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6/10/15 – Update v5.0.2 Superfight (Unlimited)

Superfight DLC

Since we released our first DLC, there has been a lot of great comments on how to improve our current system. Based on your feedback, we have changed a couple things in regards to the new Superfight DLC. While you can still purchase Superfight for $4.99 (regular price) individually, you can now also purchase an “Unlimited” version for $19.99. “Unlimited” allows any number of players to play the DLC with you for free when hosting. This is a great way for regular groups of friends who play together or when you host a public game, anyone can join and try out Superfight for free when hosting.

If you already purchased Superfight, there is also an “Upgrade to Unlimited” option so you can just pay the difference to get the Unlimited version.

Thank you for showing your great passion for Tabletop Simulator. We value our community’s opinion and this has been a great learning experience for us all as we break ground in this new territory.

This minor update also included a couple fixes as well.

  • Added support for new Superfight (Unlimited) DLC
  • Fixed issues of using hover commands on layered cards messing up collision.
  • Fixed grid settings being lost when stacking cards together.
  • Fixed physics material settings not saving on piecepack objects.

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