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In-Game Communication

We offer both text and voice chat in Tabletop Simulator. When you first login to Tabletop Simulator, on the bottom left of your screen you will see a Global tab. This is global chat where you can interact and talk with anyone who is logged in to Tabletop Simulator (both singleplayer and multiplayer). It’s a great way to find people to play with, look for play testers and much more. Global chat is moderated and part of the Geekshed IRC network, so please read up on the rules here. If you’d like to join the IRC channel outside of Tabletop Simulator, the server is and the channel is #TabletopSimulator. Due to issues with spammers, the following web clients are banned: Mibbit, IRC Cloud and Light IRC.

Once you click on Singleplayer or join a Multiplayer game, you will see a second tab called Game. The Game tab is used for chatting with anyone currently in your server (if multiplayer). When a new message is posted on a tab you aren’t clicked on, it will highlight gold, letting you know there are new messages.

If you join a team, a third tab will pop up called Team. This tab is for private conversation only between you and your teammates.

If you’d prefer to disconnect from the Global Chat completely, you can do so by clicking the settings icon next to the tabs. Just uncheck the “Connect to IRC” box and it will automatically save.

Chat Settings

In the sound tab of the Configuration Menu, you can set your voice chat to Push to Talk, Toggle Voice, or Disable. You can also set your microphone here as well as any input/output volumes.

    1. Text chat – Just press enter and type to chat. Or press the Chat bubble on the right and type.
    2. Voice chat – Default key is ‘C’.
    3. Team voice chat – Default key is ‘V’.
    4. PM (In Game) – To send someone in your game a private message, just type “/color Message” (IE. /pink Hi there.) – Must be typed in the Game tab.
    5. PM (Global) – To send a private message to someone connected to global chat, type “/msg Name” (IE. /msg Kimiko Join my game!) – Must be typed in the Global tab and both parties must be in Tabletop Simulator for this to work. Meaning you cannot send messages this way if one person is on an IRC client and the other is in TTS. If a user you are trying to message has spaces in their name, just remove them so your message will go through. (IE – the person’s name is Mr Bob. So to message him, type /msg MrBob Hello)