Joints Tool

The Joint Tool is an advanced feature that allows you to connect objects together to create all sorts of things, like spinners, wheels, dials, and many other fun things.

Some good examples of the Joint Tool can be found in our Battle For Souls DLC with the Victory Points dial, our Example Spinner Mod on the Workshop, and Roulette on the Workshop by Moneyman12167Casey.

You can learn more about Joints in our Tools Menu Tutorial video.

Creating Joints

– To create a joint, select the Joint Tool on the side menu.
– Using the Joint Tool, draw a line connecting two objects together. Always connect objects to the base. In the example gif, two outside blocks are connected to the inside one. In the second example gif with the spinning object, the 4 marbles are connected to the base block.

– You can easily disconnect a joint by connecting your starting joint to “nothing”. So start the joint on the object you originally started at and connect it to a non-object.

Modifying Joints

– You can really tweak joints to make them move how you’d like depending on what you’re creating.
– Right click on a joint and click on Joint in the contextual menu.
– The Joints menu will pop up with 3 tabs for the different joints: Fixed, Hinge, and Spring. Each have their own properties that you can tweak. Mousing over each property will give a brief description.
– There’s a lot of information to absorb here so read everything carefully and ask questions on the forums as some members of the community are really good at using the joints feature.

More information will be added in the future!

Community Guides: You can watch this video by community member Sergio Robles, about how joints work for more information.