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Steam Workshop Support! Update v1.4

We’ve been on Steam for one month and we are proud to announce that Tabletop Simulator now support Steam Workshop for all your modding needs!

Workshop Support:

  • You can now upload your mods directly to Steam Workshop from within the game
  • Updating them is just as easy with the mods Workshop ID
  • Subscribing to a mod will add it ‘Workshop Game Modes’ found in the ‘Game Modes’ menu
  • You can upload your games to Workshop by clicking ‘Menu’ on the top left and then choosing ‘Workshop Upload’
  • Overall this is a very simple system to share and use other players mods
  • (Make sure to restart the game if you subscribe to mods while it is still running)


  • Save and loading now support infinite saves instead of just 20 slots
  • Scaling up an object also increases it’s lift height to avoid it dragging on the ground
  • Quarter flick up is more randomized now and should lead to a true 50/50 probability
  • New save name system for URL images to avoid possible name conflicts

Sound Improvements:

  • Quarter sounds have been revamped with unique sounds
  • Glass surface sounds have been added for all objects
  • Marbles’ sounds have been given new sounds to separate them from plastic objects
  • Piecepack and wood block have been given new sounds


  • Zoom out graphical issues on custom cards has been resolved
  • Custom figurine pictures will now load for late joining players
  • Mahjong tiles will no longer get picked up sideways
  • Automatic table swap when choosing Mahjong when on hexagon table
  • Bag will now properly show number of objects for clients
  • Card actions are now disabled in solitaire

What we’re working on:

  • Workshop Improvements
  • Crashing issues
  • 3D Model Support for Mods
  • Additional RPG Features
  • Connection Issues
  • ??? game mode
  • More Steam Integration
  • and much more…

This is our 8th patch in 8 weeks and looking back through the patch notes, we realized how far the game has come thanks to all of your support!

Help us spread the word about the game and the new Workshop support, so our community can grow even more and have even more content to play!

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