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06/10/2016 – Update v7.5 VR Transform Gizmo & Improvements

This update adds a lot of improvements to VR. We’ve added a Transform Gizmo, which allows you to do things like rotate and lift the floor up and down, scale the player up and down and much more. The Transform Gizmo replaces the on screen buttons with a quicker and more intuitive system.

Thanks to everyone who posted their feedback! Please continue to post suggestions and bugs on our official forums or on Steam.

VR Transform Gizmo

  • Added a transform gizmo that makes it easy to scale, rotation or lift the floor up and down.
  • Holding down both grip buttons activates the transform gizmo.
  • Using your controllers to gesture the 3 possible interactions.
  • Pinch to zoom gesture will scale the player up and down.
  • Up and down gesture will raise or lower the floor.
  • Rotation gesture will spin the orientation of the player.

VR Improvements

  • Added a voice chat toggle on the UI.
  • Added VR text input support using the SteamVR overlay.
  • Added a finger markings on the trackpads to see where you are touching them.
  • Added object highlighting support just like in the normal game.
  • You will now automatically teleport to starting position & rotation of the color you choose.
  • Reduced the stuttering during loading of mods.
  • Improved the resolution of the spectator / recording camera to 1080p.
  • Improved resolution of the UI for improved clarity up close.
  • Laser line is now hidden for other players but the tip will still be visible.
  • Laser tip is now colored to match the player’s color.
  • Fixed UI scale being based on resolution of the spectator / recording camera.
  • Fixed VR grabbing through a locked object not working.

VR Known Issues:

  • None of the tools work yet.
  • 3D UI interactions don’t work yet.
  • Tooltips are not working yet.

Loading Improvements

  • Improved error handling when failing to load images.
  • Fixed issue with Memory leak sometimes occurring when an image fails to load correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with loading getting stuck on the screen.


  • Fixed crash for clients connecting to host when there is a visible grid.
  • Fixed collider issues with Zombicide.
  • Fixed hand rotation on Zombicide.
  • Added launched command ‘-nointro’ an alternative to ‘-novid’.

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