properly load images when changing game modes on the same table

Added better garbage collection and asset unloading that should help with some memory leaks

Weird physics when scaling and shrinking objects should be resolved

Massive Custom Table Added v1.5 (05/23)

Custom Extra Large Table:

Our largest table yet with the ability to import any image onto it for your massive games!

The table can be used like one massive custom board, and you can even use it in combination with the custom board

Recommended resolution for the table picture is 4400x2600

Custom Cards Aspect Ratios:

Custom decks now scale to the aspect ratio of the face image (Square cards are now possible)

New square face template has been added to the root folder of the game

It still uses the same 10x7 template, it’s just widened to make the cards square (each image is 490x490)


Shrinked objects can be done one more step smaller (Should help with using custom decks as counters)

Camera mode toggle has been added. You can swap between table rotation and FPS camera style with the ‘P’ key

‘Disable voice chat’ option added to options menu. This might fix memory leak issue (temporary solution, we are still working on this)


Workshop Support is now working for Mac and Linux users

Card sticky and stacking now scales with the size of the card (easier on large cards, and harder on smaller)

Saves files is no longer skipping #1 slot for new saves

Saving and loading will work if you save files that don’t match the normal naming format

Increased raised height on Custom Figurines

Objects will no longer collide through the rectangle table’s side walls

Tall poker chip stacks will no longer drag on the ground if flipped a certain way

Fixed Custom Figurine memory leak

Fixed the aspect ratio on dominoes

New collision sphere for mouse bounds

Steam Early Access v1.4 (05/16)

Workshop Support:

You can now upload your mods directly to Steam Workshop from within the game

Updating them is just as easy with the mods Workshop ID

Subscribing to a mod will add it ‘Workshop Game Modes’ found in the ‘Game Modes’ menu

You can upload your games to Workshop by clicking ‘Menu’ on the top left and then choosing ‘Workshop Upload’

Overall this is a very simple system to share and use other players mods

(Make sure to restart the game if you subscribe to mods while it is still running)


Save and loading now support infinite saves instead of just 20 slots

Scaling up an object also increases it’s lift height to avoid it dragging on the ground

Quarter flick up is more randomized now and should lead to a true 50/50 probability

New save name system for URL images to avoid possible name conflicts

Sound Improvements:

Quarter sounds have been revamped with unique sounds

Glass surface sounds have been added for all objects

Marbles’ sounds have been given new sounds to separate them from plastic objects

Piecepack and wood block have been given new sounds


Zoom out graphical issues on custom cards has been resolved

Custom figurine pictures will now load for late joining players

Mahjong tiles will no longer get picked up sideways

Automatic table swap when choosing Mahjong when on hexagon table

Bag will now properly show number of objects for clients

Card actions are now disabled in solitaire

Steam Early Access v1.3 (05/09)


Custom decks can now be spawned as a sideways deck this will make the ‘Alt’ zoom the correctly orientation

You can now notify everyone to a location by tapping the ‘Tab’ key and a bouncing arrow will appear with sound

2 New host options: Allow client scaling and enable hands (hands are how you hold multiple cards)

Added rules for Mahjong, Reversi and Solitaire.

Custom Paper figurines Added:

Let’s you import a picture onto a paper figurine

‘ALT’ zoom looks at them from the front instead of top for easier viewing

1x2 aspect ratio on the custom card image

Turn Improvements:

You can now reverse the order of the turns by choosing counterclockwise

People that have empty hands can also be automatically skipped, great for poker style games


Africa (AF) has been added to the location selector when hosting

Search in Server Browser now also works on location

Objects held will no longer be placed in the Loot Bag

You can scale objects even larger now (Up to 3 times the normal size, previously 2 times)


Fixed custom content save files storing your local directory instead of the URL

Multi object pickup will no longer mess up the scale of your objects each one will be independly scaled

Saving and loading now works with the Loot Bag for remembering what was inside

Cards will now properly hide and reveal when changing what color you are playing as

PNG color bug should no longer be occuring (maybe)

Loot bags can no longer be stored inside each other, Bagception was too OP

Solitaire chosen on glass table will swap to octagon to avoid issues with glass collision

Resetting cards in card actions menu will not reset their scale

Sir Loin and Mara are no longer duplicated on the spawn menu

Steam Early Access v1.2 (05/02)

Mod Improvements:

Mods are now cached on the user’s machine, so you no longer have to download the same image twice (automatically converted to jpg). This will greatly improve load times when starting up an already played mod.

You can find these downloaded images inside your ‘Documents/My Games/Tabletop Simulator/Mods/URL Images’ folder.

These changes are in preparation for Workshop integration and local file support.

Loot bag Added:

Functions as a bottomless bag that you can use to store unlimited objects inside.

Uses a last-in first-out system (LIFO) for retrieving items; most recent items are retrieved first.

