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04/17/15 – Update v4.4 Connection Fixes!

Connection Fixes

We’ve been working hard to create a better connection experience so everyone is able to connect and play in multiplayer on Tabletop Simulator. This update is short and sweet because the focus was fully on connection issues.

This patch adds proxy server support which allows players to connect to you that couldn’t before by routing the traffic through our servers. If you have had trouble with connection issues previously, when you start hosting, choose a proxy server that is closest to you and these issues should be resolved.

There could be unexpected downtime of the proxy servers as we validate them for all players. Please be patient during this time as we’ll be monitoring everything closely to ensure things are running smoothly on our servers and people are connecting.

Connection Proxy Server:

  • Added proxy support which should fix all connection issues.
  • The downside of using the proxy is players will have slightly higher pings.
  • Proxy is a fallback if port forwarding and NAT Punchthrough fails.
  • There are three proxy servers North America (NA), Europe (EU), and Oceanic (OC).
  • Choose the nearest proxy server when hosting a server for the lowest ping.

General Improvements:

  • Reduced the sound volume of the animated logo by half.


  • Fixed numpad enter not working for submitting UI elements.
  • Fixed the text/UI elements of the Tablet and Notecard not being hidden by hidden areas.
  • Fixed setting the resolution in windowed mode not applying.
  • Fixed URL confirmation window not appearing above the Tablet pop out window.
  • Fixed sideways deck status getting reset when searching a deck.

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