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v8.1 (09/23/2016)

DLC – Tiny Epic Defenders

  • Tiny Epic Defenders by Gamelyn Games is now released!
  • Available for $4.99 with a 10% launch discount.
  • 1-4 players, ages 13 and up.
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC.

DLC – Viticulture Improvements

  • Added snap points to the mats for worker placement.
  • Fixed sizing to make the board more proportional to the table.
  • Fixed Mama & Papa cards to be in the proper orientation and placement.
  • Fixed coloring of all textures.

Peek Cards/Objects

  • You can now view the backside of a card or object with Peek.
  • In conjunction with ALT Zoom, hold shift while alt zooming to see the backside.
  • Similar to the Search, players will be notified when someone is peeking an object with an eye icon over the object.
  • Eye icon will disappear after 3 seconds when the player done peeking.
  • Also works with custom figurines to see the other side of the image.
  • Spectators will not able to peek objects to avoid information being passed along to other players.

AssetBundle Project Improvements

  • Updated alert script to check github to see if there is a new version.
  • Confirms you have the correct version of Unity installed.
  • Tries to verify your project install.
  • Make sure to update to the latest version.

AssetBundle Improvements

  • Bag searching now works with AssetBundles.
  • Changed AssetBundle model default to a cube.
  • Added AssetBundle URLs to multiplayer local file check.
  • Fixed duplicate AssetBundle on client breaking the download tracker.
  • Fixed pink texture bug on Mac / Linux by including shaders with build.
  • Fixed issue with AssetBundle bag numbering not working.
  • Fixed issue when importing AssetBundle with looping effects and no trigger effects.


  • Control Scheme updated with Peek info & updated Tips section.
  • Added a hyperlink to the blue helper question marks on certain menus that goes to the Knowledge Base, appropriate for that menu.
  • Improved depth sorting of snap points.


  • Fixed Custom Tile image messing up.
  • Fixed issue with Custom tile ‘Mat’ as stackable not working properly.
  • Fixed issue with custom tiles stacking and changing the image when they have different back images.
  • Fixed issue with custom models stacking incorrectly.
  • Fixed custom model color tint applying to all sub models.
  • Fixed custom model searching not working.
  • Fixed sub-meshes in custom models being tinted incorrectly.
  • Fixed scripting related crashes that has to do with buttons.
  • Fixed issue with script button not working on custom objects.
  • Fixed script buttons causing weird physics.
  • Fixed issue with Unique backs and Back is hidden as false not working properly.
  • Fixed issue with client creating tabs in notebook getting duplicated.
  • Fixed issue with cards being too “sticky”.
  • Fixed calculator so it works again.
  • Fixed issue with Team Text Chat tab disappearing when switching teams.
  • Fixed issue with icon showing up when searching in hidden zones.
  • Fixed bag duplication exploit.

v8.0 (09/16/2016)

Viticulture DLC

Cosmic Storm Expansion

  • Cosmic Storm is the 4th expansion to Cosmic Encounter and is now live!
  • 25 new aliens added – Yes, more scary aliens!
  • 35 new cards added – Includes 25 flare cards and 10 space station cards.
  • 10 space station markers – Space Station Conquest variant introducing a new win condition.
  • 8 tokens added

Cosmic Encounter Improvements

  • Named Alien and Flare cards for ease of searching in the base game.
  • Added missing rotation snap points.
  • Fixed Tooltip for Alliance box.
  • Deleted duplicate tables which no longer make tables interactable.


  • AssetBundles are an advanced feature for those who want complete control over their custom objects with the power of the Unity engine.
  • Anything that Unity engine provides besides scripting can be exported as an AssetBundle and then reimported into Tabletop Simulator.
  • This includes full shader / material support, animations, sounds, lights, particles, and much more.
  • Better image quality thanks to better image compression.
  • Custom script TTSAssetBundleEffects to creating looping and trigger effects.
  • Custom script TTSAssetBundleSounds to override the games trigger and impact sounds.
  • The Modding Project can be downloaded on GitHub.
  • You can read all about AssetBundles at our Knowledge Base.

Custom Figurine Improvements

  • Added a back image option, so you can now have a different image for both sides.
  • Improved the aspect ratio stretch to be more accurate.
  • Reduced collision issue with super wide aspect ratio images.


  • Fixed tooltip for the Map Tiles in the Zombicide DLC.
  • Shaking object will now reset any slight rotation offset it has when picked up.
  • Copy and pasting objects are now placed more like expected, based on the object you are hovered over.
  • Optimized all of our default objects, removing unnecessary components.


  • Fixed issue with Color Tint not applying to more than one object when copy/pasting.
  • Fixed issue with being able to stack double sided tiles that don’t share the same backside image.

v7.10 (08/19/2016)

The Captain Is Dead DLC

  • Now available for $5.99 with a 10% off discount
  • Co-op game for 2-7 players, Ages 12 and up.
  • Only the host needs to own all our DLCs.

Superfight DLC Free Update

  • Both the Challenge (Yellow) and Green decks have been added as a free update.
  • The Challenge deck adds 100 new victory conditions for your fights.
  • The Green deck adds 100 kid-friendly cards to Superfight.
  • Updated Table texture with all deck info.
  • Only the host needs to own all our DLCs.

Updated Control Scheme

  • Improved Control Scheme for better visibility.
  • Different category sections, making it easier to find what you want.
  • Tooltips added to all sections with more info on what each option does.

Chat Improvements

  • You can now change the color of your chat in the Chat Settings menu.
  • This will change the chat background, chat icons and scrollbar.
  • Using this along with the Chat Opacity will give you more control in how readable your chat is.
  • Improved chat tabs text to be more readable and highlighted correctly.


  • BBCode for colors now works in Notecards.
  • You can now see players’ highlighted objects being manipulated by flip / rotate in games.


  • Fixed issue with objects not always being picked up if grabbing on the very edge when highlighted.
  • Fixed issue with pickup assist not working properly.
  • Fixed issue with Camera twitching when resetting in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with cards going off screen when hovering over them when they were enlarged in the deck search.

v7.9 (08/12/2016)

New Color Picker

  • Improved color picker to be more advanced.
  • You can change the RGB, Hex Code & HBS options.
  • Default colors are listed for your convenience.
  • This has been updated in the Contextual Menu Color Tint, Vector paint, Text Tool & Custom Object Specular color.

Improved Pickup Assist

  • This makes it easier to pick up objects giving a slight leeway on how close your mouse must be.
  • Objects will no longer accidentally be picked up when an object is not highlighted.
  • This will now scale based on the distance between the pointer and camera.
  • The object will now be highlighted if it will pick up with assist to avoid accidental pickup.
  • This has the same precision of the previous method, but now with an assist.

Chat Command Improvements

  • Reformatted the /help on both the Global and Game tabs to be easier to read.
  • Added /resetallsaved to the Global Chat command, so it can be used on both tabs.

Impact Sound Improvements

  • Clamps loudest sound possible.
  • Removed high pitch doppler sound effects.
  • Reduced overall amount of sounds that can occur at the same time.
  • Overall, the sound should be much nicer on the ears.


  • Improved accuracy of camera movement code so it isn’t slightly off.
  • When loading saves, it will let you know of any saved cameras the game has.
  • Made it impossible to resize chat window to be blocked by the top bar or go beyond the game itself.
  • Improved table flip so that the table doesn’t get stuck on flipped objects.
  • Optimized raycasts throughout code.


  • Fixed the text in the helper tooltip for Teams.
  • Fixed collision issues with the Three Cheers For Master DLC.
  • Fixed issue with being able to instantly pull item from stack or deck if you grabbed it slightly away from the object.
  • Fixed issue with sliding cards to bottom of decks not smoothly moving into the deck.
  • Fixed issue with Lift height and Rotation degrees randomly changing.
  • Fixed issue with the specular color messing up if reimporting in the custom model material menu.
  • Fixed collision clipping issue when using right click to pickup more than one object.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to remove more than one person from your Blocked list.
  • Fixed issue with Nudge not working on cardboard objects.

v7.8 (08/05/2016)

Three Cheers For Master DLC

  • Three Cheers For Master is now available for $4.99 with a 10% launch discount.
  • 2-6 Players | Ages 13 & Up | 20-40 Minutes
  • Read the frequently asked questions the tips and tricks here.
  • Only the host needs to own all our DLCs.

Wizard’s Academy Update

  • The order of the faculty boards now matches the listing in the cover Index.
  • Tooltips are hidden for Faculty boards.
  • Tooltip State numbers are now completely hidden for the 17 Rooms. A note of which can now be found at the bottom of the game boards description notes.
  • The word “Token” has been added to the following Water, Fire, Imp, Troll & Demon token piles for clarity.

Scythe Update

  • Tooltips hidden for player mats and structural bonus tiles

Zombicide Update

  • Tooltip states hidden for Character dashboards, main mission selector board and large map tiles in the main component box.

Simurgh Update

  • Fixed pedestal saying “Wood” instead of “Meat Tokens”.

DLC Overall Improvements

  • Updated all DLCs to make certain objects not interactable, like the custom floors, backgrounds, tables, etc.
  • If you’d like to do this for your own mods, check out our scripting example here.
  • This is a very simple script that anyone can use to add to their mods to make any object non-interactable.

TTS Deck Editor

  • The Deck Editor created by Froghut has been added to Windows builds in the modding folder.
  • Once verified it works on other platforms, it will be added to those folders as well.
  • You can download it for yourself here to see if it will work on your system.
  • The Deck Editor is a more enhanced and continually updated version of the old Deck Builder.
  • You can choose different deck sizes other than 10x7.
  • Another nice feature of this editor is the ability to upload exported decks directly to various image hosting sites.
  • If you have any issues or find any bugs, please post them in this thread for Froghut to look into and be sure to offer your gratitude for this great program.

Touch Support

  • Touch has been added back in.
  • Tutorial is now supported; play to learn the controls.
  • Supports gestures like pinch to zoom, panning, 2 finger panning, etc.
  • You can now swap between touch and mouse smoothly.
  • Not all tools are working yet for touch.

Saved Camera Improvements

  • Camera states now persist into save files and shared with everyone in the room.
  • Camera states are now no longer globally saved.
  • You can now remove a camera state by saving at it’s already saved position.
  • Camera state 0 will override the space bar position for everyone at the table instead of using the hand location.
  • To set Camera state 0, move where you want your space bar position to be and press Ctrl + 0. This is the new space bar position for all users
  • Camera Load hotkey has been changed to due to State conflicts.
  • Hotkeys: Camera load – “Shift + #” and Camera save – “Ctrl + #”.
  • It’s a great time to update your mods to add camera saves to help people navigate around the table more easily.

Scripting New Features & Improvements

  • Refactored code to make adding new features easier.
  • Speed improvement.
  • Added promoted, host, admin to the player class.
  • Object added tooltip bool.
  • Object Flip() fixed to function like ingame flip.
  • Object SetSmooth() added two optional bools collision, fast move.
  • Made x, y, z vectors more consistent so you can use numbered index (1,2,3) or letters (x,y,z).
  • Made r,g,b colors more consistent so you can use numbered index (1,2,3) or letters (r,g,b).
  • Added broadcastToAll(), broadcastToColor().
  • Fixed bug in scale().
  • Fixed scale parameter on spawnobject().


  • Lift height and rotation snap degrees are now saved between games (finally!).
  • Joints now survive between State changes.
  • Changing the table while having things in your hand will automatically be moved to the new location on the table.
  • Improved local files check to be more accurate.
  • Improved tutorial wording on certain steps to improve clarity.
  • Improved text readability at 2560x1440 resolution.
  • Hover flipping / rotating should be much more smooth.
  • Improved the landing of stacked objects when hover flipped, so they no longer explode.
  • Push changed from Shift to ‘N’ for Nudge.
  • Reduced flickering of player names on table surfaces.


  • Fixed table player names being wrong when joining late.
  • Fixed issue with the Notebook tabs being duplicated.
  • Fixed issue with “Back is hidden” not working for unique decks.
  • Fixed issue with local files checking the wrong input.
  • Fixed issue with hands facing the same way.
  • Fixed clients being unable to shuffle or shake dice.
  • Fixed custom card losing unique back status when saved and then loaded.
  • Fixed chat enter button not sliding to match chat size.
  • Fixed jointed objects & collision issues
  • Fixed bug where snap points and change color were duplicated up above.
  • Fixed issue with Contextual menu clumping.

v7.7 (07/08/2016)

Wizard’s Academy DLC

  • Wizard’s Academy is now available for $7.99 with a 20% launch discount.
  • 1-6 Players | Ages 12 & Up | 60+ Minutes
  • Only the host needs to own all our DLCs.

