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Tabletop Simulator Steam Update v1.3

The patch notes this week will be a bit shorter than normal because we have been working on a lot of behind the scenes stuff for Workshop integration. We’ve been making great progress on that and next week’s update will hopefully have Workshop support so keep an eye out. As always, restart Steam to ensure you get the latest update!

We forgot to update the version number at the bottom left of the main menu, so it will still say v1.2 even if you have v1.3.


  • Custom decks can now be spawned as a sideways deck this will make the ‘Alt’ zoom the correctly orientation
  • You can now notify everyone to a location by tapping the ‘Tab’ key and a bouncing arrow will appear with sound
  • 2 New host options: Allow client scaling and enable hands (hands are how you hold multiple cards)
  • Added rules for Mahjong, Reversi and Solitaire.

Custom Paper figurines Added:

  • Let’s you import a picture onto a paper figurine
  • ‘ALT’ zoom looks at them from the front instead of top for easier viewing
  • 1×2 aspect ratio on the custom card image

Turn Improvements:

  • You can now reverse the order of the turns by choosing counterclockwise
  • People that have empty hands can also be automatically skipped, great for poker style games


  • Africa (AF) has been added to the location selector when hosting
  • Search in Server Browser now also works on location
  • Objects held will no longer be placed in the Loot Bag
  • You can scale objects even larger now (Up to 3 times the normal size, previously 2 times)


  • Fixed custom content save files storing your local directory instead of the URL
  • Multi object pickup will no longer mess up the scale of your objects each one will be independly scaled
  • Saving and loading now works with the Loot Bag for remembering what was inside
  • Cards will now properly hide and reveal when changing what color you are playing as
  • PNG color bug should no longer be occuring (maybe)
  • Loot bags can no longer be stored inside each other, Bagception was too OP
  • Solitaire chosen on glass table will swap to octagon to avoid issues with glass collision
  • Resetting cards in card actions menu will not reset their scale
  • Sir Loin and Mara are no longer duplicated on the spawn menu

What We’re Working on:

  • Steam Workshop Integration
  • 3D Model Support for Mods
  • Additional RPG Features
  • Connection Issues
  • ??? game mode
  • More Steam Integration
  • RAM Optimization
  • Crashing issues
  • and much more…
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