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Update v9.7 The Great Dinosaur Rush DLC, Voice Chat Revamp & Character Sheets!

We’ve been working on a lot of stuff these past few weeks to finally use Steam networking. We’ve got a great head start by converting our old voice chat over to Steam Voice, so you’ll see a great improvement! We’re still working on the full conversion, so let us know what you think thus far.

So many of you have been asking for the ability to create character sheets since nearly the beginning and it hasn’t been easy to come up with something that was feasible, but now we have! Through scripting – createInput(), you can now create your own custom character sheets.

The Great Dinosaur Rush by Ape Games is now in Tabletop Simulator as DLC!

The Great Dinosaur Rush, or the Bone Wars as they’re otherwise called, were a period of incredible advancement in paleontology (discovery of fossils).

The Great Dinosaur Rush DLC

NEW DLC – The Great Dinosaur Rush

  • Now available for $6.99 with a 15% launch discount!2-5 players, ages 10 & up.
  • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone else to play.
  • Click OPEN on the bottom right of the rulebook to open it.
  • Press the bottom left and right corners of pages to turn them.

Steam voice

Voice Chat Revamp

  • We are now using Steam Voice Chat and p2p.
  • Better quality and less bandwidth used.
  • No strain on the host’s bandwidth with true p2p.
  • Client players can mute other players. Host will mute/unmute for everyone.
  • Volume input/output can be controlled in the Steam voice chat settings as shown above.
  • You might hear a few pops here and there, so we’re still working out the kinks.
  • Please leave us any feedback you encounter with the new voice chat. Thanks!

Scripting Improvements


  • Updated getHandObjects(int index = 1).
  • Events:

  • onChat(string message, Player).
  • Added onUpdate() deprecated update().
  • Added onFixedUpdate() deprecated fixedUpdate().
  • Object:

  • setValue() and getValue() works with hidden zones now.
  • putObject() works with infinite bags.
  • UI:

  • Added tooltip variable to createButton().
  • Added createInput(), getInputs(), editInput(), removeInput(), clearInputs().
  • Improvements:

  • Optimized lua events calls if not being used.
  • Save and play doesn’t update thumbnail.
  • Improved the global starter script.

Steam Improvements

  • Added better error handling for Steam api calls.
  • More verbose Workshop uploading and updating in chat.
  • Fixed a potential achievement issue losing progress.

Camera Mouse Control Improvements

  • Frame rate independent (No more slow down or speed up based on FPS).
  • No smoothing and more responsive.


  • Character Sheets can now be created with scripting createInput()
  • You can now change colors in Hotseat mode.
  • Increased camera render distance by double for large games.
  • Auto save will no longer clutter chat
  • Cloud Manager will now automatically preview .obj and assetbundle files.
  • Reduced the input lag of moving objects around for clients.
  • Improved colliders on deal color wheel.
  • D6 now has consistent dot orientation to match the rest.
  • Improved lighting for UI 3D objects in menus.


  • Scripting menu is now properly disabled for promoted players.
  • Fixed double enter on text tool.
  • Fixed decals not being uploaded to cloud with the upload all button.
  • Fixed issue with expanding a save or mod after searching causing it to go back to the Games menu.
  • Fixed issue with being able to exploit names on player list.
  • Fixed issue with name getting stuck on the table & UI when disconnecting.
  • Fixed issue with player names containing “:” messing up name coloring in chat.
  • Fixed sideways piecepack dice rotation values.
  • Fixed d4s rolling behavior.
  • Fixed UI layering order with 3D objects so they don’t have to be disabled anymore.

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