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Tabletop Simulator Successfully Funded!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Over 1200% funded! It’s hard to believe that this campaign is finally over. It’s been a crazy month thanks to all of your support! You have all been extremely helpful getting the word out, giving feedback, and offering advice. We really appreciate it! Now we can work on making the best tabletop game possible for you!

We would like to thank every single backer, friend, family, supporter, youtuber, streamer, everyone, for making Tabletop Simulator a reality. This has been the most fantastic experience ever and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d do as well as we have. Keep watching to see our progress and where we’ll be heading in the future.

If you just missed out on our Kickstarter, you still have time to support us here. All contributions will go to improving the game and making sure the stretch goals we achieved are they best they can be.

Thank you!

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