Mr. Game! DLC Updated

  • Enlarged board & tiles for game pieces to fit easily on each space.
  • Removed brown & teal seats plus cards/pawns.
  • Rotation snap points added on each space and removed the grid.
  • Thanks to TheRaven81 for these changes.

Move Under Command

  • You can now place objects under others without moving them.
  • Great for putting cards underneath another or mat.
  • The hotkey for this is “U”.
  • Hover over the object you want to place beneath another and press the U key.

VR Improvements

  • Added better loading screen so you know when the game is loading custom content.
  • Can now raise floor higher than table surface.
  • Adding sticky points to make it easier to raise the floor to the table surface or return it to the original position.
  • Can now text chat in VR with onscreen buttons.
  • Scaling up and down will keep you in the same place.
  • Hovering over the UI now works.
  • 2D Tooltips now work.
  • Contextual menu now properly works because UI hovering works.
  • 3D Tooltips locked objects now work on locked objects.
  • 3D Tooltips swapped to ngui for color support.
  • 3D Tooltips black outline to make them
  • 3D Tooltips now supports bbcode colors.
  • 3D Tooltips now word wrap.
  • Added a new transparent floor so you can see beneath you.
  • Improved zoom object hiding to be less sensitive (the point of the hiding is so you can’t see the backside of cards/tile).
  • Blindfold now works in VR; Added a UI button next to voice chat.
  • Selection box matches your player color now.
  • When spectator tracked controller properly goes grey.
  • Fixed zooming an object in spectator not working.
  • Deck search not completely functioning but will no longer be unclosable.

Contextual Menu Improvements

  • You can now turn tooltips on/off per object in the Toggles menu.
  • Added scaling to the contextual menu.
  • You can now press the rotate & scale buttons to continuously use those actions in the Contextual Menu.

Chat Improvements

  • Added a chat icon button on the bottom left window.
  • You can now click it to bring up the chat window and click the arrow to send the message.
  • This also works in VR.


  • Added an error message when uploading to Steam workshop or hosting in multiplayer with local files.
  • Notecards now hide name and description when flipped over.
  • Replaced “Animal” with “Villain” in the RPG Kit in the Chest.
  • Updated Steam invite friend message (It will also now show as a broadcast message).
  • Credits menu revamped to match the rest of the UI with added DLC & Tools sections.
  • Function hotkeys for Tools are hidden if not using keyboard or touch.
  • Zones are now much brighter and more visible.
  • Improved object raise height when doing hover flip / rotate. (Objects should fly around less)
  • Slightly improved the responsiveness when moving objects as the client.
  • Improved color selection spheres to be more visible.
  • Replace {Unique} tag for back urls to be much more robust.


  • Fixed issue with empty grid axis value causing crashes when lines are visible.
  • Fixed issue where Tablet doesn’t work correctly when scaled.
  • Fixed issue with player name placement being wrong for clients.
  • Fixed issue with Name and Description fields breaking.
  • Fixed issue with ALT Z rewinding time when typing in chat for some keyboards.
  • Fixed issue with clients getting stuck on loading / broken loading when the host rewinds time.
  • Fixed issue with the rotation of hands being messed up and facing the same direction for some users.
  • Fixed objects in infinite bags having snap points in the world.

v7.6 (06/21/2016)

Simurgh DLC

  • Simurgh by NSKN Games is now in Tabletop Simulator.
  • The regular price is $6.99 but there is a 30% launch discount for the week.
  • 2-5 players, 14 & up.
  • Like all our DLCs, only the host needs to own the game for everyone else to play.

Tiny Epic Galaxies Improvements

  • Removed random extra red ship.
  • Resized red ship states since they were smaller than the rest.

VR Improvements

  • VR players are now semi-transparent to regular players.
  • Tooltips added when hovering over an object just like in the base game.
  • Sharper image and texture quality thanks to 1.25 resolution scale.
  • You can control this resolution scale using /vrresscale # in the game tab. (Be careful with this setting)
  • Updated the tutorial to support VR and added VR specific steps for the transform gizmo (scale, rotate, floor).
  • Make sure to play through the tutorial to learn all of the controls.
  • Lowered the big screen UI to reduce neck strain.
  • You can now shrink much smaller using the transform gizmo.
  • VR tool support for pixel paint, zones, line, flick, and joint (More coming).
  • You can now interact with 3d UI elements like scripts buttons or counters.
  • Improved performance due to a smaller resolution on the spectator view.
  • Fixed objects getting stuck picking up for a hand.
  • Fixed being unable to pick up layered cards like in solitaire.
  • Fixed voice chat not turning off if toggle voice was enabled in the configuration menu.
  • Fixed tooltips appearing when hovering over with the your regular mouse.

UI Scaling

  • You can now scale the UI 75 – 125% of its normal size.
  • You can do this in the Configuration -> UI menu.
  • This works in both the normal and VR modes.


  • The tutorial will now know what input device you are using Mouse / Controller / VR and adjust the tutorial and prompts to match the device.


  • Fixed very large VR vive indicators on Mac and Linux.
  • Fixed the messed up order of keybinds in the configuration menu.
  • Fixed issue with flipping table clipping and getting stuck in the air.

v7.5 (06/10/2016)

VR Transform Gizmo

  • Added a transform gizmo that makes it easy to scale, rotation or lift the floor up and down.
  • Holding down both grip buttons activates the transform gizmo.
  • Using your controllers to gesture the 3 possible interactions.
  • Pinch to zoom gesture will scale the player up and down.
  • Up and down gesture will raise or lower the floor.
  • Rotation gesture will spin the orientation of the player.

VR Improvements

  • Added a voice chat toggle on the UI.
  • Added VR text input support using the SteamVR overlay.
  • Added a finger markings on the trackpads to see where you are touching them.
  • Added object highlighting support just like in the normal game.
  • You will now automatically teleport to starting position & rotation of the color you choose.
  • Reduced the stuttering during loading of mods.
  • Improved the resolution of the spectator / recording camera to 1080p.
  • Improved resolution of the UI for improved clarity up close.
  • Laser line is now hidden for other players but the tip will still be visible.
  • Laser tip is now colored to match the player’s color.
  • Fixed UI scale being based on resolution of the spectator / recording camera.
  • Fixed VR grabbing through a locked object not working.

VR Known Issues:

  • None of the tools work yet.
  • 3D UI interactions don’t work yet.
  • Tooltips are not working yet.

Loading Improvements

  • Improved error handling when failing to load images.
  • Fixed issue with Memory leak sometimes occurring when an image fails to load correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with loading getting stuck on the screen.


  • Fixed crash for clients connecting to host when there is a visible grid.
  • Fixed collider issues with Zombicide.
  • Fixed hand rotation on Zombicide.
  • Added launched command ‘-nointro’ an alternative to ‘-novid’.

v7.4 (06/03/2016)

VR HTC Vive Support

  • This support is considered an alpha test, we are getting it out early so we can get feedback as soon as possible.
  • Note: Mods with tons of assets might lag the game enough to make them unplayable with VR, we cannot ensure a smooth experience on mods.
  • All of our content including DLCs should run fine on the recommended VR specs everyone is used to.
  • Not everything is working correctly including (3D UI interactions, Any of the Tools, Tooltips, Highlighting, etc.)
  • Test it out and post all feedback, suggestions and issues on our forums.

VR Controls:

  • You can picked up objects two ways, either using the laser pointer or picking up like you would in real life.
  • While holding an object you can swap between the two methods (laser or held) by pressing the grip button.
  • If you want a closer look at an object, hover over the object and press the grip button (ALT Zoom).
  • The virtual dpad has 5 actions mapped to it: Flip (Down), Rotate Left (Left), Rotate Right (Right), Raise / Randomize (Up), and Teleport (Center).
  • All dpad actions besides teleport can be used when holding or hovering over an object(s).
  • Teleporting is done by holding down center and then using the trigger to teleport to the destination.
  • Box selection to pick up multiple items can be done by dragging a box using the trigger (Highlighting not yet implemented).
  • The menu button can be used to bring up the escape menu or the contextual menu when hovering over an object.
  • Currently, you’ll have to use a keyboard for any typing (inputting passwords, etc).

Zombicide DLC

  • Our latest game Zombicide by Cool Mini or Not is now released as DLC.
  • The regular price is $9.99 but there is a 30% launch discount for the week.
  • 1-6 players, 14 & up.
  • Like all our DLCs, only the host needs to own the game for everyone else to play.
  • The “Gizmo-Tron 9000” on the table uses states to add various missions on the mission board to help set up your games. Hover over it for info.

Superfight DLC

  • Updated Superfight to have a proper theme like all of our other DLCs.
  • 2 extra seats were added to allow up to 10 players.
  • Counters added to the table to keep score easily.
  • Active player markers “Champion” & “Challenger” added to go with the theme.

Lua Scripting Improvements

  • Added getHandObjects() to Player.
  • Added onObjectPickedUp() event.
  • Added onObjectDropped() event.
  • Fixed issue with Lua interactable not working on clients.

Workshop Upload/Update Improvements

  • Automatically subscribe to a mod you uploaded and download it right away.
  • Automatically download the update for a mod you just updated.


  • Removed Public Searching as it was very buggy all around. The new private search was meant to replace the old one.
  • Removed physics explosion being possible if moving an object quickly through another, then dropping it.
  • Added an error message if a user tries to use an image larger than 10k.
  • Optimized network traffic for syncing pointer positions.
  • The confirmation dialog now stands out more by darkening the background.


  • Fixed issue with game crashing when pressing the X button (finally!)
  • Fixed issue with ALT Zoom not working for infinite custom objects.

v7.3 (05/06/2016)

Mr. Game! DLC

  • Our next DLC Mr. Game! by Game Revenant is now live!
  • Mr. Game! Is on sale for 30% off its first week of release.
  • You can read more about Mr. Game! on the official website.
  • Mr. Game! is a modern take on the classic family “roll-and-move” genre of board games. It’s a race-to-the-finish where the goal is constantly changing, and so are the rules! An innovative tabletop experience where one player wields the power to dramatically alter the game at a moment’s notice. What kind of “Mr. Game” will you be?”

Locked Physics Mode

  • In the Host -> Options, you have a choice between Full (regular physics), Semi-Lock (reduced physics) and the new Locked (minimal physics) mode.
  • Locked Physics is best for serious games or game building where you don’t want the physics to mess you up.
  • There is no throwing, clumping, lowering, or pushing and objects will always auto raise in Locked mode.

Global Alert Messages

  • You will now see messages on the top center of your screen when there are any errors.
  • Messages stay for only a couple seconds before fading out.
  • Important messages (updates, server reboots) will be shown in pink with [BROADCAST] next to it in the top center of your screen as well as in global chat.
  • To get [BROADCAST] messages, you need to be opted into Global Chat.
  • You can opt in to Global Chat by opening the Chat settings and making sure the IRC box is checked.

Stability Improvements

  • Fixed memory leak mostly caused from ALT zooming.
  • Overall crash reduction.
  • Optimized meshes and fixed meshes memory leak.
  • This memory leak could be the reason why some of you had random crashes every so often.

ALT Zoom Improvements

  • Alt zoom now automatically picks tallest dimension for zoom.
  • Optimized ALT zoom performance.
  • Tall things like figurines, you’ll now see from the front.
  • ALT zoom now works on infinite bags by showing the infinite object.
  • Improved object clipping on screen.

Transparent Card Support

  • Cards now support transparent images.
  • This will work great for any games that require cards that have some type of transparency.
  • When transparent cards are stacked, only the top card will be shown as transparent, but cards underneath will not show through.

