Spawning Objects

It’s quite easy to spawn objects once you’ve set up a game. The general area to spawn in is under Host -> Chest. The Chest is where all the basic in-game objects are when you need them, from dice to RPG figurines, to tools, etc. You will find objects in the Chest that you may not find in the regular games.

Chest: To spawn an object, click on one of the categories. A new menu pops up on the bottom of your screen so you can choose from a variety of different objects within that category to spawn. Now either click on one of the objects or drag and drop into your scene. Clicking on an object will spawn it in the middle of the table, while drag and dropping will allow you to place the object where you want.

Saved Objects: The Chest is also where your saved objects go. To save an object to your Chest, you just right click on the object, click “Save to Chest”. A window pops up where you can name it. You can save it just like that or you can click the button above to save it to a folder. If you don’t have any folders to save it to, you need to click on Host -> Chest -> Saved Objects to bring up that window. Then click the “Create Folder” button on the top left.

When you view your Saved Objects menu, you will have a list of individual objects in which you can click to spawn or drag and drop. Or at the bottom will be any folders you have created. You can click the drop down arrow of the folder to spawn individual objects from it, or you can click the folder to spawn all the objects in that folder.

Workshop & Load Game: Similar to the Saved Objects, you can click or drag & drop objects in the Workshop and Load Game menus. Keep in mind you need to use the drop down menu and spawn objects from there. If you click on an entire folder in the Workshop and Load Game menus, it will just load the game, overwriting your previous game.