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Beta v0.9 is now released and Steam Early Access Info

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Hey everyone! We’ve got a big update today. If you are a backer who pledged at the beta key level, you will be getting Steam keys to help us beta test and stress test our Early Access on Steam. All the info will be in the email you should be receiving within the next 24 hours.

Once Early Access has begun on Steam, everyone who pledged or pre-ordered at the $10 or higher level will receive Steam keys.

With this in mind, Beta v0.9 has been released!

Latest RPG Figurines


  • Steam integration, you can log in without a password – just need to choose a username. You can merge your current account to the steam version, so they can have the same name
  • Saving, Loading, and rewinding now works with custom content (you can share your entire mod and layout by distributing your save).
  • Due to save system updates, old saves are no longer compatible and saves are now in a “Saves” folder inside “Tabletop Simulator”.
  • 4 more RPG figurines have been added (Werewolf, Giant Rat, Tree Ent, and Wolf)
  • 2 of our custom Kickstarter figurines have been added (CardBot and Sir Loin)
  • Ram usage reduced by about ~50%, also greatly reduced ram usage on custom content
  • Login security has been improved with session ids
  • You can now pan the camera with Alt+WASD or the Arrow Keys (you might need to unbind arrow keys under horizontal & vertical)
  • New loading screen pictures

Changes/Bug Fixes:

  • 4 Deck ram limitation on custom decks no longer exists
  • Syncing custom content for late joining players is now working
  • Table Flip now flips from the location of the player’s hand
  • RPG Figurines are better synced across the network
  • Game Logo has been updated
  • Fixed hand rotation bug for certain tables and hand colors
  • Loading stability has been improved and should be less prone to crashes
  • Added short splash screen on startup
  • Decks now have a max height and weight to help with very large decks
  • Mac – black screen on startup is fixed and now shows the load screens
  • Lowering figurines hovers them right at ground level instead of jamming them into the table
  • Custom card back pictures are no longer mirrored
  • Slightly improved card layer stacking, saving, and loading
  • Added a question mark when a card is hidden; you can customize this for your custom deck with slot 70 on the template
  • Solitaire is working again
  • Cards are spawning properly again when rewinding
  • Host and game server migrated over to its own SSD.

If you encounter any issues, please post them on our forums.

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