Mix up the contents of the bag by shaking it. This randomizes the order that the items are retrieved.

Saving and loading does not currently work with the bag, working on this so save compatibility isn’t ruined.

Loot bag can be found in the spawn menu -> miscellaneous

Mahjong Improvements:

Betting sticks have been added.

Default layout is now the popular garden wall.

Location of the tiles are also randomized.

Sound Improvements:

Sound has been added for Table Flip and Teleport/Re-spawn Object

New sound have been added for GO bowl (shake & impacts)

New cardboard surface sounds have been added for all objects (Checkers Board and Custom Board use this sound)


4 new figurines have been added: Knight of Knil, Mara, Zomblor, & Zeke Kodoku.

The line tool now displays 1 decimal point to add more precision for measuring

Custom cards are no longer automatically shuffled.

Basic rules have been added for Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Chinese Checkers, Dominoes, Go, and Pachisi – more coming.

Location host selection is now radio buttons instead of typing.

Custom board now stretches for non-square images.

IRC Lobby Improvements:

Chat dialog will no longer be deselected when you are typing when someone leaves or joins.

Your own messages will now scroll chat to the bottom like other messages.

Bug Fixes:

Cards are now hidden when being dealt to stop being able to sneak glances at them mid flight.

Cards no longer reveal themselves to clients when loading/rewinding.

Cards should no longer be duplicated if they are grabbed in mid flight when being reset.

Window GUI elements will recenter properly if you resize the game while it is running.

Players are now properly added to your recently played with on your Steam overlay.

Player name text will not be floating so much away from the octagon table anymore.

Fixed some possible custom deck issues with one of the URLs failing.

Help menu has been updated with the new keybinds.

Server browser display issues have been resolved for some of the categories.

D4 dice collision collider is now working properly.

Shrunk player pawns no longer topple over when dropped.

Objects will no longer teleport when raised high up on the mouse colliding box.

Host menu should no longer cut off on lower resolution displays.

Hide UI also now works properly on the IRC lobby.

Poker Table FPS camera is now working properly.

Steam Early Access v1.1 (04/25)


Line Tool has been added for measure distances, hold ‘Tab’ to start measuring; synced with all clients

You can now scale objects up and down in size (Up to twice as big and half as small) Use either ‘+/-‘ or shift + alt + scroll

IRC Lobby has been integrated in the game (Very WIP), the chat bubble on the bottom right will bring it up. This is a great way to find people to play with.

RPG Props have been added: Chest, Barrel, Table, and Chair. This should help add some flair to your dungeons

(Table flipception, you can flip a prop table on a table, that you use to play tabletop games…sorry)

User Account Changes:

You no longer have to login into our account system to play

Your in-game name is your current Steam name

Banning saves the user’s Steam ID

In the future we will be integrating more and more with Steam

Server Browser Enhancements:

Server browser is now sorted by newest to oldest

You can now hide locked & full servers

Search can be used to find a specific game name, user name, or game mode


Camera now collides with the table, this should stop you from clipping into the table

End turn button has been merged with the “Your turn” message on the top of the screen

Added some randomness to the Table flipping to make each flip unique

In spawn menu, Chinese Checkers pieces have been renamed to marbles and the metal ball has been added to it

“Alt” zoom is now disabled while holding down right mouse button

Dungeon grid and tilesets were slightly increased in size slightly (2%) to square out the grid at an equal 2

Notepad typing sound removed, it’s easy enough to tell when someone is adding to it

Random mahjong spawn has been added to spawn menu

Bug Fixes:

Resolved Steam integration issue asking for DRM-Free key (2010 C++ Redist)

Piecepack object can now be properly picked up by clients

Flipping tall objects no longer will take a long time

Fixed Square Table flip freezing mid air

Custom Board will not scale gradually when loading saves, no longer knocking over objects

Enter is now properly working in the private notepad

Mouse is now hidden when alt hovering over an object

Piecepack spawn menu now has the dice

Dice rotation now works on Piecepack dice and D4

If you choose Backgammon when on Glass table it swaps to the Octagon table

It should no longer be possible for two people to choose the same color

Fixed CardBots mat collision when lowering a card

Blocking people on server browser should be working properly again

Cards should no longer deal to the same person multiple times

Hand will no longer open up like you can pick up a board

Objects on custom board should no longer slide randomly when on the surface

Rewinding with objects on cards should no longer swap places

Resolved some crash Linux issues (Experimental)

Resolved crash issue on exit game

Early Access v1.0 (04/17)


Added 5 more RPG Figurines: Wyvern, Cyclops, Kobold, Skeleton Knight, Manticora

CardBots: Build and Destroy game mode has been added for our highest Kickstarter backer, Geremy George

You can now mouse over a dice and type a number to have to rotate to that number (great for keeping track of number or a count down)

