Update v2.4 – Spawn custom objects, chat overhaul, & improvements

We’ve got an exciting update this week as you can now spawn individual custom objects from the Chest menu, Workshop mods, and save files. In addition, the chat has been overhauled to the new UI, making it much easier to read. And of course all kinds of other fun things and fixes.

There won’t be any updates for the next few weeks as we prepare for and will be in Seattle for Pax Prime, so hope this will tide you over until the next update sometime in September. We’ll post info on our booth next week!

Chat Overhaul:

  • Chat has been overhauled with the new UI system
  • Chat window can be resized to your liking
  • Names are now only colored while the message is white
  • Chat overhaul finally fixes the Linux type through bug in chat
  • Mousing over chat and scroll wheeling will scroll the chat
  • Overall the chat should be much more readable and controllable than previous

Custom Decks:

  • Better memory cleanup for loading deleted decks from a save/mod
  • Duplicate card images for faces or backs will no longer use up extra ram
  • Overall memory usage should be lower and load speeds should be faster

Spawning Individual Objects:

  • Objects can now be saved to your chest menu and loaded again at any time
  • You can now spawn individual objects from a Workshop mod or save file without loading the entire save
  • Pressing the downward arrow on the button that normally loads the save will expand a list of all the custom assets in that save
  • Each custom object in the file will be listed with duplicates hidden
  • The objects can be spawned by pressing the button or dragging the button into the game world to spawn at that position
  • (Only works with single decks – merged decks will not work)


  • Color tinting now works properly for all non metal dice, the numbers/pips no longer color
  • Dice normal map improvements, so reading dice is easier

User Interface:

  • Grid menu no longer forgets its values when opening, closing, or loading a mod
  • Fixed desync issues with values currently in effect and what is shown on the GUI (Host Options, Turns, Grid)
  • Promoted player changes are now reflected properly on the Hosts GUI and no longer shows old values
  • Host Options settings are now saved between games, helping to save time when setting up your games
  • Added black outline around the white text on the main menu to help with readability

Keybind Changes:

  • Cut, Copy, and Paste now require CTRL + (X, C, V)
  • Voice chat push-to-talk has been changed to ‘C’
  • Fixed ‘Flip’ command to no longer toggle zoom
  • (As always you can change your hotkeys in the launcher)

Box Selection:

  • Improved accuracy of box selection, especially at steep angles
  • CTRL + Box Selection does invert and adding selection
  • CTRL + Left Mouse/Grab does selection toggle on a single object
  • Overall selecting multiple objects should work just like your OS with file manipulation


  • Joining a game through a Steam friend while the game is closed will launch the game and connect you to the server
  • Loot bag now auto flips up when grabbed
  • Toggle zoom now zooms a percent amount instead of a fixed amount, this will help when playing on larger tables
  • Custom Models no longer require a picture/texture due to color tinting
  • Lowered the tolerance for cards sticking together to reduce card clumps
  • Host and promoted players can now flip table even if it’s disabled in host options

Bug Fixes:

  • Added a check for corrupted Workshop files, which will cause them to be re-downloaded
  • Fixed offset movement not working with stack objects like poker chips and cards
  • Fixed incorrect lock status for Custom Models on clients
  • Game rules will now properly sync between host and client when loading for the first time
  • Custom Table will now properly load custom images if its already in use
  • Fixed issue with search not working properly if you had scrolled at all
  • Round d6 dice will no longer have a metal and plastic toggle in the right click menu
  • Fixed custom collider disappearing bug when deleting objects with the same collider
  • Fixed bug with measure tool resetting if you left click during measuring
  • Fixed hold voice toggle being unchecked incorrectly even if enabled
  • Fixed desync for loading mods from the Workshop list

Tabletop Simulator on Sale at the Humble Store!


Tabletop Simulator is on sale for 25% off through Sunday, August 11th at the Humble Store. Check it out!