Lua Scripting Improvements

    • Lua Print now works with any color.
    • Fixed Moving Objects with Multiple Colliders out of a Scripting Zone fires Enter Event and Leave Event.
    • Fixed multiple tabs being selected in Lua editor.
    • Fixed Lua interactable locking the object.
    • Fixed getScale() returning an incorrect value.
    • Fixed yaw and pitch parameters on Player.lookAt().
    • Added Timer class.
    • Added onLoad() as optional alternate spelling for onload() (they both work and do the same thing).
    • Added onSave() event.
    • Added optional parameter to onLoad() for the save string.
    • Added script_state to Object and Global.
    • Added script_code to Global.
    • Deprecated callLuaFunctionInOtherScript(). Use obj/ now. Returns the value returned by the called function.
    • Added onAttack() to RPGFigurine.
    • Added onHit() to RPGFigurine.
    • Added promoted to Player.
    • Added team to Player.
    • Added kick() to Player.
    • Added mute() to Player.
    • Added promote() to Player.
    • Added changeColor() to Player.
    • Added changeTeam() to Player.
    • Added player who clicked the button to button click function parameters.

For example:

function click_function(clicked_object, player)
— body …

  • Updated and new scripting guides can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Lua Button Improvements

  • Text is less pixelated on buttons.
  • Increased the max size of the text by 2.5 times.
  • Made buttons look more rounded / more like buttons.


  • Added warning message when playing with someone on your block list when you aren’t the host.
  • There’s now less explosion for big objects that re-spawn after falling off the table.
  • PNGs that have no transparency use less memory and gpu usage.
  • Moved the song “On Hold” from the Cinematic category to Children’s (Ha ha).


  • Fixed issue where all items in the Saved Objects menu would overlap into one line.
  • Fixed host ‘Notepad’ permissions, so it now also works on the Notebook.
  • Fixed issue with custom objects falling through the table over and over again when spawning on a grid.
  • Fixed issue with hover flip bugging out for certain objects before grabbing them.
  • Fixed issue when pressing tab in an input field moves the pointer to the center position.
  • Fixed issue with the red spacer in public deck searching.

v7.2 (04/29/2016)

Euphoria DLC Update

  • Added a custom background.
  • Added custom table with rotating propellers.
  • Added rulebook (states) on the table.

Mistfall DLC Update

  • Added a custom background.
  • Fixed spelling/punctuation mistakes in tooltips.
  • Created new rule books/quest guide as states to match the theme.
  • Tablets with rules moved inside the Mistfall game box.

Custom Tile – Mat

  • In the Custom Tile object, there is a new type called Mat.
  • Check this if you want to create custom Mats with rounded corners.
  • Custom tiles will now scale to match the aspect ratio of the image.

Cloud Manager Improvements

  • ‘Cloud’ in the top menu has been renamed to Cloud Manager.
  • You can now upload files to cloud within the cloud manager.
  • Menu now shows your cloud space usage.
  • Menu will give a warning when you’re low on space.
  • When you click on a file, it will copy to the clipboard.
  • Fixed escape key not closing the menu.

Lua Scripting Improvements

  • Added TextTool class to Object.
  • Fixed getTable() and setTable() when using tables of tables.
  • Added next player to onPlayerTurnEnd().
  • Added previous player to onPlayerTurnStart().
  • Added use_grid to Object.
  • Added use_snap_points to Object.
  • Added auto_raise to Object.
  • Added sticky to Object.
  • Added interactable to Object.
  • Deprecated getPlayer().
  • Made Player class a static global class. For example, use Player.Red.seated to see if someone is seated in player Red.
  • Added steam_id to Player.
  • Added JSON static global class.
  • Added lookAt() to Player.
  • Added right Click TextTool to copy GUID to clipboard.
  • Added attachCameraToObject() to Player.
  • Fixed editButton() swapping y and z axes for position/rotation if they are not provided in the parameters.
  • Converted Lua Player class to Global static Player class.
  • Fixed issue with Lua scripting buttons not syncing correctly.
  • Fixed issue with TakeObject from bag with scripting collision.

Scaling Improvements

  • Scaling steps are now much smaller for more accuracy.
  • The range you can scale objects is much larger.
  • You can now hold down the scaling button (+/-) and it will continuously scale.


  • Greatly optimized physics performance when having a lot of unlocked objects.
  • Optimized stutter causing garbage collection.
  • Optimized physics collision code.


  • Improved the dealing of cards, by having cards automatically go to the right/end of cards in your hand so you will always know the placement.
  • File Browser will now remember the last size and position of the window after closing.
  • Vector lines drawn on objects now hide in hidden areas.
  • Added sales percentages to DLC menu when they go on sale.
  • Reduced physics explosion when multiple objects are trying to snap to the grid.
  • Fixed stretching on the Lua Scripting buttons.


  • Fixed issue with custom tokens duplicating when pressing ALT+right click.
  • FIxed issue with custom backgrounds to fix clipping.
  • Fixed issue with custom object not being highlighted when custom menu is open.
  • Fixed issue with game crashing when lots of jigsaw pieces collide.
  • Fixed issue with Infinite bags floating away into the air with certain objects inside.
  • Fixed custom tile collision issues.
  • Fixed issue with decks taking the name of cards if they both have the same name.

v7.1 (04/22/2016)

File Browser

  • You can now easily import files from your computer into your games to create custom content.
  • You can choose from using Steam Cloud to import files or your local files.
  • Use local files for internal testing. (This will not work in multiplayer).
  • The browser lets you create favorites, view your recent folders, create folders and much more!
  • To bring up the file browser just click the folder icon next to any URL input field.

Steam Cloud

  • You can now use the in-game File Browser to import files to Steam Cloud.
  • This is a great alternative to using external image hosting sites.
  • Use this option when you will be sharing your games for multiplayer use.
  • You can manage files uploaded to the cloud with Menu -> Cloud.
  • From the Cloud menu you can delete files or preview them by clicking on them.
  • There is a 1GB limit on your Steam Cloud.

Lua Scripting Updates

    • Fixed setTable() not working correctly when called from the Global script.
    • Added default pokerchips’ values to getObject().
    • Changed spawnObject() to no longer snap objects to the grid by default if the grid is turned on. Added optional “snap_to_grid” parameter to allow spawnObject() to snap to the grid if the grid is turned on.
    • Added getNotebookTabs().
    • Added editNotebookTab().
    • Added addNotebookTab().
    • Added removeNotebookTab().
    • Changed takeObject() to accept an array or table for position and rotation.
    • Added clearPixelPaint().
    • Added clearVectorPaint().
    • Added copy().
    • Added paste().
    • Added clone() to Object.
    • Added RPGFigurine Class.
    • Add getLuaScript() to Object.
    • Changed scaleAllAxes() to overload scale().
    • Fixed 3D UI buttons not hiding in hidden zones.
    • Added Lua script_code member variable for Objects.
    • Added auto updating to Lua Atom Plugin Editor.
    • Added getCustomObject() function to Object.
    • Adding script to an object automatically opens it in Atom Editor if Atom is open.
    • Loading a game automatically uploads all the scripts to Atom if Atom is open.
    • All print() functions upload their messages to Atom’s console (ctrl + alt + i).
    • All Lua errors are uploaded to Atom’s console.
    • Added getLuaScript().
    • Changed scaleAllAxes() to scale() overload.
    • Fixed getCustomObject().
    • Fixed issues with Lua Atom Editor plugin.

Prefer another text editor other Atom? Take look at our External Editor API to make your own plugin.

Joint Improvements

  • Joint menu will now be initialized with the value of the current joint.
  • The object that it is jointed to is now highlighted in a dark pink.
  • This should allow you to figure out how people have created their joints, making it easier to understand and create on your own.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms DLC

  • Fixed base game territories to their proper images.
  • Added standing/laying down states to Meeples.
  • Added Hidden Zones at each seat for dice rolls.


  • Lua Buttons are no longer visible in Hidden Zones.
  • You can no longer activate the UI by clicking the MMB.
  • More optimizations to reduce stutters.


  • Fixed issue with MMB toggle zoom being activated instead of flip when bag search is open.
  • Fixed issue with Infinite object preview being massive.
  • Fixed issue with the chest saved objects drop down menu trashcan showing and disappearing after hover.
  • Fixed issue with late joining player loading on tablet.
  • Fixed blocky fonts on Mac.
  • Fixed issue with Teal and brown names not showing up on table surface.
  • Fixed lift height issues with jointed objects.
  • Fixed issue with cloud syncing on Mac and Linux not working.
  • Fixed issue with Tablet not working on Mac.
  • Fixed issue with search bags with custom objects.
  • Fixed camera floating away on certain saves.
  • Fixed box selection not working on certain saves.
  • Fixed adding object to search menu would flicker and not work.
  • Fixed being able to adding an object to itself with search.
  • Fixed pointers not hiding in hidden areas.
  • Fixed background in the RARRR!! DLC.
  • Fixed issue with sliding cards under bottom of decks not working with smaller deck sizes.
  • Fixed Semi-Lock not working.
  • Fixed certain sounds being 3D positional when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed infinite bag objects not being properly scaled down.
  • Fixed issue with objects casting shadows with holes.
  • Fixed flipping object with middle mouse in search menu.
  • Fixed trash cans showing up incorrectly in saved objects.
  • Fixed issue with custom material not assigning correctly.
  • Fixed issue changing texture on duplicated object change it for clones.

v7.0 (04/04/2016)

Unity 5 Upgrade


  • Overall performance improvements
  • Physics stability and performance
  • Objects will no longer go through each other
  • Optimized many scripts for improved performance
  • Loading objects is much faster
  • No more hard locks when cleaning up tons of objects
  • Stutter reduction from optimizations
  • Joints are much more solid and don’t jitter like before
  • Greatly improved the accuracy of auto raise
  • Zones (Hidden, Lua, etc.) are now much more reliable
  • Increased the number of objects that can be selected / grabbed from 64 to 128


  • Concave/Nonconvex colliders are only supported for locked objects.
  • Touch input is currently disabled for porting to Unity 5.
  • Linux Tablet not working properly.

Compound Colliders

  • Because Unity 5 doesn’t support concave colliders on non-static objects we now support compound colliders on Custom Models.
  • Compound colliders can be used to make an object have concave collision by separating the collider into multiple meshes in one .obj file.
  • Compound colliders are only supported when non-convex is not checkboxed.

Tiny Epic Kingdom DLC

  • In Tiny Epic Kingdoms, you rule! But whether you reign supreme or crumble under pressure is entirely in your hands.
  • Tiny Epic Kingdom is now available for $6.99.
  • It includes the Heroes Call expansion.
  • 2-5 players, ages 14+.
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC.


  • RARRR!! is APE’s card game of earth-shaking battles between giant Japanese movie monsters (daikaiju).
  • RARRR!! Is now available for $4.99
  • 3-6 players, ages 8+
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC.

Lua Improvements

  • Added onCollision events for objects.
  • New scripting example Roulette:
  • This example demonstrates coroutines and onCollision events.
  • Added GUIDs to Lua editor tabs in game.

Lua Atom Editor Plugin

  • There is now an Atom plugin for use as an external text editor.
  • It supports downloading the scripts and uploading them back into the game with save & play functionality.
  • Supports autocomplete for all of the script classes (except player class).
  • See how to get it setup here.

Hand Zone Improvements

  • Cards in hand will now use the entire width of the hand allowing for massive hands.
  • Improved the layering effects to be less linear.

DLC Improvements

  • Owned expansions for DLCs now load up automatically when loading from the menu.
  • On connecting to server, clients knows all the DLCs the host has.
  • Background boxes are more consistent with the rest of games menu.


  • Lightened the black (Game Master) color so it’s more readable in the Notebook and Names window.
  • Optimized garbage collection for less stutters.
  • Greatly reduced CPU usage on duplicate objects in the game. You can see upwards of 40% increase in performance on super large mods with many similar objects.
  • Optimized all cards, bags, stacked objects.
  • Optimized hands and joints.
  • Reduced hitch when picking up lots of objects.


  • Fixed issue with delete button for workshop menu not working.
  • Fixed issue with expanding the Workshop/Load menu, brings it in the wrong sort order.
  • Custom tiles now properly show up when expanding save.
  • Fixed issue with bbcode not working for the onscreen notes.
  • Fixed rewind arrows being too transparent.
  • Fixed issue when using the mouse wheel to scroll on notebook / luascript editor zooming camera in and out.
  • Fixed the text error in the rules for Go.
  • Fixed “Remove Blindfold” button being stuck when activating F11.
  • Fixed issue with Digital Clock being used when digital is checked off in permissions.
  • Fixed issue with setting number on massive dice not working.
  • Fixed floating hand bug.
  • Fixed issue with flipping things with buttons causing them to explode.
  • Fixed Lua spawn callback firing too fast.
  • Fixed stretching/distortion of cards when threading is off.
  • Fixed issue with taking Custom Objects from Infinite Bags via Scripting causes collisions with the bags.

v6.9, Unity 5 Beta 4 (03/28/2016)

Unity 5 Improvements over Unity 4


  • Overall performance improvements.
  • Physics stability and performance.
  • Objects will no longer go through each other.
  • Optimized many scripts for improved performance.
  • Loading objects is much faster.
  • No more hard locks when cleaning up tons of objects.
  • Stutter reduction.
  • Joints are much more solid and don’t jitter like before.
  • Greatly improved the accuracy of auto raise.
  • Zones (Hidden, Lua, etc.) are now much more reliable.
  • Increased the number of objects that can be selected / grabbed from 64 to 128.


