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We are happy to be working with 3DTotal Games to bring Wizard’s Academy to Tabletop Simulator as official DLC, which was released on Steam on July 8, 2016.

1-6 Players | 12+

~Approximately 60 minutes & Up

Wizard’s Academy is a cooperative board game in which you play as an apprentice wizard during a magical emergency. The wizard who owns the academy is missing, along with all of your teachers, it’s down to you and the other students. You have a lot going for you: The infinite power of magic allows you to summon, dismiss, move, adjust, switch or empower any aspect of the game. Only one thing stands in your way: None of you have the faintest clue what any of your spells actually do.


• Trial by fire, experiment to find out what you can do. Try to work out how to use your power before you’re destroyed by the consequences of using it carelessly.
• Millions of possible spellbook layouts, different powers every game.
• Face over a dozen threats including imps, fires, floods, haunting and demons.
• Threats that combat each other. Don’t have a spell to put out that fire? Just open a hole to the water dimension instead!
• Colourful characters. Each associated with a collection of spells that have different effects when cast by them.
• Fair play mechanics. Disasters are drawn a round in advance to give you time to prepare rather than being blindsided by the RNG.
• Scenarios change the objective of the game and add unique rules. Survive a monstrous invasion. Reverse an unwanted bodyswap. Form the student society for the preservation of imps. Summon and control a demon. Pin uncooperative rooms into place. Stop a raging fire thawing out a frozen demon. Fight your own spellbook. And more!

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Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone to play.

Everyone must own Tabletop Simulator in order to play Wizard’s Academy.