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Steam & DRM-free Keys, Early Access April 18th!

All Steam and DRM-free Early Access keys have been mailed out. If you did not receive them, PLEASE check your spam folder first! Those of you who got the special Kickstarter rewards will receive those special keys at a later time.

We’re really excited about our Steam Early Access release tomorrow! Thanks everyone for bringing us this far already! You can still pre-order Tabletop Simulator by April 18th 12pm PST. You can get one game for $10 or a four-pack for $30. Once Early Access unlocks, it will be $14.99 for one and $44.99 for a four-pack, so take advantage of the discount while you can!

This update also brings you Early Access v1.0 for both Steam and the DRM-free version.

Early Access v1.0 (04/17)


  • Added 5 more RPG Figurines: Wyvern, Cyclops, Kobold, Skeleton Knight, Manticora
  • CardBots: Build and Destroy game mode has been added for our highest Kickstarter backer, Geremy George
  • You can now mouse over a dice and type a number to have to rotate to that number (great for keeping track of number or a count down)
  • Optimized the amount of bandwidth to sync physics objects with clients
  • Hover over an object and pressing ‘ALT’ will enlarged that object (great for checking dice rolls or reading cards)
  • You can now name your saves so you can more easily keep track of your custom games
  • FPS spectator camera style has been added with ALT + WASD in combination with RMB, if you want old pan you can ALT + LOWER/TAP or the arrow keys

Bugs, Fixes, and Minor Changes

  • The desync floating object bug when you first connect to a server should be resolved
  • Fixed some prediction bugs at high ping – objects should no longer seem to clip through the ground
  • Added links to the website, facebook, and twitter on the main menu of the game
  • New chat sound has been added
  • Grid system can now be be disabled in the Host Options menu
  • Tileset Frozen state now saves and loads properly
  • It is now much easier to pick up multiple dice
  • Objects will no longer float if you drop more than one on the same grid coordinate
  • Custom cards should no longer be redownloaded when rewinding if the custom decks are the same
  • Alt + tabbing no longer will zoom you out
  • Custom board now gradually scales, this should stop objects from getting stuck inside
  • Spawn menu for the RPG Kit has been improved by moving the creatures into categories
  • Windows will now automatically recenter even if you resize the game at any time
  • Selecting RPG will now change the table to the large felt table so nothing falls off
  • Splash screen no longer overlaps on lower resolution
  • Slightly shrunk RPG figurines and fixed some of the colliders
  • Piecepack has been fixed up with the proper pieces
  • Goblin second mode is now a slingshot to add some range options
  • Fixed typo on “too weak to flip the table”

Thank you all so much for your support! Help us spread the word by sharing the Early Access with your friends.

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