  • Concave/Nonconvex colliders are only supported for locked objects.
  • Touch input is currently disabled for porting to Unity 5.
  • Tablet screen is not working.
  • All sounds aren’t working on Linux.
  • LINUX USERS: Add -force-opengl to the launch parameters otherwise the game will crash. This is a Unity bug in Unity 5 that Unity is planning on fixing at some point.
  • Minimum requirements Windows XP SP2.
  • Minimum requirements Mac OS X 10.8.

Lua Scripting

  • Fixed Counter setValue() not synchronizing across network.
  • Fixed LuaButtons being tied to the Digital Permissions setting.
  • Fixed Lua scripting GetTable().
  • Copy paste in Lua editor is now working.

Hand Zone Improvements

  • Cards in hand will now use the entire width of the hand allowing massive hands.
  • Improved the layering effects to be less linear.


  • Compound collider support using multiple meshes for custom models.
  • Zone box near pointer shows for all zones instead of just hidden ones.
  • Increased the max amount of vector paint lines that can be drawn.
  • Optimizations on stutter causing issues.


  • Fixed scroll wheel zooming camera in and out on notebook and lua notebook.
  • Fixed issue with Lan not working.
  • Fixed issue with Voice Chat being really quiet.
  • Fixed cloning infinite bag bug creating garbage in save file.
  • Fixed jittering cards in hand and other issues.
  • Fixed tablet not working on Mac and maybe on Linux.
  • Fixed “Remove Blindfold” button being stuck when activating F11.
  • Fixed issue with 3D Text Tool hovering not working.
  • Fixed auto raise bug.
  • Fixed threading mod loading on Linux.
  • Fixed voice chat volume being way too low.
  • Fixed non-convex objects falling through the table.
  • Fixed end turn button making button sound twice.
  • Fixed cloning infinite bag bug creating garbage in save file.
  • Fixed jittering cards in hand and other issues.
  • Fixed issue when hovering over trash can in the Workshop, Save/Load menus.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to delete newly created snap points.
  • Fixed issue with Digital Clock being used when digital is checked off in permissions.
  • Fixed issue where players can type numbers in the counter when digital permission is checked off.
  • Fixed transparency issues on miscellaneous UI elements.

Update v6.9 (03/18/2016)

Live Build:

Scripting Improvements

  • Fixed getSeatedPlayers(). Deep copy of playerlist now.
  • Reordered parameters on setGlobalScriptTable().
  • Fixed setTable(). It wasn’t working right in the first place.
  • Fixed setGlobalScriptTable(). It wasn’t working right in the first place.
  • getPointerPosition() and getPointerRotation() now return nil if passed a player color that is not seated
  • colorToPlayerName() now returns nil if the player color is not seated and lets execution of the script continue.
  • Removed error message from getObjectFromGUID(). It just returns nil which the scripter can check for.
  • onPlayerTurnStart() is now called after player clicks OK in hotseat mode.
  • Added “Global” global reference to Object and Global. Should only be used for referencing things that the Global Script owns.
  • Deprecated getGlobalScriptVar(), setGlobalScriptVar(), getGlobalScriptTable(), setGlobalScriptTable(). Use Global.getVar(), Global.setVar(), Global.getTable(), Global.setTable() instead.
  • takeObject() gains an optional parameter ‘callback_owner’.
  • Added “resting” member variable to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Spectators can no longer click on Lua created buttons.
  • spawnObject() now takes a Table for a parameter which includes a callback function.
  • Can now call createButton() immediately after clearButtons() in the same frame.
  • Added Player class and getPlayer() function.
  • Player class can get and set lift height for a player.
  • Player class can tell if player is blindfolded. Setting this just calls blind()/unblind().
  • Player class has blind() and unblind().
  • Deprecated getPointerPosition(), getPointerRotation(), and getPlayerHandPositionAndRotation(). They are now in the Player class as getPointerPosition(), getPointerRotation(), and getPlayerHand().
  • Deprecated colorToPlayerName(). It is now in the Player class as steam_name member variable.
  • Added Counter class.
  • Added Tablet URL to getValue() and setValue().
  • Fixed multiple buttons on a single object not syncing to players who joined late.
  • Added addForce() and addTorque() to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added getVelocity() and getAngularVelocity() to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added mass member variable to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added use_gravity member variable to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added drag member variable to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added angular_drag member variable to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added static_friction member variable to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added dynamic_friction member variable to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added bounciness member variable to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added held_by_color member variable to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added guid member variable to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added missing parameters for setCustomObject for Custom Model.
  • Added spawn Custom Figurine, Custom Board, Custom Tile, Custom Token, and Custom Dice.
  • Added onPickedUp() and onDropped() events to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • takeObject() called from a deck will now take the top card and not the bottom by default.
  • Added optional parameter to takeObject() for deck that will take from either the top or the bottom. Defaults to top.
  • Fixed setRotationSmooth() and rotate() for (0, 0, 0).
  • Objects taken from a container default to the rotation of the container if no rotation is provided in the parameters. If you set the rotation on a card but want to keep it facing (up/down) the same way as the deck, set the z component in the rotation parameter to the the z component of the deck via deck.getRotation().z.
  • onObjectDestroyed() now has the object reference as a parameter. It has 1 frame left to live. It fires immediately before the object’s onDestroy() event.
  • Added getButtons() to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Added removeButton() to LuaGameObjectScript. It takes a frame for the button to be removed so multiple buttons can be removed in the same frame with their indices being preserved. In the following frame, the indices of any existing buttons are updated to their new locations as children on the object.
  • Added editButton() to LuaGameObjectScript.
  • Calling getObjects() on a deck now returns a list of the cards with their indices inside the deck.
  • takeObject() can remove a card from a deck based on its index in the deck.
  • Added cut() for stacks and decks.
  • Added getStateCount(), shuffleStates(), and setState() to LuaGameObjectScript.

Beta – Unity 5:


  • Overall performance improvements.
  • Physics stability and performance.
  • Objects will no longer go through each other.
  • Optimized many scripts for improved performance.
  • Stutter reduction.
  • Greatly improved the accuracy of auto raise.
  • Zones (Hidden, Lua, etc.) are now much more reliable.
  • Increased the number of objects that can be selected / grabbed from 64 to 128.
  • UI should be much more responsive.
  • Box select now works properly when 3D Text is selected.


  • Concave/Nonconvex colliders are only supported for locked objects.
  • Touch input is currently disabled for porting to Unity 5.
  • Tablet screen is not working.
  • All sounds aren’t working on Linux.
  • LINUX USERS: Add -force-opengl to the launch parameters otherwise the game will crash. This is a Unity bug in Unity 5 that Unity is planning on fixing at some point.
  • Minimum requirements Windows XP SP2
  • Minimum requirements Mac OS X 10.8

Update v6.8 (03/04/2016)

Scythe Improvements

  • Optimized ram usage.
  • Fixed issue with hand zones and cards going into the table.
  • Fixed rotational snap points on the engineering player mat.
  • Moved all the hidden zones a little bit further from the card decks on the board to stop them swallowing mis-dropped cards.
  • Added a qualifier to the custom combat card (no other game rules apply to it).
  • Moved the second set of hand zones a bit further back to stop cards accidentally migrating into them.

Battle For Souls Improvements

  • Fixed issue with a deck not being named.
  • Fixed rules in the Notebook.

API Improvements

  • Overall API improvements and unification.
  • Will try to avoid breaking backwards compatibility on scripting for future patches.
  • Changed createButton(), takeCardFromDeck() removed, takeObject() works for all container.
  • Added clearButtons(), onDestroy(), onObjectDestroyed(), onPlayerTurnStart() and onPlayerTurnEnd().
  • You can now pull the last card out of a deck if done in the same frame.
  • Fixed many broken functions like printToColor().
  • Fixed auto run scripts checkbox causing errors.
  • Fixed broken tabs in script editor.
  • Fixed onload not being called for objects spawned after the initial load.
  • Fixed assigning table returned from our function to something else not working.
  • Check out our Chess Clock example script on the Workshop.
  • Check the updated API page for all the changes.
  • If you have any suggestions or find any issues for Scripting, please post in this thread.


  • Improved object spawning positioning (copy paste, saved objects, search, etc).
  • Added whispering to Teal and Brown players.
  • Increased chat history by 4 times the original amount.


  • Fixed issue with performance degradation after v6.7 (Ram and stuttering).
  • Fixed issue with Tooltip messages getting cut off due to resolution sizes above and below the norm.
  • Fixed chat tab lag with a lot of messages in history.
  • Fixed issue with digital counters not working after v6.7.
  • Fixed issue with Hand Zones are duplicating.
  • Fixed issue with cards in hand spazzing out.

Update v6.7 (02/26/2016)

Scythe DLC

  • Scythe is now available for $7.99 with a 20% discount for the week.
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC.
  • Available for 1-5 players and approximately 115 minutes of gameplay.
  • When hovering over objects, be sure to leave it there longer to get the full description as there is a lot to read through.
  • Start in the middle of the table where the Faction Selection Cards are. Hover over it to read more.
  • The rulebooks can be found on the side table.
  • The reference guide is available in multiple languages. Scroll through the pages to find your language.

10 Player Colors

  • 2 seats have been added to allow up to 10 players.
  • The new colors are teal and brown.
  • All pointers have been updated with the new colors.
  • Color wheel has been updated with the new colors.
  • Only the custom rectangle table allows 10 players by default.
  • You can use the Hand Zones to create hands on other tables.
  • The more players, the more bandwidth that will be used, so use discretion when hosting.

Scripting Improvements

  • Lua script API has overhauled to an object oriented approach.
  • See Blackjack example on the Workshop.
  • Overall API cleanup for improved consistency.
  • New functions added to the API.
  • Object and Global API unified (only ‘self’ is unique to Object scripts).
  • Removed redundant function calls (all the ForGameObject).
  • Added a save and play button to the script editor for improved iteration times.
  • Improved debugging with line number and object occurred on.
  • Auto run checkbox to stop scripts from automatically firing after loading.
  • Scripting can now be turned off in the host options menu.
  • New chat command /clear to remove all chat messages from that tab.
  • Security and sandboxing improvements.
  • Optimized Lua calls to generate less garbage collection.
  • Fixed rotation issues on scripting buttons.
  • Added resizing for the scripting editor.
  • We are working on updating the Scripting pages in the Knowledge Base (in progress).
  • Fixed issue with scripting button not being created on clients machines all the time.
  • Fixed issue with SetSmoothRotate(0,0,0) not working in Lua.
  • Fixed issue with Lua SetRotation not working.
  • Fixed many other bugs and issues with scripting.

Notebook Improvements

  • Added resizing to the Notebook window.
  • Notebook has been updated with the new colors.
  • Spectators can no longer see the different pages in the Notebook, just the rules tab by default.


  • Revamped Workshop import/update menu so they now match the rest of the UI.
  • Stacked objects no longer offset from mouse when picked up.
  • Improved deselect object on search so it doesn’t mirror actions onto it.
  • Added highlight around Zone dragging for improved visibility.
  • Optimized autosave to reduce stutters, especially when using lots of states.
  • Vector paint ‘delete all’ button now gives a yes/no prompt.
  • Increased the camera max distance.
  • Custom Model now has the option to toggle off casting shadows.


  • Fixed issue where the client’s search icon was not cleaning up on bag searching.
  • Fixed issue where the notebook menu tabs would clump when loading 2 default games in a row.
  • Fixed issues with black meshes in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with the Workshop upload field being empty.
  • Fixed the game name for Cosmic Encounter showing up incorrectly in the Server Browser.

