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Text Tool

The Text Tool can be used to write on the table or any locked object. It will not work on objects that are not locked, similar to the Vector Drawing Tool.

When you have the Text Tool (F8) selected, your pointer will turn into either a T for the 3D pointer or a text caret for the 2D pointer, so you’ll know you are using that menu option. Click anywhere on the table and then you can add text to the text box.
— You can use the 2 left buttons to adjust the size of the text bigger or smaller.
— You can also change the color of the text by hovering over the color wheel and then choosing your color of choice.
— You can delete individual 3D text by clicking on the trash can, otherwise you can delete ALL 3D text in the scene by hovering over the Text Tool and clicking the trash can.

To write text on actual objects like cards, books, etc, you need to first lock the object in place. So put the object where you want and then lock it. Then use the Text Tool and write on it as normal. Make sure the object is where you want it because if you unlock it and try to move it, the text will remain on the table and will not be on the actual object.