Importing Files

Importing is very easy and there are a couple of different ways you can import your custom files into Tabletop Simulator.

Private Testing (Single Player Only)

If you don’t want your files uploaded to the public because you are still in the testing phase, then you can import your files by clicking the yellow file folder next to any image/url box.

File Import 01

– Choose your file and click open.
– A window will pop up asking if you want to upload your files locally or upload them to the cloud. Choose Local.

File Import 02

– You will now see that it’s grabbing your local file on your computer.

File Import 03

– Click Import and you will see your new object in place.

File Import 04

– Please note you cannot use this option and share your game in multiplayer.
– If you want to private test with other people, you can send the files and images to your friends so they can view them without you having to upload the images to any web host. Otherwise, use the multiplayer option below.


If you want everyone (public) to be able to see the objects and images in your game, then you can do one of the following:
a. Follow the steps in Private Testing above to bring up the file browser and choose your file.
– When you click open, at the new menu option, choose Cloud. This will upload your file to your personal Steam Cloud.
– This will allow you to import your files directly from your computer to your cloud and everyone will be able to view these files in multiplayer.
– Please note there is a 1GB limit on your Steam Cloud.

b. The other option is to upload your files to a webhost (like Imgur, Dropbox, etc) and input the URL to your image when importing,
e.g. (note the URL link ends in .png. Make sure your links end in .png or .jpg or they won’t work.)
– You can use any webhost as long as the images are set to be viewed by the public. Imgur is an example site we use, but you can use any site of your choosing. Make sure you check their guidelines as some sites will compress the images or will block images in certain countries.
In this case, the Steam Cloud importing option is your best choice.

File Import 05

Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager

The Cloud Manager shows you what images you have uploaded to your Cloud, the size of the images, and how much space you have available. You can view the images by clicking on the links and it will open up in the Steam Overlay.

You can easily delete files from your Cloud by hovering over an image and clicking on the Trash Can Icon. If you delete an image that you have in a Workshop mod, it will no longer work, so make sure you are 100% sure before deleting these files.