Update v6.6 (02/15/2016)


  • This is an advanced feature for our users who wish to add scripts to their games.
  • We are using LUA as our scripting language.
  • API is still under development and could possibly change.
  • Scripting Zones can be found under the Zones tab in the side menu.
  • These zones can be used for whatever scripts you add to this particular zone like adding things up for example.
  • Scripting Editor can be found under Host -> Scripting.
  • Alternatively, you can right click an object and hover over the Scripting option to either open up the editor or copy the GUID of that particular object to paste into the editor.
  • The tab names for each script are named based off the model name or the name you give in the Name area of the contextual menu.
  • Object will be highlighted when you click on the scripting tab of that object.
  • There is a new section for scripting on the Workshop, so you can tag your games appropriately.
  • Example of a script we created in-game for Blackjack. Make sure to have the chat game tab open so you can see the actions.
  • More information can be found in the Scripting page of our Knowledge Base and will be continuously updated as we add more options.
  • As scripting is still a work in progress, please post any suggestions you may have for improvements and desired features on our official forums.

Bag Searching

  • You can now search in bags in a similar fashion as the private deck searching.
  • Right click on the back and choose “Search”.
  • Just like Private Deck Searching, you can also Name each item prior to putting them in the bag so the names are listed.
  • You can also flip objects and use Q/E to rotate them in the Private Deck Searching.
  • You can ALT Zoom and scroll in and out as well.
  • Custom cards/decks only partially work in bags.

Cosmic Encounter DLC

  • Updated Cosmic Encounter to prepare for future expansions.
  • Expansion #2 Cosmic Conflict is now available for $2.99.
  • This expansion adds a 7th player, 20 new aliens, and the Hazards deck.
  • To load expansions, always load the base game first. Then go back to the menu and add in the expansions you want.

Card Search Improvements

  • You can now flip cards and use Q/E to rotate cards in the Private Deck Searching.
  • ALT Zoom now works in private search.
  • You can also use the MMB to zoom in and out.


  • Improved Battle For Souls by adding the player 3 and 4 spots. You will need to join the same team to share hidden info.
  • The infinite bag is now animated when you put an item in and resetting the bag.
  • Added a confirmation window for ‘deleting all’ in the Tools menu.
  • Added a “delete all’ button for Snap Points.
  • Cards (not just decks) are now persistent.
  • Improved accuracy of sticky object pickup.
  • Added a tooltip to Mp3 Player for the current song.
  • Improved the stability of loading massive mods with very large textures.
  • Snap points now overlap in order of creation.
  • Added a pulsing animation to the search icons so they are more noticeable.
  • Added blindfold messages so you know that you cannot read others players’ blindfold messages when blindfolded.
  • Reset deck now preserves all the settings better.
  • Objects removed from the search menu will now snap to grid or snap point.
  • Graphics.json config file is now always created.
  • The tab key now works as ‘indent’ in the notebook / scripting editor.
  • Text caret will always remain visible when typing in Notebook/Scripting Editor.
  • Snap points can now be dragged around by holding the point and moving it without having to delete and recreating the point.
  • Snap points can now be dragged around by holding the point and moving it without having to delete and recreating the point.
  • Poker table camera revamped to work like traditional tables.


  • Fixed issue where the custom tile bottom image URL box not highlighting.
  • Fixed issue with server browser getting infinite loop.
  • Fixed issue with search not working.
  • Fixed chest saved object menu being not working.
  • Fixed public search being able to rearrange the cards.
  • Fixed issue with UI Saved Objects menu messing up.
  • Fixed issue with public card search not working.
  • Fixed issue with Scrolling card search with MMB breaking after dragging.
  • Fixed issue with table player names clipping into objects and disappearing.
  • Controller is now disabled by default now due to various issues.
  • Fixed issue with hover flipping object falling below table.
  • Fixed issue with Line Tool tooltip stuck on pointer.
  • Fixed issues loading cached mod if you had special characters in your file path.
  • Fixed issue with cards width scaling not working in private search.
  • Fixed issue with massive lag when mousing over note cards.
  • Fixed issue with Piecepack moons die showing up as arms die (FINALLY! Longest bug ever!)
  • Fixed BBcode to not mess up global chat.
  • Fixed issue with expansion for DLCs not opening to the correct url when clicked.
  • Fixed issue with scrollbar looking greyed out until hovered over.
  • Fixed issue with the deleting of Notebook tabs not being networked synced.
  • Fixed issue with objects breaking when using group (G) when searching them.

Update v6.5 (01/29/2016)

Battle For Souls DLC

  • We have partnered with Greenflame Games to bring Battle For Souls by Robert Burke Games into Tabletop Simulator!
  • Now available for $4.99 with a 10% launch discount!
  • The game can be played solo or up to 4 players.
  • The game lasts approximately 60 minutes.
  • Only the host needs to own this DLC.
  • The rule book uses the new States feature, giving the illusion of a closed book and open book.
  • If you’d prefer to read the PDF, the tablet is hidden in the game box with a link to it.
  • Dials are easy to use. Hold your LMB on the outside circle and press E or Q for the right number and the inner circle + E or Q for the left number.

Tiny Epic Galaxies Improvements

  • Fixed issue with cards falling through mat.
  • Fixed rockets to start upright. You can use the new States feature to quickly switch between their positions.
  • Reduced size of the satellite tokens.
  • Added starting player token.

New Deck Searching

  • We have completely revamped Deck Searching.
  • The old wheel public searching is still available for those who prefer it.
  • The new deck search is for private use.
  • You can drag and drop cards, move cards around in the grid and search within the deck.
  • Right click to open the contextual menu. If you click on the word Search, it will open the private search. Otherwise, you can choose between the two searches.
  • When you search, a magnifying glass icon in your player color appears over the deck, so everyone else knows that you are searching it.
  • You can drag other decks or cards into the search to add to it if needed.
  • If multiple are searching the deck, only the first person can modify it, but everyone else can see if they are also searching the deck.
  • If you named your cards, you can search at the top for a specific card you’re looking for. Otherwise, they are numbered in order from 1st to last.
  • While the deck can be picked up and moved around, you cannot remove anything from it or manipulate it in any way.


  • Upgraded Proxy and Master Servers.
  • Added a disconnect message so you know when you disconnect from IRC.
  • Added an automatic reconnect to IRC if you type in the global chat when disconnected.
  • Added other files for Linux Tablet to work.
  • Facedown decks will now show tooltips properly.
  • Objects in infinite bags are slightly higher up so they are easier to see.
  • Improved the accuracy of the sticky option pickup.
  • Contextual menu now hides the item name when object is hidden.
  • Delay description tooltip for UI pointers added for tools menu.
  • Cards now inherit toggles settings from their deck (IE. Grid, snapping, etc).


  • Fixed ALT Zoom for certain cards in Mistfall DLC.
  • Fixed collider size issues with Custom Tokens.
  • Fixed IRC so disconnect issues are less problematic.
  • Fixed the saved chest menu not closing with the ESC key.
  • Fixed copy pasted tokens falling through world.
  • Fixed Mp3 Player rectangle outlines on buttons.
  • Fixed issue with objects with origin points below the sticky object not being grabbed.
  • Fixed issue with rewinding messing up the word wrap of the text tool.
  • Fixed issue with cards being held below hand layer on rectangle table.
  • Fixed issue with custom token breaking if deleted too fast.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to interact with the table when the camera is fully zoomed out.
  • Fixed issue with spectators not being able to see 3D object tooltips.
  • Fixed issue with description not appearing if multiple objects are hovered over.
  • Fixed issue with certain JPEG types crashing the game.
  • Fixed issue with spectator 2D pointer not hiding when ALT Zooming.
  • Fixed issue with objects falling through the table if you try to do an action when loading.
  • Fixed issue with objects ending up locked when they weren’t supposed to be.
  • Fixed issue with certain custom objects losing custom physics material settings.
  • Fixed issue with objects clipping into stuff when flipping and rotating objects when not holding them.
  • Fixed issue with objects scaling instantly using Shift + ALT Q or E.
  • You can now see other people’s pointers when they are interacting with tablets.

Update v6.4 (01/21/2016)

DLC – Tiny Epic Galaxies

  • We’re happy to have partnered with Gamelyn Games to bring Tiny Epic Galaxies to life in Tabletop Simulator!
  • Gamelyn Games makes different Tiny Epic games and their latest one is currently on Kickstarter – Tiny Epic Western! Check it out!
  • Tiny Epic Galaxies is available for $4.99 with a launch discount of 10%.
  • It can be played solo or up to 5 players!
  • Only the host needs to own all of our DLCs.

DLC – Darkest Night 1st expansion

  • The Darkest Night DLC has been updated to include the 1st expansion for FREE!
  • With An Inner Light introduces a quest system that requires the heroes to respond to crises throughout the kingdom and offers new ways to acquire items and powers. The expansion also adds four new playable heroes (the Crusader, Monk, Paragon, and Shaman) as well as new event and artifact cards.
  • You can read more about the 1st expansion on Victory Point Games website.

Multiple States

  • You can now create multiple states for a single object.
  • Name each object.
  • Hover over the objects, right click and choose states.
  • They will now be grouped into one object.
  • When you hover over an object grouped into States, it will show an icon letting you know.
  • You can use the number hotkeys (1,2,3, etc) to switch between them, or right click to get the States menu.
  • Hovering over each number will tell you what the object is if you named them properly.
  • States are great for making pages in a book, any kind of RPG for characters when they are changing their moods and much MUCH more!

Tablet for Linux (EXPERIMENTAL)

  • We’ve been working hard to get Linux working for tablet.
  • So this is an experimental phase to see what we can get right.
  • Please test this out and let us know of any issues that come up.

Card Naming

  • Stacking cards will now remember name/description and any other extra attributes added to them.
  • Cards held in player hands will not show their name.
  • Cards flipped over will not show their name.
  • This will be more important in the future with the planned search revamp.


  • A checkbox has been added in the Custom Deck menu to choose whether you want the Back image to be hidden or not.
  • Added new word clamping “…” tooltip to other menus (Workshop, Load, Save, and Notebook)
  • Removed the Notes “show/hide” button as you can hide/show Notes in the new UI configuration menu.
  • Description field added to tooltip when it’s hovered for long enough. (So it will now show where the “Name” tag is as well).
  • Hand Icons have been added for bags, chips, cards, and states so you know what mode objects are in.
  • Removed chat messages for the Blindfold to prevent confusion.
  • Added 2D Text Tool Pointer when in use.
  • Lift height of cards removed from hand / flicker when dropped.
  • Cards and decks can now be picked up with sticky option on other objects.
  • Reworked how ESC works by first removing all opens windows then opening the ESC menu.
  • You can now use Tab to swap between name and description in contextual.


  • Fixed issues with Magnify, ALT Zoom, & Line tool being usable through the blindfolds.
  • Fixed issue chat font size not remaining persistent when going back to the main menu.
  • Fixed issue with Reversi chip showing $0 tooltip.
  • Fixed issue with getting error messages about the master server when hosting for a very long time.
  • Fixed ALT Zoom double sided cards being mirrored on the back.
  • Fixed issues with unsubscribing from Workshop on Mac & Linux not deleting properly.
  • Fixed issue with grouping poker chips sometimes duplicating.
  • Fixed issue with dummy hidden areas occurring when using the hotkey.
  • Fixed issue with Lan not showing up on server browser.
  • Fixed issue with ALT Zoom not letting you zoom on the sides of the screen with big objects.
  • Fixed issue with searching cutoff names.
  • Fixed issue with ALT Zoom not hiding your 3d pointers.
  • Fixed custom deck issues with using the same urls for different deck settings.
  • Fixed issue with Custom Model/Token falling through table when removed from bag if dropped before loading.
  • Fixed issue with Blindfold disappearing before offscreen.
  • Fixed issue with copy & pasting digital counter bringing back the initial 0’s.
  • Fixed issue with flipping layered cards collision.
  • Named objects hidden by player hands will no longer show their name when hovering over them.

Update v6.3 (01/08/2016)

Darkest Night DLC

  • Our latest DLC Darkest Night by Victory Point Games is now available for purchase.
  • The price is $6.99 and will include the 1st expansion in a future update for free.
  • Darkest Night can be played solo or with up to 4 players.
  • Only the host needs to own all our DLCs.

