Custom Tiles

Custom Tiles allow you to make different components for your games. You can choose from four different tile shapes – Box (Square), Hex, Circle, and Mat (Rounded corners).

Custom Tiles do not support transparency. If you’d prefer to have objects that use transparency, then check out our Custom Tokens.


  • Choose which shape you want for your tile.
  • Choose an image on your computer to import or upload your images to a host and input the URL manually.
  • You can choose a top and bottom image. If you don’t choose a bottom image, then the top image will automatically be placed.
  • You can adjust how thick you want your tile to be.
  • If you want your tiles to be stackable (like poker chips), then you would check this box.
  • If you want your tile to match the image’s aspect ratio, then check this box.
  • Press import and watch your custom tiles come to life!

    • If you’d like to edit your tiles, just right click and choose CUSTOM in the Contextual Menu. You can now make any adjustments needed here.