Randomized Zones

Randomized Zones give you the ability to load up custom games that can be shuffled and randomized. Randomized Zones can be found under the Zones tab in the side menu.

Zones Menu

— Click the Randomize button and draw a box with the LMB and box select to create your new zone. When you let go, a “Randomize all objects in this zone?” message will pop up.
— When you load up your game, the message will pop up and you can choose to randomize it or not.
— Additionally, you can right click on a zone and the message will pop up as well.
— Any object in this zone can be randomized.
— This is good for tiles, cards, memory type games, and much more.
— When you go back to normal mode, the zone will not be visible, so you can create a special mat or anything you so desire to let this area be known as a special zone.
— You can create multiple zones.
— You can rotate, scale, resize and move zones with the Gizmo Tool.

Randomize Zone