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05/01/15 – Update v4.6 Spectator ALT Zoom & Team Voice Chat Added!

Everyone has wanted the ability for spectators to ALT Zoom, so they can easily see what’s going on when they are just watching others play! Another feature that was wanted for quite some time is being able to drop 1 item at a time while holding a bunch of items. Both of these features have now been added for overall better game play!

Proxy Server Improvements:

  • All hosts now connect to the proxy server by default (players will only connect through the proxy if they fail to connect normally).
  • Auto option for the proxy server chooses the closest proxy server to you for the lowest ping.
  • This should eliminate all connection issues, if you run into any let us know.

Rules BB Code

Rules Menu Improved:

  • Rules menu now supports BBCode for all your formatting needs.
  • You cannot accidentally edit the rules now, because you must first hit the edit button.
  • Only admins can edit the rules of a game now.
  • Updated the default games rules formatted with BBCode for better readability.

Notecard ALT ZOOM

Alt Zoom Improvements:

  • Alt zoom now works in spectator (finally!).
  • Notecards can now be alt zoomed for easier readability.

Drop Last Grabbed Added:

  • ‘Alt’ + ‘Right Click/Tap’ now drops the last object you picked up instead of all objects except the first.
  • This is great for games in which you need to drop singular objects, or if you want an easy way to distribute held objects one at a time.

General Improvements:

  • Team voice chat has been added if you want to secretly communicate by using the ‘V’ key.
  • Optimized box selection when there are a lot of objects on screen.
  • General optimizations to reduce fps stuttering.
  • The keybind help menu has been updated with the latest additions (Grouping, Team Text Chat, Team Voice).


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