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In Tabletop Simulator, there are 9 different tables you can choose from, so you can play on any type of table that suits your needs. You can change tables by clicking on Objects -> Tables

Tables Menu

Each table is different and can be used for a minimum to maximum set of players.

  • Square: 1-4 players
  • Hexagon: 1-6 players
  • Octagon: 1-8 players
  • Round: 1-8 players
  • Poker: 1-8 players
  • Rectangle: 1-8 players
  • Round Glass: 1-8 players
  • Custom Square: 1-8 players
  • Custom Rectangle: 1-10 players

You can add extra players to a max of 10 by adding extra Hand Zones. You can read about Hand Zones here.

Both Custom Square and Custom Rectangle tables can have images added to them for extra flare. You can add images as the actual game board, or for backgrounds for your play areas.

Custom Tables

You can create your own custom tables and placing them over the built in tables if you wanted something completely different. You can view examples in our DLCs or on the Workshop.