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Massive Custom Table Added! Update v1.5

Many of you have been asking for a larger table and we wanted to do even better and give you a massive table that you can even import a custom picture onto! Community involvement is how we can make the best game for everyone and we love to hear your ideas. We get many of the feature ideas from the community so be sure to share your thoughts on Tabletop Simulator on our forums.

Custom Extra Large Table:

  • Our largest table yet with the ability to import any image onto it for your massive games!
  • The table can be used like one massive custom board, and you can even use it in combination with the custom board
  • Recommended resolution for the table picture is 4400×2600

Custom Cards Aspect Ratios:

  • Custom decks now scale to the aspect ratio of the face image (Square cards are now possible)
  • New square face template has been added to the root folder of the game
  • It still uses the same 10×7 template, it’s just widened to make the cards square (each image is 490×490)


  • Shrinked objects can be done one more step smaller (Should help with using custom decks as counters)
  • Camera mode toggle has been added. You can swap between table rotation and FPS camera style with the ‘P’ key
  • ‘Disable voice chat’ option added to options menu. This might fix memory leak issue (temporary solution, we are still working on this)


  • Workshop Support is now working for Mac and Linux users
  • Card sticky and stacking now scales with the size of the card (easier on large cards, and harder on smaller)
  • Saves files is no longer skipping #1 slot for new saves
  • Saving and loading will work if you save files that don’t match the normal naming format
  • Increased raised height on Custom Figurines
  • Objects will no longer collide through the rectangle table’s side walls
  • Tall poker chip stacks will no longer drag on the ground if flipped a certain way
  • Fixed Custom Figurine memory leak
  • Fixed the aspect ratio on dominoes
  • New collision sphere for mouse bounds

In the Future:

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