BB Codes

In Tabletop Simulator you can use basic BB Codes to spice up the Notebook, Rules, Notecards, onscreen Notes and even the Tooltips that you’re showing to other players. This is great when you want to properly format your notes and rules to make them look nice and neat. Here are the known BB Codes that are supported:

BBCode Example

[FF0000] Sets a new color (Hexadecimal codes only. The example of FF0000 sets the color to red.)
[-] Removes last selected color ( Example: [FF0000]Hello there![-] )
[b] [/b] Sets bold
[i] [/i] Sets italic
[u] [/u] Sets underline
[s] [/s] Sets strikethrough
[sub] [/sub] Sets subscript
[sup] [/sup] Set superscript

You can also mix and match these BB Codes by doing it like so:

[FF0000][b]Welcome to the game![/b]
What is your favorite color?: [-] Mine is white!