Upcoming Features

Besides everything listed on the Kickstarter page, these are features we plan to work on for Tabletop Simulator. There is no ETA of when they will be added and these are not listed in any special order.

If you have suggestions for improving Tabletop Simulator, please fill out our survey currently ongoing.


  • HTC Vive/Oculus Support (Currently in progress)
  • Infinite spawnersv6.0
  • Customized seats/colorsv6.0
  • Searching in bagsv6.6
  • Locked physics modev7.3
  • 3D rooms
  • Scripting supportv6.6
  • Custom table support
  • Token stackingv6.0
  • Rotation snappingv6.0
  • Custom book
  • Custom matv7.2
  • Custom infinite bagsv6.1


  • In-game Tablet support for Linuxv6.4
  • Loading optimization of Workshop/Saved Objectsv6.0
  • Reorganization improvements to Workshop/Savesv8.4
  • Double-sided tokens
  • Improvements to Hidden Zones
  • Improvements to Saved Objects
  • ALT Zoom improvementsv7.3
  • New card searchingv6.5

And much more! If you have a suggestion that you think would be great in Tabletop Simulator, please post your ideas on our official forums.