Drawing Tools

There are two types of drawing tools in Tabletop Simulator, Vector and Pixel. Both drawing tools can be disabled in the Host Permissions under “Painting”.

Pixel Tool: This was our very first drawing tool and it has its limitations. We kept it in after adding the Vector tool, to give you more options when drawing.
— You can only draw in the color in which you are seated. If you change seats, your color will change.
— You can draw straight lines by holding SHIFT while drawing.
— To connect from one point to another without drawing, hold ALT and then click. This also works with the eraser.
— Select the Eraser tool to erase any of your drawing (or others’ drawings).
— Clicking the Trash Can will delete ALL Pixel drawings.
— You cannot draw on objects or boards.

Vector Tool: The Vector tool has more flexibility and precise, clean lines.
— You can use the color wheel to choose from all different colors.
— The Eraser works differently as it erases per line as opposed to parts of a line. Hover over a line and click once and the line will be deleted.
— Clicking the Trash Can will delete ALL Vector drawings.
— You can draw on any object including boards, but they MUST be locked first.
— Objects that have been drawn on can be saved and reloaded.
— Objects that have been drawn on can be placed in and removed from bags with the drawings intact.
— There is a limit of 10,000 vector lines per player. 1 tiny dot or 1 long line will equate to 1 vector line.