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08/05/2016 – Update v7.8 Three Cheers For Master DLC, Touch Support, & Saved Camera Improvements!

We’ve got some great overall improvements and cleanups in Tabletop Simulator this update. Touch support has been added back in so be sure to play the tutorial to find out all the controls.

There are some great improvements to the Saved Camera feature, Scripting, and much more!

Our latest DLC, Three Cheers For Master by Atlas Games is now live!

Three Cheers For Master is a hilariously fun card game for 2-6 players with gameplay lasting anywhere from 20-45 minutes. The rules may be daunting at first, but after your first play of the game, you’ll see how much fun and easy it can be.

Three Cheers For Master DLC

  • Three Cheers For Master is now available for $4.99 with a 10% launch discount.
  • 2-6 Players | Ages 13 & Up | 20-40 Minutes
  • Read the frequently asked questions the tips and tricks here.
  • Only the host needs to own all our DLCs.

Wizard’s Academy Update

  • The order of the faculty boards now matches the listing in the cover Index.
  • Tooltips are hidden for Faculty boards.
  • Tooltip State numbers are now completely hidden for the 17 Rooms. A note of which can now be found at the bottom of the game boards description notes.
  • The word “Token” has been added to the following Water, Fire, Imp, Troll & Demon token piles for clarity.

Scythe Update

  • Tooltips hidden for player mats and structural bonus tiles

Zombicide Update

  • Tooltip states hidden for Character dashboards, main mission selector board and large map tiles in the main component box.

Simurgh Update

  • Fixed pedestal saying “Wood” instead of “Meat Tokens”.

DLC Overall Improvements

  • Updated all DLCs to make certain objects not interactable, like the custom floors, backgrounds, tables, etc.
  • If you’d like to do this for your own mods, check out our scripting example here.
  • This is a very simple script that anyone can use to add to their mods to make any object non-interactable.

TTS Deck Editor

  • The Deck Editor created by Froghut has been added to Windows builds in the modding folder.
  • Once verified it works on other platforms, it will be added to those folders as well.
  • You can download it for yourself here to see if it will work on your system.
  • The Deck Editor is a more enhanced and continually updated version of the old Deck Builder.
  • You can choose different deck sizes other than 10×7.
  • Another nice feature of this editor is the ability to upload exported decks directly to various image hosting sites.
  • If you have any issues or find any bugs, please post them in this thread for Froghut to look into and be sure to offer your gratitude for this great program.

Touch Support

  • Touch has been added back in.
  • Tutorial is now supported; play to learn the controls.
  • Supports gestures like pinch to zoom, panning, 2 finger panning, etc.
  • You can now swap between touch and mouse smoothly.
  • Not all tools are working yet for touch.

Saved Camera Improvements

  • Camera states now persist into save files and shared with everyone in the room.
  • Camera states are now no longer globally saved.
  • You can now remove a camera state by saving at it’s already saved position.
  • Camera state 0 will override the space bar position for everyone at the table instead of using the hand location.
  • To set Camera state 0, move where you want your space bar position to be and press Ctrl + 0. This is the new space bar position for all users
  • Camera Load hotkey has been changed to due to State conflicts.
  • Hotkeys: Camera load – “Shift + #” and Camera save – “Ctrl + #”.
  • It’s a great time to update your mods to add camera saves to help people navigate around the table more easily.

Scripting New Features & Improvements

  • Refactored code to make adding new features easier.
  • Speed improvement.
  • Added promoted, host, admin to the player class.
  • Object added tooltip bool.
  • Object Flip() fixed to function like ingame flip.
  • Object SetSmooth() added two optional bools collision, fast move.
  • Made x, y, z vectors more consistent so you can use numbered index (1,2,3) or letters (x,y,z).
  • Made r,g,b colors more consistent so you can use numbered index (1,2,3) or letters (r,g,b).
  • Added broadcastToAll(), broadcastToColor().
  • Fixed bug in scale().
  • Fixed scale parameter on spawnobject().


  • Lift height and rotation snap degrees are now saved between games (finally!).
  • Joints now survive between State changes.
  • Changing the table while having things in your hand will automatically be moved to the new location on the table.
  • Improved local files check to be more accurate.
  • Improved tutorial wording on certain steps to improve clarity.
  • Improved text readability at 2560×1440 resolution.
  • Hover flipping / rotating should be much more smooth.
  • Improved the landing of stacked objects when hover flipped, so they no longer explode.
  • Push changed from Shift to ‘N’ for Nudge.
  • Reduced flickering of player names on table surfaces.


  • Fixed table player names being wrong when joining late.
  • Fixed issue with the Notebook tabs being duplicated.
  • Fixed issue with “Back is hidden” not working for unique decks.
  • Fixed issue with local files checking the wrong input.
  • Fixed issue with hands facing the same way.
  • Fixed clients being unable to shuffle or shake dice.
  • Fixed custom card losing unique back status when saved and then loaded.
  • Fixed chat enter button not sliding to match chat size.
  • Fixed jointed objects & collision issues
  • Fixed bug where snap points and change color were duplicated up above.
  • Fixed issue with Contextual menu clumping.

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