Custom Jigsaw

One fun thing you can do in Tabletop Simulator is make and put together jigsaw puzzles! It’s very simple to do. Just click on GAMES -> CLASSIC -> JIGSAW.

  • Choose how many pieces you’d like your puzzle to be broken into. You can choose anywhere from 20 (easy) to 320 (hard).
  • Import your image either from your computer or upload to a web host and input the URL manually.
  • For more difficulty, you can choose to not have the image shown on the board. If you’d like extra help to know where to place the pieces, then check this box. The puzzle box will always have the image on it just like real puzzle boxes if you need help
  • Click import and your jigsaw puzzle will be ready for you to put together.

Try to use images that are busy and have a lot of color. If you use an image with a lot of one color (like in my example image), it may be harder to put it all together in a timely manner.