Setting Up Turns

While there isn’t anything automated in Tabletop Simulator, you can setup turns to help guide certain games.
Just click on Options -> Turns to bring up the Turns menu.

Turns Menu

Turns: When you are ready to set turns, just check this box and the turns will begin. When it is someone’s turn, they will hear a noise and an “End Turn” box will show up at the top of their screen. Others can see whose turn it is by noting the green star next to their name. If the player is taking too long or forgets to end their turn, the host can move turns along by clicking the green star.
To turn off Turns, just go back into the Turns menu and uncheck the box.

End Turns Button

Player Names Turns

Clockwise: By default, turns go clockwise around the table and top to bottom on the player list. If you need to switch to counter-clockwise, just go in the turns menu and uncheck the box.

Skip Empty Hand: If you are playing a game with a bunch of people and one is sitting in a seat, but doesn’t have anything in their hand, you can check the “Skip Empty Hand” box to skip players who have nothing in their hands. It makes it easy to keep turns going when players have gone out but are still in their seats and there are only a couple people left to play.

It’s very easy to use turns to give you a bit more control of your games. If you have suggestions to improve on the Turns feature, please add them to this thread.