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Big news! Custom Model Support is here! Update v1.7

Tabletop Simulator on Steam

Custom Model Support:

  • You can now import your own 3D models with textures.
  • They must be in .obj format and notepad data of model must be saved on something like Pastebin. Then choose RAW and paste in that URL.
  • The model can be 3 materials (Plastic, Wood, and Metal), this changes shaders and sounds
  • Also it can be considered under 4 categories (Generic, Figurine, Dice, and Coin), which changes how you interact with them
  • Avoid exporting your models in .obj with materials, your texture will be a separate image imported with another URL
  • Currently collision is only working for box colliders (automatically calculated), better support will be coming.


  • Locked objects will be treated like a surface (ex: 2 story buildings will now work properly)
  • Added a Custom category so you can more easily find all the custom object types for your modding needs


  • Improper URL texture loading issues for people with special characters in OS usernames is resolved (ex, áéőúűöüó)
  • Frozen/Locked objects will no longer stack with each other
  • After deleting objects, a random marquee box will no longer appear
  • Marquee selection will no longer bug and push objects around
  • Card hidden when teleported back onto table will be unhidden
  • Highlighting bug was reverting material has been fixed
  • Fixed some memory leaks with custom content, still working on squishing them all
  • Cards reset properly now even when frozen

In the Future:

  • UI Overhaul
  • RAM Optimization
  • Stability improvement
  • Additional RPG Features
  • ??? game mode
  • More Steam Integration
  • and much more!

Here’s a sneak peak of the UI we’ve been working on (still a work in progress):

If you are interested in all of our updates since release, please refer to our website to view our previous patch notes.

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