Mistfall DLC Improvements

  • Updated the cards with the fixes on the errata, so all cards should now be digitally correct.
  • Separated the starting gear cards from the basic gear cards in each character bag to save a step and labeled them accordingly.
  • Removed the Grid Toggle from the Transient Gear cards.
  • Updated the links for the Rules and Quest Guide on the tablet to the latest version.
  • Fixed one of the enemy decks being placed backwards.


  • Blindfolds have been added to prevent a player from viewing the board.
  • A player wearing a blindfold can’t see anything but a button to remove the blindfold, the chat and other UI elements.
  • It’s clearly marked who’s wearing a blindfold with an icon next to their name in the top right.
  • To activate the Blindfold, press the B hotkey.
  • A curtain will drop down blocking your view from the rest of the game.
  • You can click the button to take off the Blindfold or press B again.
  • You can also activate the Blindfold by using the Global Contextual Menu (Right click NOT on an object)
  • Notifications of the Blindfold are not logged in chat.
  • The names list are hidden when you are blindfolded so that you cannot tell who else is blindfolded or not.
  • The Blindfold is a good way to have everyone “close their eyes” while the host chooses a game or brings out something as a surprise.

UI Visibility

  • You now have the option to hide different parts of the UI.
  • To turn off all of the UI, you just press F11.
  • To hide individual parts, go into your Configuration menu and click on the new UI tab.
  • From here you can uncheck the ones you no longer want to show.
  • This can be used to hide/unhide the Top Menu, Player Names, Notes, Tools, and the Chat.

Poker Chip Adding

  • You can now find out the total amount of chips you have by hovering over stacks or drag selecting over all chips you wish to add up.
  • When hovering over a single stack, it will show you the amount in the stack and the total amount of that stack.
  • This will only work for the built in poker chips and not custom chips.

Stacked Object Cutting

  • You can now split/cut stacked objects just like you can for a deck of cards.
  • Just right click on a stack and click the “Cut” button.
  • The stack will split to the right based on its rotation.

Threading/Mod Loading Improvements

  • Threading has been reset to on for everyone.
  • This will now alert you when threading fails and will turn if off automatically.
  • Vista & XP threading issues should be fixed.
  • If you’re still having problems with threading, go into programs and features and uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86). Then install this:
  • If you have done the above and are still having issues, send an email with your DxDiag to

Chat Improvements

  • A settings button has been added next to the chat tabs.
  • If you want to keep the chat on screen at all times, just uncheck the new “Auto Hide Chat” box.
  • You can also change the size of the font and the opacity of the chat window.
  • Changing the size of the chat window will persist until you change it again.

Global Chat Improvements

  • Special characters in names will be stripped out so players can properly join the global chat.
  • Global chat will no longer clear when you exit a game.
  • You can disable global chat by unchecking the “Connect to IRC” box.

Notebook Improvements

  • Added tooltips to the different tabs, so whatever the name is will show up when hovered over a tab.
  • Fixed issue with Notebook not working properly when switching games.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to edit/delete or save tabs in the Notebook.

Server Browser Improvements

  • Optimized scrolling of the server browser.
  • Fixed browser font so it’s all the same size.
  • Added tooltips that shows the full names on the server when hovered over.

General Improvements

  • Disabled leading 0’s on digital counters to reduce accidental ambiguity while reading upside down numbers.
  • A confirmation popup has been added asking if you are sure you want to quit Tabletop Simulator.
  • Added the Blindfold hotkey and removed the Team Chat hotkey (since we have tabs now) to the Control Scheme (?).
  • Server browser error messages have been moved to the Global Chat tab.
  • Added messages with C++ Redist info to the chat for those that have issues and need to have this re-installed.
  • Improved bad controller input rejection system.


  • Fixed issue with held object clipping when grabbed below the table.
  • Fixed orange colony marker tooltip to read properly.
  • Fixed issue with Vector lines not saving on objects properly when placing and removing from bags.
  • Fixed issue with saved games crashing from using a non-standard JPG format.
  • Fixed issue with rotated cards being cut off in ALT Zoom.
  • Fixed issue with Custom Token colliders (so they won’t fall through the table any more!)
  • Fixed Y axis collision bug with hex and circle tiles.

Update v6.2 (12/14/2015)

Mistfall DLC

  • Mistfall is a fully cooperative adventure card game set in a dark fantasy realm of Valskyrr.
  • Only the host needs to own this DLC.
  • 1-4 players can play for a whopping 90-180 minutes of game time!
  • Current launch discount is 30% off.

Superfight – The Red Deck

  • The Red Deck is now available for Superfight for $1.99
  • The Red Deck adds one hundred really terrible and likely offensive cards to Superfight.

Global Chat

  • Our IRC chat has been changed to #TabletopSimulator on GeekShed
  • If you want to join the channel outside of the game, you can go to and be sure to enter in #TabletopSimulator as the channel name.
  • When you login to Tabletop Simulator, you will now be in the global chat.
  • Everyone who has Tabletop Simulator open can communicate with one another.
  • This will make finding people to play games with much easier and more of a community feel.
  • You can type /help in the Global Chat to bring up a list of commands you can do.
  • When you join a server, all your in-game chat will be in the Game tab, but you can still chat with other people in Global Chat.
  • There is also a separate Team tab that will show up once you join a team.

Multi-threaded Mod Loading

  • Loading mods is much faster and doesn’t hard lock the game.
  • Loading mods should be much more stable, especially on Mac.
  • Fixed issues with using certain resolutions on image files.
  • Fixed issues with textures at certain distances to the camera.
  • As this is a major overhaul of how we handle loading, let us know if you run into any issues.
  • You can toggle between new and old loading using /threading in chat (default is threading).

Custom Tiles

  • Easy-to-use tile maker with box, hex, and circle as shapes.
  • Just give an image for the top and bottom of the tile and you are good to go.
  • You can control the thickness of the tile.
  • You can also toggle whether they should stack like chips.
  • Tiles are initially sized to fit the 2x2 grid, but can be resize like all game objects.


  • Notepad and Rules have been combined and is now called Notebook.
  • Added a confirmation notice when the delete button is pressed.
  • This can be accessed by clicking the Notebook icon on the top menu bar.
  • The size of the Notebook window has been slightly increased.
  • When nothing is selected, the other tabs are grayed out.
  • Clicking on the Notebook will automatically default to the Rules tab so you can access it right away.
  • Fixed issue with typing in the rules always scrolling to the bottom.


  • Notes have replaced the old Notepad where you can type things to show on screen in real time.
  • Instead of opening up Notepad (which is now gone), all you do click the “Edit Note” button on the bottom right of your screen to bring up the Notes area. You can now type in the selected box.
  • The other button gives you the option to hide or show the Notes individually for those of you who wish to have a clean screen.


  • Improved the accuracy of the download progress bar.
  • Rotation snap points have been optimized.
  • The last window you drag will always be on top.
  • Added tooltips for the calculator and counter.
  • Pasting link to PDF in the Tablet search bar will now load it correctly.
  • Doubled max character limit per chat message.
  • All objects now flip like cards except dominoes.


  • Fixed issue with Gizmo and Snap tools not hidden for non hosts.
  • Fixed texture issue with changing from DLC to default games.
  • Fixed issue with custom objects not sizing properly in infinite bags.
  • Fixed issue with mods not finishing loading.
  • Fixed the old black texture bug.
  • Fixed issue with cut pasting a custom object quickly with thread loading on..
  • Fixed issue loading old text tools.
  • Fixed issue with Tablet getting stuck when releasing your mouse off the screen.
  • Fixed issue with Alt Zoom being covered by other players hands.
  • Fixed issue with objects exploding for a split second for clients when first loading.
  • Fixed issue where Promoted players couldn’t load .json save files.
  • Fixed issue with objects in infinite bag showing through in the hidden areas.
  • Fixed issue with infinite bags not being able to be picked up when a deck of cards is in them.
  • Fixed issue with Tooltips clipping into Alt Zoom.

Update v6.1 (11/30/2015)

Custom Infinite Bag

  • You can now turn any custom model into an infinite bag.
  • This differs from the loot bag as only one object can be placed at a time.
  • This will not show what object is in the bag like the in-game infinite bag.

Fast Loading Mods (Experimental)

  • This is a loading system that we initially added but had to revert due to various player issues.
  • We’ve hopefully fixed the loading issues on Windows.
  • Until we get more feedback, this is disabled by default.
  • To enable fast loading mods, type /threading in chat.
  • This is currently only available for our Windows and Linux users.
  • This will not persist after opening and closing the game.
  • If you had issues before, please try it out and give us feedback to help improve this.

Text Tool Improvements

  • Added color wheel so you can change the color of the Text.
  • Added trash can so you can easily delete individual 3D Text.
  • Trash can added to side menu to delete all 3D Text.
  • Added option to make Text bigger or smaller.

Infinite Bag Improvements

  • Fixed issue where objects can’t be placed back into bags.
  • Fixed issue with initial loading for bags with custom objects inside.
  • Fixed issue with stacks & bags not going in infinite bags.
  • Fixed issue where custom tokens went through the table after pulling from bags.
  • Added Infinite Bag model to Chest Menu.
  • Fixed selection bugs with infinite bags.

DLC Improvements

  • Euphoria – Fixed messed up tiles.
  • Euphoria – Replaced loot bags with infinite bags.
  • Euphoria – Added additional snap points to make things more smooth.
  • Added Superfight mat for Insider players on table.


  • Easy snap points added by clicking on unlocked objects.
  • This makes the snap point automatically go in the center of objects after placing them where you want.
  • Password text field is now selected so you can type passwords in automatically.
  • Updated Chest icons for Misc and Tools.


  • Fixed orange colony marker being missing in Cosmic Incursion DLC.
  • Fixed loading custom content on Linux, had to revert to the old loading method.
  • Fixed loading card issues on the Mac version.
  • Fixed being unable to delete saves, workshops, and saved objects.
  • Fixed aspect ratio issue on Custom Tokens.
  • Fixed issue where promoted players couldn’t load .cjc files.
  • Fixed issue with Custom Hands not loading on a custom table with an image.
  • Fixed issue with sticky objects grabbing object below.
  • Fixed issue with clipping player names on tables.
  • Fixed UI animation on pointer mode slideouts.
  • Fixed UI Point Mode anchoring for clients.

Update v6.0 (11/20/2015)

New DLC – Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia

  • Euphoria is available for $7.99 and only the host needs to own it.
  • Euphoria has a launch discount of 30% off!
  • This is a 2-6 player game at approximately 1 hour play time.
  • Find out more & purchase the physical copy on Stonemaier Games’ website.

Cosmic Encounter DLC

Superfight DLC

  • The Orange Deck is now available for $1.99.
  • The Orange Deck adds one hundred really geeky cards to Superfight.
  • You must already own the Superfight DLC in order to use this deck.
  • Superfight’s price has been lowered to $7.99 and only the host has to own it.
  • Those who had purchased Superfight before the change will be getting The Orange Deck for free.

Custom Hand Placement

  • In the Zones menu, there is now an option for “Hands”.
  • Clicking on this will bring up the placement of the current card hands.
  • Right click on a color to change it which is great when you need a color to be in a different spot than default.
  • Clicking on a color will delete that card hand.
  • Dragging anywhere will create a new card hand of whatever color you are current set at.
  • The player name will follow where the card hand is placed.
  • You can have multiple card hands of the same color – the name will only show up on the first creation.
  • This is great for private deck searching or keeping cards in the middle hidden from certain players.

Rotation Snap Points

  • Added rotation snap in the “Points” section of the side menu.
  • You can now customize where objects should be pointed.
  • Place down a rotation snap point and use the arrows to point where you want the object to be positioned.
  • This will make building games with more intricate placement much easier.
  • Check out the following gif to get a quick look at how it’s done!


  • A new Gizmo tool has been added to the side menu.
  • This tool is familiar to those used to modeling programs.
  • This enables you to move and rotate objects to precisely get things how you want in your scenes.

Loading Mods Improvements

  • Greatly improved the loading of custom content.
  • Fixed some texture issues when loading custom content.
  • Fixed weird texture resizing issue.
  • Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the above issues fixed for our Mac users, but we are working diligently to get this completed in a future update.

Text Tool

  • New Text Tool added to the side menu.
  • You can use it to type text on any locked object.
  • This is good for when static objects need to be named, but you don’t want to use the name/description boxes.
  • There will be additions/improvements added to this in the future.
  • Check the following gif for a quick overview of how it works.