  • Online sandbox playground that you play how you want.
  • Unlimited games thanks to sandbox, no rules design.
  • Multiplayer physics with objects that collide and interact just how you would expect.
  • Create your own mods with full Steam Workshop support.
  • Play just like you do in real life; pick up, rotate, shake, and throw any object.
  • Up to 8 people can play together on the same table & talk on in-game voice chat.
  • The perfect “game night” fun due to seamless game loading & saving.
  • Hotseat mode allowing you to play locally on the same computer.
  • Tons of pre-made game modes with the option to make your own games.
  • Perfect for RPGs – build your very own role playing dungeons with our modular tileset.
  • Great admin tools to eliminate griefing in public games.
  • Multiple 360° panoramic backgrounds that change the mood.
  • Included game modes: Backgammon, Cards, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Custom, Dice, Dominoes, Go, Mahjong, Pachisi, Piecepack, Poker, Reversi, RPG Kit, Sandbox, Solitaire

Update v2.3 – Object tinting, material swapping, & lots more!

We’ve got all kinds of goodies for you this week. Thanks everyone for your feedback and suggestions!

We will be at Pax Prime this month in Seattle, so if you’re in the area, stop on by and say hi! We’ll provide more details about where we’ll be at when we get them.

Main Features:

  • Contextual Menu Overhaul
  • Object Color Tinting
  • Material Swapping
  • Multi Object Offset Movement
  • Search Workshop Files
  • Copy -> Pasting Multiple Objects
  • FPS Camera Raise and Lower
  • Workshop Tags Updated

Contextual Menu:

  • The right click/contextual menu has been revamped into the new UI system with added functionality
  • You can now tint the color of all objects using a color wheel
  • Grid will now be disabled on a per object basis, dice and quarter are disabled by default
  • Reset All Cards has been added back, now in the right click menu
  • You can now reset from each individual cards instead of only from decks
  • Material swapping has been added for Dice, Chess, and Dominoes (Plastic, Wood, Metal)

Multi Selection:

  • Picking up multiple objects now moves them with an offset just like how you picked them up
  • Shaking will remove any offsets when moving and clump them together like before
  • Copy and pasting more than one object at a time now works properly
  • You no longer have to mouse over an object; pressing the button will perform the action on all highlighted objects
  • Right clicking on an object can now be used to highlight objects one by one
  • Highlighted objects can now all be modified by the right click menu at the same time
  • Overall most actions should now be possible to be performed on multiple objects, either held or highlighted

User Interface:

  • Tags updated, RPG games renamed to Role-playing Games and Number of players changed to 1,2,3,4,4+
  • UI sounds now properly only play when you are interacting with a button or checkbox
  • Search has been added for Workshop, Save, and Load windows for easier navigation
  • Save new slot button is now colored grey for easier separation
  • Client contextual editing can be disabled by unchecking allow contextual in host options
  • Main game logo updated to fix aliasing around the cards
  • Disabling mod caching in the settings for one load will most likely fix any texture glitches that occur for a mod

FPS Camera:

  • Raise and lower has been added for the FPS camera (toggle cameras with the ‘P’ key)
  • This lets you control the FPS camera just like a traditional spectator camera in a FPS
  • Space now raises the camera up and CTRL lowers it in world space

Bug Fixes/Changes:

  • Toned down shininess on custom models, especially wood material
  • Fixed custom table yellow texture bug (might need to clear cache to fix issue, or disable caching mod caching for one load of the mod)
  • Locking object is working properly for held objects
  • Fixed card dealing and resetting with multiple decks/objects
  • Fixed table flicker when you select Tables in the Chest menu
  • Fixed bug that caused the camera to jam into the table when using the FPS camera and ALT
  • Fixed floating card bug when resetting a cut deck
  • Promoted players can now properly scale, lock, and use the contextual menu even if disabled in host options
  • Unlocked objects and custom objects will no longer float in the air until they are interacted with.

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Update v2.2 – More Steam integration, Workshop Tags, UI Improvements

We really wanted to get more Steam integration in this patch, so now joining games are even easier with your friends through Steam! Another much wanted request is being able to add a card to the bottom of the deck – so now you can!

We have a thread stickied on our sub-Reddit, that we’d love for you guys to participate in. This is your chance to post your most requested features Then upvote the ones you feel would be most useful to add to the game. This will help us see what features the community wants the most.