Optimized the amount of bandwidth to sync physics objects with clients

Hover over an object and pressing ‘ALT’ will enlarged that object (great for checking dice rolls or reading cards)

You can now name your saves so you can more easily keep track of your custom games

FPS spectator camera style has been added with ALT + WASD in combination with RMB, if you want old pan you can ALT + LOWER/TAP or the arrow keys

Bugs, Fixes, and Minor Changes

The desync floating object bug when you first connect to a server should be resolved

Fixed some prediction bugs at high ping – objects should no longer seem to clip through the ground

Added links to the website, facebook, and twitter on the main menu of the game

New chat sound has been added

Grid system can now be be disabled in the Host Options menu

Tileset Frozen state now saves and loads properly

It is now much easier to pick up multiple dice

Objects will no longer float if you drop more than one on the same grid coordinate

Custom cards should no longer be redownloaded when rewinding if the custom decks are the same

Alt + tabbing no longer will zoom you out

Custom board now gradually scales, this should stop objects from getting stuck inside

Spawn menu for the RPG Kit has been improved by moving the creatures into categories

Windows will now automatically recenter even if you resize the game at any time

Selecting RPG will now change the table to the large felt table so nothing falls off

Splash screen no longer overlaps on lower resolution

Slightly shrunk RPG figurines and fixed some of the colliders

Piecepack has been fixed up with the proper pieces

Goblin second mode is now a slingshot to add some range options

Fixed typo on “too weak to flip the table”

Beta v0.10 (04/11)


5 more RPG Figurines have been added Ogre, Chimera, Dragonide, Ghoul, Lizard Warrior

Dungeon tileset has been added, you can now build your ultimate RPG dungeon for your campaign

Dungeon tileset uses a grid system for placement to make it easy for you to create your dungeon, then you can lock it in place

Grid system has been added for Chess, Checkers, Reversi, and GO

Kimi Kat figurine has been been added

Server Browser now shows the current game mode and name of the player hosting, you can also block this player and they won’t show up

You can now deal and reset each deck individually

People played with on steam show up under the recently played section within the steam overlay

Wood, Felt, and Glass surfaces now have different physics properties

There is now a private notepad if you need to keep track of something personal

Host options have been added:

Host can disable table flipping

Add or remove a password while the server is running

Gravity Slider has been moved into the host options menu

ALT has been redesigned as a modifier on an existing action:

Alt + RMB drops everything except the first object you picked (great for capturing a piece)

Alt + Q/E or Alt + Mouse Wheel rotates the object in the other axis (creating toppling dominoes or card towers)

Alt + Flip does an alternative axis flip

Alt + WASD Pans the camera instead of rotating it

Alt is no longer raises a piece that is now bound to ‘R’ – Raise object

Help menu has been update to reflect these changes

Bugs & Fixes:

Fixed colors getting stuck and not letting you choose it even though the slot was open

The table is now saved when saving and loading

UI Sounds are no longer 3D sounds

Chat message sound has been removed, connect and disconnect still has the sound

GUI window position should no longer get offset if you start a different resolution then fullscreen

Blocking/Banning a player stops them from being able to join your game and from showing up on the server browser

Spawn Menu back button takes you back one place instead going all the way back

Color Round Dice have been added to the spawn menu

Fixed Custom Board size

RPG figurine hit reactions are working again

Rat is now spawning correctly from menu

Beta v0.9 (04/04)


Steam integration, you can log in without a password – just need to choose a username. You can merge your current account to the steam version, so they can have the same name

Saving, Loading, and rewinding now works with custom content (you can share your entire mod and layout by distributing your save).

Due to save system updates, old saves are no longer compatible and saves are now in a “Saves” folder inside “Tabletop Simulator”.

4 more RPG figurines have been added (Werewolf, Giant Rat, Tree Ent, and Wolf)

2 of our custom Kickstarter figurines have been added (CardBot and Sir Loin)

Ram usage reduced by about ~50%, also greatly reduced ram usage on custom content

Login security has been improved with session ids

You can now pan the camera with Alt+WASD or the Arrow Keys (you might need to unbind arrow keys under horizontal & vertical)

New loading screen pictures

Changes/Bug Fixes:

4 Deck ram limitation on custom decks no longer exists

Syncing custom content for late joining players is now working

Table Flip now flips from the location of the player’s hand

RPG Figurines are better synced across the network

Game Logo has been updated

Fixed hand rotation bug for certain tables and hand colors

Loading stability has been improved and should be less prone to crashes

Added short splash screen on startup

Decks now have a max height and weight to help with very large decks

Mac – black screen on startup is fixed and now shows the load screens

Lowering figurines hovers them right at ground level instead of jamming them into the table

Custom card back pictures are no longer mirrored

Slightly improved card layer stacking, saving, and loading

Added a question mark when a card is hidden; you can customize this for your custom deck with slot 70 on the template

Solitaire is working again

Cards are spawning properly again when rewinding

Host and game server migrated over to its own SSD.