Improved Rules

  • Rules have been improved to add different sections.
  • By default each player can see the rules tab and their specific color.
  • Teams can view each other’s tabs.
  • You can change the color of your personal tab and rename it whatever you’d like.
  • You can create new tabs by clicking Add New, then click on it and click the Visible button at the top to change its color.
  • This allows you to have multiple “pages” for rules, private notes, team notes, etc.


  • Something we know you all wanted has been added – a bowl.
  • This is just a generic, wooden bowl and can be found in the Misc folder in the Chest.
  • You can put all kinds of things in this bowl – coins, chips, blocks – whatever you’d like!
  • This is an exciting new feature, and we hope you can make use of your brand new wooden bowl! 😉

UI Improvements

  • Optimized the UI for improved scrolling in the Workshop, Save, Load and Saved Object lists.
  • Moved player name section over to the top right.
  • Moved the rewind button next to the top menu bar.
  • Side menu has been moved up to where the player names were.
  • Added Gizmo and Text Tool buttons to side menu.


  • You can now stack custom tokens. Just check the “Stackable” box.
  • Improved Calculator sequence so you can add numbers up just as you’d expect.
  • Improved the sounds for custom board objects.
  • Increased the size of snaps points for better readability.
  • The 2D Pointer is now default. You can switch back to the 3D Pointer in the Configuration menu
  • You can now slice custom cards that is not like the default template of 10x7. In the custom deck menu, you can change the width and height of the template.
  • Improved Custom chip stack thickness when a collider is provided.
  • Ambient Occlusion has been added to the Configuration/Graphics menu. Just look for SSAO, which adds soft shadows to the scene.
  • Improved the visibility of object highlighting.
  • Expanding a save now works with bags, chips, dice, and tokens.
  • Added sounds to all boards when picked up.
  • Improved default camera position for colors.


  • Fixed collision issue with right click grabbing multiple objects.
  • Fixed issue with custom mass values being reset to defaults.
  • Fixed issue with non see-through Hidden Zones not working for everyone.
  • Fixed an issue with certain objects not stacking.
  • Fixed fog highlight color.
  • Fixed issue with the 3d hand holding offset.
  • Fixed issue with some graphics settings not persisting when exiting to the main menu.
  • Fixed issue with custom boards not being hidden by hidden areas.
  • Fixed issue with zooming far away on the Tablet.
  • Fixed issue with objects falling through each other when loading.
  • Fixed issue with the bag bugging out with auto raise off when pulling objects out of it.

Update v5.9 (10/23/2015)


  • Added a realistic “old school” style calculator for all your calculating enjoyment.
  • Works just as you expect with all buttons functioning.
  • You can find this in the Chest -> “Tools” folder or the “Tools” game mode.

Steam Portrait Icons

  • Added Steam avatar icons next to names on top left.
  • Clicking the Steam portrait will bring up the overlay to view their profile.
  • This makes it easy to add players to your friend’s list.

Cosmic Encounter DLC Improvements

  • Improved setup by enlarging the table and fixing spacing for a more comfortable feel.
  • Blue ships have been tinted a little lighter.
  • Updated table graphic to be more centered and the text slightly faded.
  • Space background and loaded alphabetized cards will be coming in the future.
  • Expansions will also be coming in the future.
  • Cosmic Encounter buy page has been added to our website.

Vector Tool Improvements

  • You can now change the color of your vector drawing tool.
  • You no longer have to change your seat to get a new color.
  • A new color wheel will show up when you hover over the Vector menu item.

Promoted Player Improvements

  • Promoted players can now load and save Workshop and Game files.
  • Promoted players have access to almost all host functionality besides player administration.
  • The host can promote a player by clicking on their name and selecting “promote”.

Alt Zoom Improvements

  • Clamp size of object now fits to the screen.
  • Alt zoom size is consistent across all camera distances.
  • Fixed objects clipping off the screen.
  • Fixed objects slightly changing size when mousing over them.

Object Manipulation Improvements

  • Held objects now rotate around a pivot point instead of their position, so tokens placed on a card for example will remain in the proper spot when rotated.
  • If you wish to spin multiple objects in place then rotate them while not holding.
  • Flipping and rotating when not holding them objects will ignore collision allowing you to flip a mat and keep the pieces on top.
  • Improved the smoothness of manipulating objects that you aren’t holding.
  • Object can be picked up with slight tilts to their axis which fixes some collisions issues.
  • Fixed a lot of clipping issues when grabbing a group of objects that are overlapping one another.
  • Fixed height variation when holding objects at strange angles.

General Improvements

  • Added new “Tools” menu in the Chest to separate some objects in the Misc folder.
  • Icons have been added to the Control Scheme for the controllers and keyboard.
  • Separate sliders for Music and the Mp3 have been added, so you can differentiate between the main menu music and the Mp3 Player.
  • In the Host Permissions, there is a new “Digital” checkbox in which the host can enable/disable all of the digital items from interaction.
  • When the Table Flip host option is unchecked, the button on the top will be grayed out.
  • If the game is set to “None” when a save is loaded it will now use the name of the save file in the Server Browser.
  • Improved Digital Counter when holding down plus and minus.
  • Box selection cap has been raised to 64 objects.
  • Objects smoothly move into a bag when dropped on it.
  • Improved distance checks for certain actions like right click and pan camera.
  • Improved Local File Support – You can now place files in Image and Models folder and directly reference them by name and extension. You can read more about this in our Knowledge Base.
  • NOTE: This will not work in online play unless the players are manually given these new files.


  • Fixed issue when stacking two pieces together, one with auto raise and one without causing bottom piece to go flying when picked up.
  • Fixed issue with objects clipping into the table when you hold and flip them.
  • Fixed color tint not sticking when objects are stacked.
  • Fixed some issues Steam portrait not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue with bags being able to go inside themselves when dropping multiple objects.
  • Fixed issue with hover highlight not working on named tooltips consistently.
  • Fixed issue with Controller camera / mouse being stuck moving (HOPEFULLY).
  • Fixed tablet washing out at certain angles.
  • Fixed potential save issue with objects flying to a destination like dealing.
  • Fixed grabbing not working on all selected objects when sticky grabs objects.
  • Fixed issue with deselecting not working correctly when grabbing a non selected stack.

Update v5.8 (10/09/2015)

Custom Bags/Containers

  • You can now set any object as a bag.
  • Right click on an existing object and click custom and choose the ‘bag’ option.
  • Or choose the ‘bag’ option when importing your custom model.

2D Portraits

  • Your Steam avatar is now used as a 2D portrait in game.
  • This simulates more of a “playing around the table” atmosphere.
  • Portraits will disappear when you’re behind them, so they don’t block your view.
  • Portraits can be turned off in the configuration menu if you don’t want to see them.

Steam Controller

  • We now support the Steam Controller and it is fully functional in game.
  • The control scheme for the controller can be found by pressing the back / select button.

Regular Controller

  • Greatly improved mouse input for the regular controller.
  • Changed around some of the controller binds. You can see the changes by pressing the back button.
  • The controller is now default enabled.
  • Further improvements to controllers will be coming in the future.

Jigsaw Puzzle Improvements

  • There is now an option to add/remove the image from board for increased difficulty.
  • A puzzle box has been included with the uploaded image in its place.

Mp3 Player Improvements

  • Buttons for looping songs have been added.
  • You can loop one song or loop all the songs in the genre you are in.
  • Improved saving and loading of Mp3 player.


  • Rest of the old UI has been removed.
  • IRC ‘lobby’ button on the front page has returned (for achievements).
  • IRC now opens to a web based format so you can utilize full IRC commands and functions (PM’ing, etc).
  • Cardboard sound has been added to the materials tab in custom.
  • Lowered the volume of the intro logo.
  • Moved the Controller & Touch checkboxes to the ‘Controls’ tab in the Configuration menu.
  • Control Schemes (? menu) have been cleaned up to make them more readable.
  • Zoom in/out has been improved (Sped up scroll zoom and dynamic zooming based on distance).
  • Overall minor UI polishing on typos and other changes.


  • Fixed Vector Erase Line hotkey not working.
  • Fixed 2D tablet pointer is not lining up properly.
  • Fixed issues with radio buttons becoming deselected.

Update v5.7 (09/25/2015)


  • Added custom music for TTS’ main menu.
  • Added in a realistic Mp3 Player for your listening enjoyment.
  • You can choose from a multiple list of genres for a total of around 100 songs.
  • The buttons on the Mp3 Player are fully functional.
  • You can adjust the volume, pause the song, or skip to the next song.
  • Option for the host to disable it for other players will come in a future update.

Vector Drawing Tool Improvements

  • Added eraser (erases per line).
  • Fixed undeletable lines.
  • Added in drawing on locked objects.
  • Lines save to the object and can be saved to the chest (with the lines on it).

Jigsaw Puzzle Improvements

  • Added a “Kid friendly” 20-piece puzzle.
  • ALT-zoom on puzzle pieces now rotated correctly.

Auto Raise Improvements

  • You can now turn off the auto raise per object for when it’s not needed.
  • Right click on an object, go to toggles and uncheck “Auto raise”.

Stacking Improvements

  • You can set any object as “Sticky” in the contextual menu (This is turned on by default and can be turned off per object).
  • Picking up from the bottom of a stack will pick up all objects at once (as long as sticky is enabled).
  • This is good for players who need to place tokens on top of cards (or other objects) and be able to move them around easily.

Contextual Menu Improvements

  • Added extra options in the toggles menu (Grid, Auto raise, Sticky).
  • You can now roll dice and set the number on the dice from the contextual menu.
  • You can now shuffle the loot bag from the contextual menu.
  • You can now animate the RPG figurines from the contextual menu.
  • You can now draw to yourself from the contextual menu.
  • You can now group objects from the contextual menu.
  • You can now copy and paste from the contextual menu.
  • You can now toggle the grid and snap options independently.
  • Updated the global contextual menu to the new UI.


  • Added the ability for the dice to give total amounts – just box select and hover to see total.
  • Added cardboard sounds to jigsaw puzzles and tokens (This ability is planned for custom objects in the future).
  • Reduced the default zoom size for Magnify.
  • Improved how random the rolling is.
  • Objects are picked up where you would think (no longer snaps to the center of your mouse).
  • Added two finger pan to touch.


  • Fixed issue with custom tokens and puzzle pieces incorrectly culling when mostly offscreen.
  • Fixed issue with hidden area not working for players who joined after it was created.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to lock objects if held.
  • Fixed issue with contextual toggle check marks not working properly.
  • Fixed issue with blocking mouseover number hotkeys when holding ALT or CTRL.
  • Fixed issue with the trash can not staying showed up in Saved Objects & Workshop lists.
  • Fixed issue when saving camera position zoomed in.
  • Fixed deleting pixel line issues.
  • Fixed issue with the hover on Contextual menus disappearing when mouse moves off.
  • Fixed moving objects with different masses at the same time not moving in sync.
  • Fixed issue with hidden areas & its settings not saving when you save a game.

Update v5.6 (09/11/2015)

Vector Drawing Tool

  • Vector tool gives clean and precise lines.
  • You can draw on any locked object (not 100% perfect).
  • You have the option to use either the Pixel or Vector tool.
  • Each drawing tool has its own set of options.

Jigsaw Puzzle Improvements

  • Added two additional difficulty levels (180 and 320 pieces).
  • Puzzle pieces now auto flip to the correct side when picked up.
  • Fixed issue where puzzle colliders stopped working for clients.
  • Fixed issue with auto raise not properly working on puzzle pieces.
  • All 3 difficulty levels can be chosen when you input the URL.
  • There are still more improvements & features to come.

UI Improvements

  • Contextual menu has been revamped with a cleaner look, is more user friendly, and more manageable.
  • Additional options has been added to the menu for ease of use.
  • Tooltips added to show what the hotkey is for each option (if applicable).
  • Tooltips added for various other options (non-contextual).
  • There are still some parts of the old menu in some areas.

Hidden Area Improvements

  • Added option to reverse hiding (e.g. everyone can see except this person).
  • Added a transparent option that allows you to make hidden areas not see-through.

Chest Improvements

  • Improved drag and drop spawning accuracy.
  • Fixed 3D objects extending beyond UI window in the Chest.
  • Fixed promoted players not playing the spawn object sound.
  • Objects spawned from the chest now snap to the grid.