If you have a mod on the Workshop, please update your mod with the new tags that are now in effect!

Steam Integration:

  • People can tell when you are in a multiplayer game from their Steam friend’s list
  • You can now join people’s games from your friends list
  • Inviting people to your game now works, a chat message will also be sent
  • You can now filter on the server browser to only show your friend’s games


  • Your pointer is now rotated so you see it from the top, makes it easier to use at angles
  • Pointer now resizes to standard size when mousing over GUI elements
  • Increased the speed cap by 30% when releasing a physics object, allowing you to throw things harder


  • Grid size is now more accurate with two decimal places instead of one
  • Rectangle grid is now possible by controlling both the X and Y axis separately
  • Sync axis checkbox will keep the grid size slider acting just like it did before
  • The grid snap speed is now just as fast as for the default games
  • Object snapping and offset settings now working for promoted players


  • You can no longer click through the dropdown list and not select any option
  • Changed some of the images on the Games selection menu for quicker recognition
  • You can now use tab to navigate multiple text input fields
  • Drag spawning now only shows the object that you are about to spawn and no longer the UI box
  • Promote Icon has been added to indicate promoted players
  • Window overlapping and dragging window improvements, pretty much every window should be draggable now
  • Fixed some of the remaining fonts that weren’t using Dynamic font
  • You can now change the picture for custom boards in the contextual menu (right click)
  • Fixed some issues where you couldn’t drag windows by their names
  • Fixed issue when the save and load windows button where grayed out


  • Added tags to the Workshop for easier sorting (tags are set when uploading or updating a mod in-game)
  • You can now put a card on the bottom of a deck by lowering and sliding the card into the deck
  • Everyone in the server can now deal, cut, and reset decks
  • Custom D6 dice rotation with the number keys has been added
  • 1 = (-90,0,0), 2 = (0,0,0), 3 = (0,0,-90), 4 = (0,0,90), 5 = (0,0,-180), 6 = (90,-90,0)

  • Mod caching can now be disabled in the settings for players that are having issues

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the voice chat icons not showing up properly in multiplayer
  • Fixed rock and tree displaying correctly in the Chest spawn
  • Fixed issue with password field going away if entered wrong once
  • Card shuffle animation now properly scales based on the size of the card
  • Grid snapping now works on loaded saves that have the overlay lines hidden
  • IRC enter key no longer brings up the in game chat
  • Fixed bug where the character limit for transfer rules was 4,096 instead of 6,000
  • (Linux) fixed the type through chat bug where keys would cause the game world to react

Hope you all like this update! We are continually looking for ways to improve various aspect of Tabletop Simulator. So we’re still working on memory leak issues, stability improvements, and much more! We are a small team and we’re doing everything we can to make sure everyone can enjoy and play the game. Thanks for your support!

Update v2.1 – Custom grid, player promotions, and much more!

Today marks the 3rd month that we’ve been out on Steam Early Access! It’s amazing how far we have come since April and it’s all because of you guys. Thank you for supporting and sticking with us. This update brings you a lot of requested features and fixes. There’s still a lot more to come, so stay tuned!

Custom Grid Added:

  • You can now enable visual grid lines. This is very useful for your RPGs.
  • These grid lines can also be used to snap the location of objects for easier placement.
  • The size of the grid can be adjusted to fit your games rules.
  • Offset can be enabled so that the object snap location is in the middle of squares instead of the lines.

Promote Player:

  • As a host you can now promote a person so they have many admin powers like the host.
  • Promoted player can change the game, spawn objects, and many other host abilities.
  • Promoted player cannot save or load mods, may be possible in the future.

Rules Added:

  • Most of the built in games have an included rules for the game that can be read.
  • You can also modify this for the rules of your modded game.
  • Rules have a 6,000 character limit, so it is a great place to store information that can’t be on the notepad.

