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Chest & Saving Objects


The Chest is where all the built-in and saved objects are located. Use this if you want to spawn individual objects into your game scenes.

All objects that are built in to Tabletop Simulator can be found in the chest by clicking on Host -> Chest. From there, you can choose any category from the new Chest window and choose which objects you wish to spawn. You can either click on the object and it will spawn in the middle of the table, or you can drag and drop it where you’d like it to spawn.

Saving Objects

You can also save any object to your Chest. So if you see an item that you think would be great in one of your games, you can just save it to your Chest for future use. Just right click on the object and choose Save to Chest in the Contextual Menu.

In the window that pops up, just name your object and then click save. Additionally, you can choose a folder that you already have created and place the object in there.

Creating Folders

Click on Host -> Chest -> Saved Objects. A new window pops up showing all the objects you have saved to your Chest. At the top left, you can click on “Create Folder” to add specially named folders.
Singular objects will be listed at the top and the folders will be at the bottom of the list. Just like other objects in the chest, you can either click to spawn them or drag and drop.

A couple notes:
— Your object will save at whatever state you have it in when saved. For example, if your object is locked and you save it to your chest, when you spawn it, it will come out locked.
— You can highlight and save multiple objects at once, however when you spawn it, it will spawn all the objects exact how you saved them.
— Only the host and promoted players can spawn objects from their Chests.