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Tabletop Simulator Beta v0.8 is now online!

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This update brings you new goodies like Mahjong (our second game mode), custom deck support, and 8 new RPG figurines!

8 new figurines added to our RPG kit!

8 new figurines to add to our RPG kit!

Note: Ram usage is extremely high this patch, but optimization will be coming in a future patch.


  • Upgraded the engine to Unity Pro – Unity Logo removed & soft shadows added (Higher settings might cost more performance).

  • 8 new RPG figurines (Evil Watcher, Giant Viper, Goblin, Golem, Griffon, Hydra, Mummy, Vampire)

  • RPG Figurines now have 2 modes calm and alert, animations are updated to match these modes

  • When mousing over you can press ‘1’ to change state, ‘2’ to attack, and ‘3’ for death.

  • Mahjong, the second new game mode, has been added. (Right now it’s just scattered, we’ll come up with one spawn positioning next patch).

  • Custom decks has been added so you can import your own decks

  • Regal circle table with class center has been added

  • Boards have physics now instead of being stuck to table

  • Blue 10 value poker chip has been added

New beautiful round wooden table, with glass center accent!

New beautiful round wooden table, with glass center accent!

Changes/Bug Fixes:

  • Save folder location is fixed for Mac & Linux. All versions of the game will find it under Documents/My Games/Tabletop Simulator.

  • Cards that are hidden are now just white instead of a joker.

  • Slightly changed felt for octagon and hexagon table.

  • Fixed Memory leak with custom board.

  • Chat log scroll no longer jumps to the wrong location with lots of chat messages.

  • Chat log has been limited to 100 messages to make scrolling more manageable.

  • Right clicking to pick up chips from tall stack should now work.

  • Player’s turns are now working and how they are displayed is slightly changed.

  • Fixed objects not spawning; backing into the play area if you change the table after flip.

  • Added some more debugging information for when connections fail.

  • RPG figurine run is now working for clients.

Known Issues:

  • Multiple custom decks might not sync well with late joining players.

  • Solitaire is currently not working.

  • Card rewinding is not working.

  • Backgammon not sitting right on round table

You can find the latest version of the game, and all patch notes on our downloads page.


2nd new game mode added - Mahjong!

2nd new game mode added – Mahjong!

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