UI Changes:

  • Games selection menu has been redesigned into the current minimal UI.
  • Tweaked positions and anchors on different elements for a more consistent spacing along of the edges of the screen.
  • Top bar will draw on top of everything else keeping it from being covered up.
  • Spawning is now working properly for Hosts that are in spectator.
  • Drag spawning now uses the position of the UI element instead of the hand.
  • Spectator/Grey color selection is disabled when in hotseat mode.
  • Escape Menu for clients no longer has workshop upload, save, and load.
  • You can now change your color from the escape menu.
  • Server name can now be seen in the escape menu.
  • All the chest windows can now be dragged around, and the chest no longer covers rewind buttons
  • Close buttons have been added to all the windows that were missing them (Settings, Host Options, etc).
  • Ping is now shown next to the players name, it’s color coded (Green <100, Orange <200, and red >200).


  • Deck animation added for shuffling.
  • Workshop now supports an infinite amount of subscribed mods, no longer capped at 50.
  • IRC lobby now asks what you want to be named before you connect to the lobby

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with collision on certain custom objects not working properly on load.
  • Direct connect is now working properly again, color selection issue and Improper info resolved.
  • Custom Table texture will no longer mess up when rewinding.
  • Fixed client custom textures and meshes accidentally being deleted, when a duplicate model is removed.
  • Hidden custom cards in hand now properly load and are no longer white until removed.
  • Fixed spectator/grey host end turn crash.
  • UI code optimization for name plates.
  • Name clipping on circular table reduced by shrinking names.
  • Linux, opening Cards in Chest will no longer crash the game.

To Do:

  • More UI updates
  • RAM Optimization
  • Stability improvement
  • Third Game Mode
  • More Steam Integration
  • and much more!

If you want to get the latest news on development feel free to follow us on Twitter

Update v2.0 – New UI, Hotseat, & more!

We’ve been teasing this update for a while and it took much longer than we thought it would, but it is finally here! Since this is a larger update, 1.9 morphed into 2.0.

The entire UI have been overhauled using a brand new UI system that allows us to deliver a much more functional, visually pleasing, and performant system. We also have added tons of great new features like Hotseat, Mouse Over Actions, and more!

New Minimal UI:

  • Clean minimalistic theme with the use of images for easy visual navigation
  • Reduced screen clutter to keep the interface out of the way of the player and focused on the game
  • Much better resolution independence, supporting massive 4k resolution and all the way down to sub 720p
  • Overhauled spawn system with drag & drop spawning, and 3d object preview
  • Much better UI performance, even while using higher resolution assets
  • New player color selection, that shows you where on the table you will be sitting
  • Use of drop down menus to nest information until you need it
  • Logical ‘X’ close button instead of the previous inconsistent close layout

Hotseat Mode Added:

  • Hotseat mode will allow you to play a game with up to 7 other people on the same computer
  • Information is hidden just like if you were playing on separate computers with an easy to use turn system


  • Loading in custom content now has a progress indicator giving a percentage completed
  • You can now specify the name of the game mode in Host Options
  • Hosts can now change their color from white
  • King crown icon next to the host’s name
  • Harder to accidentally right click an object when trying to use the camera by adding delay check
  • Scrolling the UI no longer zooms the game in and out
  • Camera responsiveness has been improved

Mouse Over Actions:

    We wanted to have a consistent control scheme to the game so that you can now interact with objects either by hold them or by mousing over them.

    (Keyboard keys only to avoid accidental commands, due to mouse keys being duplicate)

  • Mouse over + ‘Flip’
  • Mouse over + ‘Rotate’
  • Mouse over + ‘Scale’
  • Mouse over + ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’, ‘Paste’
  • Mouse over actions works on multiple objects if you have them highlighted with the marquee

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed not being able to move objects if you join a server after the objects have been spawned
  • Fixed poker chip highlighting bug where they turn white
  • Custom models no longer fly all over the place when they are first loaded in
  • Fixed camera distance on color selection for certain tables
  • Backgammon board triangle order has been fixed
  • Board optimization on physics calculations
  • Card Hand holders code optimization
  • Can now have more than one singleplayer running on the same computer
  • Fixed toggle zoom issue on glass table

To Do:

  • Browser and Chat still need to be done in the new UI system
  • RAM Optimization
  • Stability improvement
  • Additional RPG Features
  • Third Game Mode
  • More Steam Integration
  • and much more!

