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8/25/15 – The Weekly Post #3

Welcome to The Weekly Post where we keep you up to date on what’s going on with Tabletop Simulator and Berserk Games!

Dev Chat

There are many platforms out there that can do things similar to Tabletop Simulator, some even better – we know this! We like to think of Tabletop Simulator as a platform that can be used for any kind of game, so we tend not to stick to just one genre. Meaning, we don’t just focus solely on RPG elements.

As we developed Tabletop Simulator, we wanted it to function for everyone and everything! So when we create new features, we want to ensure that it can be used for any game type. For example, hidden areas. This is something known as “fog of war” and is used a great deal in RPG games. In Tabletop Simulator, we wanted these hidden areas to be used not just for RPG games, but any other kind of game as well. It can be great if you want to hide your cards, but don’t feel like using your hand area. Or if two people are on the same team and want to share their hidden space together for their game play, they can go ahead and use hidden areas so both of them can see what’s in it.

There’s all kinds of uses for hidden areas, and that’s how we develop any new feature in Tabletop Simulator – we think of ways it can be used for multiple things! I hope that gives you more of an insight on how we do things!

Behind the Scenes

We’ve been a bit busy, so we haven’t really had time to hire another programmer. But we’ll be focusing on bringing another on board! There’s a lot of great things we want to bring into Tabletop Simulator, so to get the job done in a productive, yet quick manner, we’ll need at least one more programmer! We’ve got some great resumes that we’ll be going over and hopefully get another hired asap!

Future Updates

We value our community’s feedback and over this past year we have implemented a lot of features and suggestions that you guys have given us. And we’re still listening! Please continue to post your suggestions on our official forums. Here’s a teaser of what we’ve been working on for upcoming updates.

  • Saved Objects Improvements – There are some things that could be improved with saved objects (in the Chest), so we’re working on that! If you’ve got some suggestions, please post in the forum thread!
  • Randomized Spawn Positions – In the built in games like Mahjong and Solitaire, we have it so the tiles and cards are randomized each time their loaded up. We’re working on something similar for your custom games as well for those that need them!
  • Another game mode? – From close to the beginning of Tabletop Simulator, there’s been a few game modes that people have been hoping for. One in particular we have had on the back burner for quite some time, but never have been able to come up with a good way to do it. Well, now we have made some headway and there just may be a new game mode that we think you’ll like coming up in the near future! So keep your eyes peeled!

Sales Info

People have been asking how our sales have been, so here you go! To date we have sold over 250,000 copies of Tabletop Simulator since release and it’s all thanks to you guys! We love what we do and we have a lot more planned so be sure to keep checking in every so often to see what’s new. If you have any specific questions you’d like answered in the next Weekly Post (and it’s one we can answer!), then please post in the forum thread.

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