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Tabletop Simulator on Sale – Update v1.6!

20% off on The Humble Store

Tabletop Simulator is on sale for $11.99 (20% off) on The Humble Store from today through Sunday at 10am PST. Get it while it’s hot!!

And on that note, Update v1.6 is now released with some more goodies and fixes!

Object Highlighting Added:

  • Mousing over an object you are going to pick up now highlights to let you know which one you will pick up
  • You can also now marquee select multiple objects and pick them up as a group by click dragging
  • Object mouse over highlighting can be disabled in the settings menu

Locking Object:

  • Object can be locked in place by mousing over and hitting the ‘L’ key
  • While locked, an object ignores all physics and is static in space (Great for board objects like player mats)
  • This can be disabled for clients in the host options


  • Round glass table added, great for when you are trying to forget there is a table at all
  • Saves/Workshop game modes now save/load the background of the scene
  • Autosave has been added and saves every 5 minutes in background
  • Only Workshop mods that need to be updated on startup will update and it now tells you the mod’s name


  • Clients will no longer see a flicker of white when a card is pulled from its deck
  • Fixed the ability to load gold chess pieces through a bug, this is reserved for our Gold Member Kickstarter backers
  • Reversi chip and poker chips will now properly flip and no longer get stuck
  • Removed gap on custom table between wood and custom board
  • When two sideways cards are combined into a deck they retain their orientation
  • Custom Table will properly load images when changing game modes on the same table
  • Added better garbage collection and asset unloading that should help with some memory leaks
  • Weird physics when scaling and shrinking objects should be resolved

In the Future:

  • 3D Model modding
  • UI Overhaul
  • RAM Optimization
  • Stability improvement
  • Additional RPG Features
  • ??? game mode
  • More Steam Integration
  • and much more!

If you are interested in all of our updates since release, please refer to our website to view our previous patch notes.

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