We wanted to take the time to thank all of you for supporting us! Word of mouth is how we have managed to get this far and it’s all thanks to you guys.

If you want to get the latest news on development feel free to follow us on Twitter.
We recently added a Wiki to our website, help us flesh it out with some more content.

Update v1.8 – Movable boards, Custom Model improvements, & more!

This update brings you improvements to the custom model support, rocks & tree models to customize your RPGs even more, moveable boards and much more.

Tabletop Simulator is also on sale for 30% off in the Steam Summer Sale.

New Rocks & Trees!

Contextual Menu Added:
  • You can now right click on a object to bring up a menu to customize different options for that object
  • Objects can now be renamed and when mousing over them you can easily read the name
  • A description can also be added to an object, great for storing player stats or additional info
  • Dealing cards and resetting decks are possible from menu
  • Locking and unlocking an object can also be done from the menu
  • ‘Cut deck’ is a brand new action that can be done in the menu

Custom Model Improvements:

  • Meshes will now use the smoothing normals in your .obj data if supplied
  • Separate collision mesh can be now supplied allowing many more collision possibilities
  • Holes in collision are supported if you choose non-convex, but non-convex objects do not collide with each other (engine limitation)
  • Non-convex is only used if a mesh collider is supplied, best used for something similar to the Chinese Checker board

Optimizations on Custom Assets:

  • Objects that share custom assets are no longer using up memory like they are unique objects
  • Rewinding will no longer require assets to be reloaded from disk

Boards Now Movable:

  • You can now unlock boards and move them just like other objects
  • They can also be spawned in the spawn menu making use of multiple boards


  • Added a rock and tree model great for outdoor RPG scenes
  • Highlighting and then locking multiple objects now works
  • Server name can now be found in the menu


  • Memory optimization on default assets
  • Alt zoom on objects will no longer clip off the screen and will ignore scale
  • Locked objects now display the number of objects it contains
  • Frozen objects will unlock when the table is flipped
  • Fixed texture syncing issue for custom models
  • Copy pasting an object pulled from a stack will now work
  • Voice chat is now disabled by default for new players due to memory leaks (can still be enabled in settings)
  • Wood shader is now slightly less shiny/specular
  • Custom Models held height has been lowered
  • Unlocking a model you were holding will no longer get stuck to your hand
  • Fixed host to client material sound sync
  • Table no longer clips through objects on clients when flipped
  • Reworded confusing section in tutorial
  • Destroy bounds have been closed in so no objects can escape by flying upward
  • Locked objects will no longer stop you box selecting
  • Fixed bug with custom table loading its custom texture

In the Future:

  • UI Overhaul
  • RAM Optimization
  • Stability improvement
  • Additional RPG Features
  • ??? game mode
  • More Steam Integration
  • and much more!
  • If you are interested in all of our updates since release, please refer to our website to view our previous patch notes.

Big news! Custom Model Support is here! Update v1.7

Tabletop Simulator on Steam

Custom Model Support:

  • You can now import your own 3D models with textures.
  • They must be in .obj format and notepad data of model must be saved on something like Pastebin. Then choose RAW and paste in that URL.
  • The model can be 3 materials (Plastic, Wood, and Metal), this changes shaders and sounds
  • Also it can be considered under 4 categories (Generic, Figurine, Dice, and Coin), which changes how you interact with them
  • Avoid exporting your models in .obj with materials, your texture will be a separate image imported with another URL
  • Currently collision is only working for box colliders (automatically calculated), better support will be coming.


  • Locked objects will be treated like a surface (ex: 2 story buildings will now work properly)
  • Added a Custom category so you can more easily find all the custom object types for your modding needs


  • Improper URL texture loading issues for people with special characters in OS usernames is resolved (ex, áéőúűöüó)
  • Frozen/Locked objects will no longer stack with each other
  • After deleting objects, a random marquee box will no longer appear
  • Marquee selection will no longer bug and push objects around
  • Card hidden when teleported back onto table will be unhidden
  • Highlighting bug was reverting material has been fixed
  • Fixed some memory leaks with custom content, still working on squishing them all
  • Cards reset properly now even when frozen

In the Future:

  • UI Overhaul
  • RAM Optimization
  • Stability improvement
  • Additional RPG Features
  • ??? game mode
  • More Steam Integration
  • and much more!

