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04/03/15 – Update v4.3 Notecards, more RPG figurines, Grouping and improvements!

We’ve added a couple features we know you’ll love: Grouping and Notecards! Grouping works for objects that can be “stacked”. Did you just win a game of poker with a lot of chips? Now you can highlight your chips, press ‘G’ and it will stack them all for you in their proper group. There are also notecards that you can spawn and write on to help you along in your games. Please note that keybinds have also been reset.

We have also been working diligently to create a better connection experience so everyone can enjoy Tabletop Simulator. This takes a lot of time because it’s a major part of the game that needs to be rewritten, so please be patient while we continue to work on it.


Notecard Added:

  • Notecards can be used to keep track of information.
  • Right click on the notecard and use the name and description field to add text to it.
  • BB code also works on the notecard.
  • Alt zoom does not currently work on the notecard, but this will be fixed in the future.

Custom Figurine Tokens

Custom Figurine Improvements:

  • The card on the custom figurine will now resize to match the aspect ratio of the supplied image.
  • Color tinting will now tint the base instead of the card.
  • These changes should help keep the custom figurines from stretching your images and offer more customization.

Group Command Added:

  • Grouping is an easy way to stack/combine a selection of objects.
  • Select multiple stackable objects (decks, chips, etc) then hit the ‘G’ key.
  • Grouping will combine all selected objects into the smallest number of stacks.

RPG Figurines


  • 4 new animated RPG figurines: CENTAUR, CERBERUS, CRASC, DARKNESS WARLORD.
  • Added in animated Berserk Games logo when you start the game up, pressing any key will skip it.
  • Reduced the RAM usage of custom backgrounds.
  • You can now use the enter key to submit GUI menus like the password field.
  • Hid some GUI elements in the tutorial so it’s impossible to break.
  • Added customizable hotkeys for Paint, Erase, Flick, and Joint, so now all modes have hotkeys.


  • Fixed Tablet initialize error for certain windows users by installing c++ 2012.
  • Fixed joint not working properly with semi-lock enabled.
  • Fixed the Tablet popout window not working properly.
  • Fixed UI breaking scenario for host when trying to perform an action on a disconnected player.
  • Fixed being unable to reload the game if getting disconnected from a server while hiding the UI.
  • Fixed black dragon death animation bug.
  • Fixed some collision issues on the custom table where objects could get stuck inside the table.
  • Fixed different color checkers stacking.
  • Fixed client black back bug for custom decks.
  • Fixed some input command triggering when your were typing in a text field.

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