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02/27/15 – Update v4.1 New RPG Figurines, Tablet Improvements, & Destroyable Property!

Many of you have asked when we’d get some hero figurines, so we’re happy to say we now have five animated heroes added! Also a few more enemies as well. We also have a lot of great improvements to the tablet that we think you’ll enjoy.

The next update might be a few weeks as we’re in the process of moving, so things will have to get setup and situated before work can continue. Hope you enjoy in the meantime!

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New RPG Figurines:

  • Hero animated RPG figurines have been added: KNIGHT, WARRIOR, MAGE, RANGER, THIEF.
  • Enemy animated RPG figurines have been added: BARGHEST, BASILISK, BLACK DRAGON.
  • More animated figurines will be coming soon!

Tablet Improvements:

  • Added a pop out view for Tablets that bring it up as a UI window.
  • The double square button on the tablet will pop out the browser so you don’t have to reposition your camera.
  • Now supports unlimited Tablets instead of just one.
  • Removed stutter when spawning Tablets.
  • Fixed many of the crashing issues caused by Tablets.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the image on the Tablet to freeze and need be restarted.
  • Fixed the long url being shrunk so small you can’t read them on the accept menu.
  • Fixed tablet blinking text caret not showing up.
  • Fixed issues with late joining players changing the tablet’s url on join.
  • Fixed spectator being able to interact with the address bar.

Destroyable Property:

  • Added new object property ‘destroyable’: when unchecked – the object will persist through loads.
  • Only the host or promoted player can toggle this property found in the contextual menu/right click menu.
  • It’s a great way to keep objects between loads like characters in a RPG between scenarios or a tablet playing music.

General Improvements:

  • Added back in the failed to connect to message.
  • Tooltips now work in spectator and color selection now has tooltips.
  • Right clicking the rotation snap button will go in reverse order.
  • Rules menu has been added to the escape menu.
  • Added a bug report button to the main menu of the game (Let us know any bugs you run into!).


  • Fixed the flicker dice bug especially noticeable in the chest.
  • Fixed escape not closing certain windows.
  • Fixed some controller keybinding issues (will need to reset to default for fix).
  • Fixed being able to delete saved objects when promoted.
  • Fixed disable voice chat not working, it will now correctly disable all voice chat.

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