Here’s a sneak peak of the UI we’ve been working on (still a work in progress):

If you are interested in all of our updates since release, please refer to our website to view our previous patch notes.

Tabletop Simulator on Sale – Update v1.6!

20% off on The Humble Store

Tabletop Simulator is on sale for $11.99 (20% off) on The Humble Store from today through Sunday at 10am PST. Get it while it’s hot!!

And on that note, Update v1.6 is now released with some more goodies and fixes!

Object Highlighting Added:

  • Mousing over an object you are going to pick up now highlights to let you know which one you will pick up
  • You can also now marquee select multiple objects and pick them up as a group by click dragging
  • Object mouse over highlighting can be disabled in the settings menu

Locking Object:

  • Object can be locked in place by mousing over and hitting the ‘L’ key
  • While locked, an object ignores all physics and is static in space (Great for board objects like player mats)
  • This can be disabled for clients in the host options


  • Round glass table added, great for when you are trying to forget there is a table at all
  • Saves/Workshop game modes now save/load the background of the scene
  • Autosave has been added and saves every 5 minutes in background
  • Only Workshop mods that need to be updated on startup will update and it now tells you the mod’s name


  • Clients will no longer see a flicker of white when a card is pulled from its deck
  • Fixed the ability to load gold chess pieces through a bug, this is reserved for our Gold Member Kickstarter backers
  • Reversi chip and poker chips will now properly flip and no longer get stuck
  • Removed gap on custom table between wood and custom board
  • When two sideways cards are combined into a deck they retain their orientation
  • Custom Table will properly load images when changing game modes on the same table
  • Added better garbage collection and asset unloading that should help with some memory leaks
  • Weird physics when scaling and shrinking objects should be resolved

In the Future:

  • 3D Model modding
  • UI Overhaul
  • RAM Optimization
  • Stability improvement
  • Additional RPG Features
  • ??? game mode
  • More Steam Integration
  • and much more!

If you are interested in all of our updates since release, please refer to our website to view our previous patch notes.

Massive Custom Table Added! Update v1.5

Many of you have been asking for a larger table and we wanted to do even better and give you a massive table that you can even import a custom picture onto! Community involvement is how we can make the best game for everyone and we love to hear your ideas. We get many of the feature ideas from the community so be sure to share your thoughts on Tabletop Simulator on our forums.

Custom Extra Large Table:
  • Our largest table yet with the ability to import any image onto it for your massive games!
  • The table can be used like one massive custom board, and you can even use it in combination with the custom board
  • Recommended resolution for the table picture is 4400×2600

Custom Cards Aspect Ratios:

  • Custom decks now scale to the aspect ratio of the face image (Square cards are now possible)
  • New square face template has been added to the root folder of the game
  • It still uses the same 10×7 template, it’s just widened to make the cards square (each image is 490×490)


  • Shrinked objects can be done one more step smaller (Should help with using custom decks as counters)
  • Camera mode toggle has been added. You can swap between table rotation and FPS camera style with the ‘P’ key
  • ‘Disable voice chat’ option added to options menu. This might fix memory leak issue (temporary solution, we are still working on this)


  • Workshop Support is now working for Mac and Linux users
  • Card sticky and stacking now scales with the size of the card (easier on large cards, and harder on smaller)
  • Saves files is no longer skipping #1 slot for new saves
  • Saving and loading will work if you save files that don’t match the normal naming format
  • Increased raised height on Custom Figurines
  • Objects will no longer collide through the rectangle table’s side walls
  • Tall poker chip stacks will no longer drag on the ground if flipped a certain way
  • Fixed Custom Figurine memory leak
  • Fixed the aspect ratio on dominoes
  • New collision sphere for mouse bounds

In the Future:

  • 3D Model modding
  • UI Overhaul
  • RAM Optimization
  • Stability improvement
  • Additional RPG Features
  • ??? game mode
  • More Steam Integration
  • and much more!
  • If you are interested in all of our updates since release, please view our previous patch notes.