Beta v0.8 (03/28)

Note: Ram usage is extremely high this patch, but optimization will be coming in a future patch.


Upgraded the engine to Unity Pro – Unity Logo removed & soft shadows added (Higher settings might cost more performance).

8 new RPG figurines (Evil Watcher, Giant Viper, Goblin, Golem, Griffon, Hydra, Mummy, Vampire)

RPG Figurines now have 2 modes calm and alert, animations are updated to match these modes

When mousing over you can press ‘1’ to change state, ‘2’ to attack, and ‘3’ for death.

Mahjong, the second new game mode, has been added. (Right now it’s just scattered, we’ll come up with one spawn positioning next patch).

Custom decks has been added so you can import your own decks

Regal circle table with class center has been added

Boards have physics now instead of being stuck to table

Blue 10 value poker chip has been added

Changes/Bug Fixes:

Save folder location is fixed for Mac & Linux. All versions of the game will find it under Documents/My Games/Tabletop Simulator.

Cards that are hidden are now just white instead of a joker.

Slightly changed felt for octagon and hexagon table.

Fixed Memory leak with custom board.

Chat log scroll no longer jumps to the wrong location with lots of chat messages.

Chat log has been limited to 100 messages to make scrolling more manageable.

Right clicking to pick up chips from tall stack should now work.

Player’s turns are now working and how they are displayed is slightly changed.

Fixed objects not spawning; backing into the play area if you change the table after flip.

Added some more debugging information for when connections fail.

RPG figurine run is now working for clients.

Known Issues:

Multiple custom decks might not sync well with late joining players.

Solitaire is currently not working.

Card rewinding is not working.

Backgammon not sitting right on round table

Beta v0.7 (03/20)


Piecepack has been added in as the first new game mode

Added an animated Orc, Bear, and Troll figurines, the first for the upcoming RPG kit

Chat has been greatly improved with a transparent background and scroll bar

Table Spawn Menu has been updated with pictures

Tweaked player colors to be less neon

Quarter physics has been completely revamped and now flips up

Dice physics now has more randomness, added random rotation on release

Custom Board is now bigger on the big rectangle table

Optimized ram usage down by about ~30%

Added slight cooldown on Table Flip

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Sound distortion and pitch variation for GUI sounds

Poker Card Hand now floats at the proper height

Fixed spawning chess pieces on lower resolution monitors

Tutorial text can no longer be selected

Custom Board texture should update for non hosts faster

Fixed freeze when many cards are colliding

Objects should wobble less when stacking multiple object ontop of each other

Minor Camera Improvements

Cards will no longer get stuck in the air then lose collision when you change tables

When you change tables the cards will be redealt to the same color hand

Improved collision detection on poker table, objects should fall through table less often

Fixed issue with copy paste object

Fixed Black Screen when perfectly centered on poker table

Beta v0.6 (03/14)

3 New Tables Added: Poker, large rectangle table, and hexagon

Camera Caps on movement to stop you from clipping through the table with pan

You have to be in a server for 2 minutes before you can flip the table.

Other fixes that weren’t written down (Blame that guy in the video…)

Known Issues:

Sometimes things clip through the poker table

Being able to customize spawn points based on table

Poker Table with many cards start to clip through table

Cards being shown on table flip

Colors being messed up with multiple people

Beta v0.5 (03/04)


Easier to pickup objects

Metal dice are slightly heavier

New rounded colored dice are added

Some chat fixes

Disabled some F keys debugging network code

Table Flipping bugs and board desync issues should be resolved

Beta v0.4 (2/22)


Table Flip has been added!

Moving objects around should feel more responsive.

Object that fall off the table now reappear on the same side they fell off.


Names cutting off on the octagon table has been fixed.

Fixed some card stacking issues where they would clip into each other.


(Mac version 10.6+ and up only will be supported, that is an engine limitation)

For the people having issues getting the game to launch on mac that should be resolved.

If it is still not launching. Then search for console. app or find it in

/Applications/Utilities/. Click on File at the top and click “save copy as”. Copy the error

messages and email it to

Beta v0.3 (2/17)

Optimizations: (still more work to do on this, especially cpu usage)

Reduced size of game by 35%

Ram Usage reduced by 35%


Fixed some bugs that occur with ‘Reset Cards’ action

Fixed custom board texture errors

Thanks to feedback from mac users:

The help menu is now brought up with the ‘?’ instead of ‘F1’

Multi object pickup can now be done with ‘T’ as well as ‘Right Click’

(We also know some of you have had problems launching, we are still working on the Mac build)

The beginning of time… This was right around our Kickstarter time that we kept track of notes. Enjoy!