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02/15/2016 – Update v6.6 Scripting Support, Bag Searching, & Cosmic Conflict Expansion!

Another exciting update in the land of Tabletop Simulator! First up is we now have scripting support! This is still a work in progress, but this is the first iteration of scripting. Be sure to check out the Blackjack example we have on the Workshop!

Next up we have Bag Searching! Just like the new Private Deck Searching, you can now search the loot bag and custom bags. The layout will be the same as the Deck Searching.

And our 2nd expansion for Cosmic Encounter is now live! Cosmic Conflict is available for $2.99 and adds a 7th player to your games! 0

We look forward to seeing what cool new things you create with the new Scripting feature!


  • This is an advanced feature for our users who wish to add scripts to their games.
  • We are using Lua as our scripting language.
  • API is still under development and could possibly change.
  • Scripting Zones can be found under the Zones tab in the side menu.
  • These zones can be used for whatever scripts you add to this particular zone like adding things up for example.
  • Scripting Editor can be found under Host -> Scripting.
  • Alternatively, you can right click an object and hover over the Scripting option to either open up the editor or copy the GUID of that particular object to paste into the editor.
  • The tab names for each script are named based off the model name or the name you give in the Name area of the contextual menu.
  • Object will be highlighted when you click on the scripting tab of that object.
  • There is a new section for scripting on the Workshop, so you can tag your games appropriately.
  • Example of a script we created in-game for Blackjack. Make sure to have the chat game tab open so you can see the actions.
  • More information can be found in the Scripting page of our Knowledge Base and will be continuously updated as we add more options.
  • As scripting is still a work in progress, please post any suggestions you may have for improvements and desired features on our official forums.

Bag Searching

  • You can now search in bags in a similar fashion as the private deck searching.
  • Right click on the back and choose “Search”.
  • Just like Private Deck Searching, you can also Name each item prior to putting them in the bag so the names are listed.
  • You can also flip objects and use Q/E to rotate them in the Private Deck Searching.
  • You can ALT Zoom and scroll in and out as well.
  • Custom cards/decks only partially work in bags.

Cosmic Encounter DLC

  • Updated Cosmic Encounter to prepare for future expansions.
  • Expansion #2 Cosmic Conflict is now available for $2.99.
  • This expansion adds a 7th player, 20 new aliens, and the Hazards deck.
  • To load expansions, always load the base game first. Then go back to the menu and add in the expansions you want.

Card Search Improvements

  • You can now flip cards and use Q/E to rotate cards in the Private Deck Searching.
  • ALT Zoom now works in private search.
  • You can also use the MMB to zoom in and out.


  • Improved Battle For Souls by adding the player 3 and 4 spots. You will need to join the same team to share hidden info.
  • The infinite bag is now animated when you put an item in and resetting the bag.
  • Added a confirmation window for ‘deleting all’ in the Tools menu.
  • Added a “delete all’ button for Snap Points.
  • Cards (not just decks) are now persistent.
  • Improved accuracy of sticky object pickup.
  • Added a tooltip to Mp3 Player for the current song.
  • Improved the stability of loading massive mods with very large textures.
  • Snap points now overlap in order of creation.
  • Added a pulsing animation to the search icons so they are more noticeable.
  • Added blindfold messages so you know that you cannot read others players’ blindfold messages when blindfolded.
  • Reset deck now preserves all the settings better.
  • Objects removed from the search menu will now snap to grid or snap point.
  • Graphics.json config file is now always created.
  • The tab key now works as ‘indent’ in the notebook / scripting editor.
  • Text caret will always remain visible when typing in Notebook/Scripting Editor.
  • Snap points can now be dragged around by holding the point and moving it without having to delete and recreating the point.
  • Snap points can now be dragged around by holding the point and moving it without having to delete and recreating the point.
  • Poker table camera revamped to work like traditional tables.


  • Fixed issue where the custom tile bottom image URL box not highlighting.
  • Fixed issue with server browser getting infinite loop.
  • Fixed issue with search not working.
  • Fixed chest saved object menu being not working.
  • Fixed public search being able to rearrange the cards.
  • Fixed issue with UI Saved Objects menu messing up.
  • Fixed issue with public card search not working.
  • Fixed issue with Scrolling card search with MMB breaking after dragging.
  • Fixed issue with table player names clipping into objects and disappearing.
  • Controller is now disabled by default now due to various issues.
  • Fixed issue with hover flipping object falling below table.
  • Fixed issue with Line Tool tooltip stuck on pointer.
  • Fixed issues loading cached mod if you had special characters in your file path.
  • Fixed issue with cards width scaling not working in private search.
  • Fixed issue with massive lag when mousing over note cards.
  • Fixed issue with Piecepack moons die showing up as arms die (FINALLY! Longest bug ever!)
  • Fixed BBcode to not mess up global chat.
  • Fixed issue with expansion for DLCs not opening to the correct url when clicked.
  • Fixed issue with scrollbar looking greyed out until hovered over.
  • Fixed issue with the deleting of Notebook tabs not being networked synced.
  • Fixed issue with objects breaking when using group (G) when searching them.

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