Stacking Improvements

  • Stacking objects are now much easier.
  • Box select a bunch of objects and any object placed over another will automatically stack them all.
  • You don’t need to aim with the object you actually grabbed when holding multiple.
  • This makes the loot bag more useful and easier to manage, as all items will be dropped in automatically.
  • This applies to cards, poker chips, loot bags and go bowls.


  • Optimized a bunch of the game’s base code for reduced cpu usage.
  • Greatly reduced the games garbage generation to reduce fps spikes.
  • Optimized saving and loading, so they now run much smoother and faster.

General Improvements

  • You can now pan the camera with middle mouse button.
  • Saved camera positions will now load to the correct position and orientation.
  • Camera will remember if you are in 1st person when resetting the view.
  • Increased the max number of pieces you can grab at once from 26 to 32.
  • Adjusted the camera speed so it’s now based on the distance to the table.
  • Contextual menu updated for Touch screen.
  • Box selecting multiple objects will stay selected until clicking another object or area.
  • Added new 2d pointer when using the Tablet.


  • Fixed the server browser breaking when refreshing it too fast.
  • Grid snapping not working at position zero.
  • Fixed issue with late joining players not properly seeing who is on a team.
  • When removing an object below another in semi-lock, the top object will no longer float in the air.
  • Pressing ESC in the keybind menu no longer closes the menu.
  • Fixed collision issue with duplicate tokens that are not default size.
  • Fixed issues with late joining players for Custom Dice and Custom Token.
  • Fixed hover highlight is not working properly with for 3d UI.
  • Fixed mouse frame rate independent camera.
  • Fixed having to press ‘R’ twice in semi-lock mode to flick up objects.

Update v5.5 (08/28/2015)

Jigsaw Puzzles

  • You can spawn jigsaw puzzles from the Games menu.
  • Enter in an image URL in the pop up window to create an 80 piece puzzle.
  • Puzzle pieces are randomly placed each time it’s loaded.
  • Background of the image will show on the board so you know what it looks like and what needs to be matched up.
  • More variations will be added in the future.

Digital Counters

  • You can keep score or keep track of counts with the new counter.
  • Press the +/- buttons on the counter to increment up or down.
  • Press the ‘C’ button to reset it to zero.
  • You can click on the counter to type in a specific number.
  • You can have both positive and negative numbers.
  • Counters can be tinted.


  • You can now load up custom games that can be shuffled and randomized.
  • ‘Randomize’ can be found in the new ‘Zones’ option in the side menu.
  • Click randomize and draw a box where you want your zone to be.
  • Any objects placed in this zone can be randomized.
  • You can have multiple zones.
  • When loading up a game with zones, a popup will ask if you want to randomize each zone.
  • You can also right click on a zone and click ‘Randomize’ (must be in the ‘Zone’ mode).

Superfight DLC

  • Added Skybound Insider signup information in Superfight DLC mode.
  • Joining this program gives special benefits and rewards to its members.
  • Insider members receive a special player mat that spawns under the Superfight DLC.

UI Improvements

  • 2D Pointers have been added to the side menu for those using the 2D hand.
  • Added extra options to side menu and improved scroll sub-menus.
  • Draw tool, Eraser, and trash can moved to the “Paint” option.
  • Hidden areas and the new Randomize option added to the “Zones” option.
  • Added a spin wheel when a player attempts to join a server so they know they are connecting.
  • Blue “help” question marks added to most menus.
  • Tooltip fixed in Custom Token menu.
  • Fixed tooltip screen clipping.
  • Added carets to the top drop down menu.
  • Improved object size and shadows in the Chest.
  • Fixed the “Congratulations” message in the tutorial.
  • Optimized UI.

Hidden Areas Improvements

  • Improved the creation process of hidden areas to be much more accurate.
  • Fixed hide pointer bug.

General Improvements

  • Hovering over an object and pressing Raise or “R” will now roll a dice, shuffle a deck, or just throw the object in the air.
  • Added a delay to transferring custom content to connecting client until after they have properly verified themselves.
  • Improved sound of objects when a table is flipped.
  • When saving an object to the chest, the list will now automatically refresh.
  • Optimization improvements.
  • When turns are activated, auto save works properly.


  • Fixed ‘Didn’t register in time’ bug.
  • Fixed hover typing a number on a deck of cards dealing to everyone.
  • Fixed issue with unlocking objects in air falling through the table after mass selecting and locking.
  • Fixed custom table not syncing when clients join games.
  • Fixed spawned objects not making sound in the first frame.
  • Fixed issue where you can’t drop a group of custom dice.
  • Fixed autosave not working when changing table after flipping a table..

Update v5.4 (08/14/2015)

Custom Tokens

  • You can now generate a mesh from an image’s transparency using the new Custom Token.
  • Use a .png image with transparency to quickly create tokens for your games.
  • You can also control the thickness of the mesh and how accurately you want it to trace the image.

General Contextual Menu

  • Right click anywhere that is not an object to bring up the new contextual menu.
  • This menu includes saved camera states, the control scheme menu, and camera mode (1st and 3rd person.
  • More features will be added to this menu in the future.

Saved Camera Views

  • You can now create saves and loads of various camera positions (up to 10).
  • Move your camera wherever you want, right click on a non-object and a new contextual menu pops up.
  • Click save camera and choose a slot.
  • To load a saved state, click load camera and choose a slot.
  • Camera states are globally saved.
  • You can also use hotkeys for camera states; save: ‘CTRL’ + 1-0 & load: ‘ALT’ + 1-0.


  • You can now draw a set number of cards by mousing over a deck and typing a number.
  • You can now offset the grid’s x, y, z axises.
  • Added Steam authentication for peer to peer to avoid people spoofing Steam ids.


  • Optimized collision code to reduce lag when flipping the table.
  • Optimized marquee selection when there are lots of objects.
  • Optimized auto save to avoid frame drops.


  • Fixed joining lan being broken due to proxy ip and port overriding network ip port.
  • Fixed held highlight not properly swapping when stealing objects.
  • Fixed held objects when force change color floating.
  • Fixed max number of players of a server exceeding due to proxy
  • Fixed hiding the UI breaking in the tutorial.
  • Fixed person that joined last slot on server is forced to join through proxy server
  • Fixed the sound slider to completely mute the sound when it’s at 0.

Update v5.3 (07/31/2015)

Security Improvements:

  • Overall security improvements.
  • Blacklist support for people DDoSing.
  • Server browser now unaccessible for pirates.

Tablet on Mac:

  • Tablet now works on Mac just like on Windows.
  • We are still working on porting the tablet over to Linux so all platforms can enjoy it.

Touch Support Added:

  • Beta version of touch support has been added for Windows 7 and 8 (10 might work).
  • You must enable touch in the configuration menu as it is disabled by default.
  • Double tap will flip an object.
  • Long press will select an object and bring up the contextual menu.
  • Tap will zoom an object to make it easier to see.
  • Pinch to zoom will control the camera distance.
  • Rotate gesture will rotate the camera and rotate the object.
  • Not all hand modes are functioning properly.

Dice Improvements:

  • Rotate ‘Q’ and ‘E’ now increases or decreases the value of any dice (right = increase, left = decrease).
  • Flip ‘F’ will increase the value on the dice just like rotate right.
  • You cannot rotate the dice while holding them (to avoid people gaming rolls).
  • This also works on all selected dice if you need to make changes to a group.
  • You can still directly set the value of a dice by mousing over and typing the number.
  • Mousing over a dice will now tell you its value as a tooltip.
  • Custom models assumes it’s a d6; use the new custom dice templates if you want this to work with other custom dice.


  • Added some blue question marks to certain menus that help explain what they do (more coming).
  • Added pan camera to the controller help menu.
  • Added a screen darkening effect when the ‘?’ help menu is open to make it easier to read.
  • Fixed some menus not being closed with ‘Escape’.


  • Contextual deck actions will now work on selected decks (deal, cut, etc.).
  • Added a slight camera shake when flipping the table.
  • Held objects will now be highlighted based on the color that is moving them.
  • 2d pointer now hides when you are alt zooming on an object to avoid blocking anything.
  • Greatly improved the image quality for custom: boards, figurines, dice, and tables.
  • Selected stack/deck objects will now grab the stack instantly without delay.
  • Added a slight pulsing motion to color selection spheres to draw attention to them.
  • Increased the size of snap points to make them easier to click on.
  • If a save has empty rules it will properly clear our previous rules.


  • Fixed objects clipping into the others for a split second when picking them up.
  • Fixed F7 kicking the last person connected to the server (woops!).
  • Fixed non-convex custom model collider not properly working for clients.
  • Fixed the proxy server allowing more connections than the max player amount.
  • Fixed group incorrectly firing when pressing ‘G’ in a input field.
  • Fixed a bug with the number of objects you can hold at once not resetting properly.
  • Fixed potential port issue when trying to start single player or the tutorial.
  • Fixed some very slight table height variations.

Update v5.2 (07/09/2015)

Superfight DLC:

  • Two new decks added; Anime and The Walking Dead!
  • The Superfight card boxes now function identically to bags allowing you to store objects inside of them.
  • Added a button to the Superfight box that will open a link to sign up for Skybound’s Insider program for extra perks.

Engine Upgrade:

  • Updated to Unity 4.6.7 the latest 4.x version of the engine.
  • Unity 5 is currently not an upgrade path due to the physics limitation with concave colliders.
  • If you run into any new bugs let us know as it could be due to this upgrade.


  • Moving objects around has been smoothed out and is less stuttery.
  • Added a timeout period when the connection to a host slows down to a crawl.
  • The d-pad on the controller has now been mapped to panning the camera around (WASD).
  • All keybinds have been reset to default due to this change.


  • Fixed tinted custom dice losing their tint.
  • Fixed potential custom dice collision issue.
  • Custom objects will no longer delete if you close the import menu with an already created object.

Update v5.1 (06/26/2015)

Raise Improvements:

  • Auto raise now implemented so objects will lift themselves above any collisions.
  • Auto raise ensures that you can easily stack objects to avoid collisions.
  • Lift height now controls how far off the surface they will be held.
  • At zero lift height objects will perfectly slide along the surface.
  • Default lift height is now half as high due to auto raise not requiring it to be so high.
  • Flipping objects now auto raise so that they will clear any objects.
  • Held objects no longer collide with objects on the table unless you lower (t) them.
  • Lower improved by not shoving objects so hard against the surface.
  • Raise now works even if your lift height is set to 0.
  • Fixed card flicker when dropped at default heights.

Physics Improvements:

  • Greatly improved the responsiveness of moving objects.
  • Reduced drop force so objects will no longer bounce all over the place when dropped on other objects.
  • Shuffling objects will no longer accidentally trigger from colliding objects.
  • Improved moving around objects connected with joints (less flopping around).
  • Improved object snapping when attached with joints to other objects.

Custom Dice and Improvements:

  • Custom dice have been added making it very easy to import your own dice.
  • Templates for all dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20) are now in the modding folder.
  • When you rotate a dice using the number keys it will now face your camera.

Snap Points:

  • New “Snap” pointer mode allows the host to place custom snap points that don’t rely on the grid.
  • Clicking on a location will place a snap point there and clicking on existing snap point will delete it.
  • If you place a snap point on a locked object it will be attached to that object.
  • Snap points added to Chinese Checkers, Pachisi, Backgammon, CardBots, and the Poker Table.
  • Grid setting in the contextual menu for objects has been renamed to “Snap”.
  • Fixed being able to scale any of the boards with snap points and it no longer working.
  • Fixed certain boards being locked to a grid.
  • Fixed backgammon collider problems.

New Game Mode ‘Tools’:

  • Tools replaces the existing tablet game mode.
  • Tool contains the Tablet, Clock, Bag, and Notecard objects.

General Improvements:

  • Increased the size of the zoom camera.
  • You can now hold (alt) while box selecting to select locked objects.
  • Improved the default camera distance so your hand isn’t cutoff.
  • Added support for -novid launch cmd to skip the intro logo video.
  • Optimizations to reduce stutter causing issues.
  • Physics general collision optimization.


  • Fixed the server browser not loading for certain players.
  • Fixed grouping objects that are attached with a joint to another object.
  • Fixed issue removing an object from someone that is already holding it.

Update v5.0.2 (06/10/2015)

  • Added support for new Superfight (Unlimited) DLC
  • Fixed issues of using hover commands on layered cards messing up collision.
  • Fixed grid settings being lost when stacking cards together.
  • Fixed physics material settings not saving on piecepack objects.

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